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Worthy prey - Star Trek Attack Wing Battle Report

Worthy prey - Star Trek Attack Wing Battle Report

The Hirogen have arrived in Star trek attack wing all the way from the Delta quadrant, the nomadic hunters of the galaxy. Hailing from the Voyager series they were a short term reoccurring enemy, but a very aggressive and deadly foe.

The Mission - Worthy Prey

This mission pits two ships against each other at 50SP's (SP = ship points) each, one being the hunted the other the hunter. For this mission the Hirogen in the Alpha Hunter will be the hunter and i have chosen to use another ship I haven't been able to use yet. The hunted, this will be Chang's bird of prey.

The Worthy Prey mission came as part of the Alpha hunter expansion pack. 

Three objective markers are placed anywhere on the play area as asteroids (These will count as obstacles). The hunted player sets up first anywhere on the battlefield. Then the hunters are placed anywhere in the play area but not within 1-3 of the hunted ship. 
Every time the hunter attacks the hunted ship, the hunter player gets a mission token on their ship card, this will determine if the prey is worthy or not.

The Forces


Alpha Hunter

Captain- Karr
Elite Upgrade- Stalking Mode
Elite Upgrade-Full Reverse
Weapons Upgrade- Subnucleonic Beam
System Upgrade-Monotanium Armor Plating
System Upgrade- Sensor Network



Chang's bird of prey

Captain- Chang
Elite upgrade- Once more unto the breach
Weapons upgrade- Photon Torpedoes x2
System upgrade- Prototype cloaking device
Crew upgrade- Kerla

Set Up

The Klingon General Chang has entered the asteroid field to elude his hunters, but Karr in his Alpha hunter will stop at nothing. Karr will have his prey but will General Chang be worthy. The two ships enter the asteroid field but only one will leave.

General Chang sets up behind an asteroid awaiting the hunters.

The Alpha hunter spots the Klingon ship within the asteroid field.

Turn 1

General Chang takes a sharp  turn to face the Alpha hunter, then enables its cloaking device.

The alpha hunter flies true to confront the Bird of prey head on,

The Alpha Hunter engages its Stalking Mode.

The first exchanges of fire. 

The Hirogen ship fires through the Klingon's cloaking device causing a hit on the Bird of prey, only the hard work from the crew member Kerla stopped it becoming double.

The return fire from the decloaking Klingons took down three of the four shields on the Alpha hunter. General Chang gave the order for the Bird of prey to raise its shields.

A mission token is placed on the Hirogen ship card.

Turn 2

The bird of prey accelerates forward to get some distance from the hunter.  The Monotanium Armor Plating fails to stop the target lock from the Bird of prey.

With stalking mode enabled the targeted ship loses two off its captain skill leaving Chang on captain skill four.

Karr chases after the Bird of prey, making a come about maneuver. 
The alpha hunter has its prey in its sights and lets loose its weapons.

The Hirogen assault takes down all of the ships shields.
Another mission token gets placed on the Hirogen ship card.

General Chang Barks the order to let loose a volley of photon torpedoes, using up its target lock. "BaH!"

 Karr in the Alpha hunter growled in anger as the photon torpedoes took down his last shield, hit the hull and critically damaged his weapons.

Turn 3

The Klingon Bird of Prey preforms evasive maneuvers as it turns gently away from its pursuers. Without any active shields it is unable to activate its cloaking device.

With only one hit point left Karr target locks General Chang's ship. 

Prey within its sights, to the hunt.
 "I shall take great pleasure in tracking them down - and making the kill."

The Alpha hunter fires its Subnucleonic Beam

The Prey escapes the attack.  
The Klingon crew get irritable with no targets in its firing arc.

 The third mission token is placed on the alpha hunter ship card.

Turn 4

Chang makes a sharp turn to try and get the Hirogen 
within its targeting systems.

Karr set the ship to battlestations as his prey becomes square within its sights.

The Alpha hunter gets into position for a fatal strike
"You are mine, now and after death! "

General Chang's ship takes four hits and is destroyed.

The final mission token was placed on the  alpha hunter ship card.

Worthy or not?

Now the battle is finished the hunter rolls attack dice equal to the number of mission tokens on the ship card. 
Any rolls of at least one Battlestations, Hit or Critical hit means the prey was worthy.

Yes the prey was deemed worthy.

 A Hirogen victory

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my new obsession - Star trek attack wing

My new obsession...

Over the past few months i have been playing Star Trek Attack Wing (STAW). I started because i play X-wing the Star wars version as i am a big SW fan and the fact that STAW uses the same rules system (Flightpath system) was a huge bonus to me, it saved me learning another set of rules. Also with the painting list getting bigger and bigger, pre painted miniature was a very welcome bonus. 

Starter set

Before i started playing this game, i can honestly say that i wasn't a star trek fan. Don't get me wrong i enjoyed the original movies, when i was growing up (Star Trek IV The voyage home was always a favourite) but i didn't watch any of the series in the star trek franchise. It took a friend to persuade me to buy the game, and i'm glad i did.

After getting a few of the expansion ships i started looking for the episodes the ships where featured in to get a bit of context for the ships and crew. The ships come from all corners of the star trek universe from the Klingon D7  I.K.S Gr'oth  ship from the Trouble with tribbles , an original series episode to the U.S.S Equinox from Voyager.

Klingon D7 class I.K.S Gr'oth 
Nova Class U.S.S Equinox

Each of the expansions come with a mission card so you can play a mission that usually has relevance to its involvement in the story. For example the U.S.S Reliant  has the mission card that lets you re fight the battle against Khan in the Mutara Nebula. This is one of the appeals for me, that is to replay all the battles in the original films.

Fleet Building
The massive choice of ships and captain's gives you great flexibility as the captains don't have to stay with the ships that they came with, they can even cross faction. So you can have Jean-luc Picard on a Borg tactical cube can be locutus of borg, or Kirk onboard the Klingon bird of prey with his crew.

Kirk onboard the Klingon bird of prey with his crew in Star trek IV

The upgrades are my favourite part of the fleet building. Each ship as different upgrade slots depending on the class. These vary from crew, tech and weapon upgrades. Some captains have access to elite talents. 

Crew upgrades

Weapon and a tech upgrade 

Compared to X-wing there is a lot more factions you can use if you wanted to play pure non mixed forces.

I prefer to play with pure single faction forces. 

The choices available are

  • Federation
  • Klingon
  • Romulan
  • Dominion
  • Borg
  • Species 8472
  • Kazon
  • Bajoran
  • Ferengi
  • Independents
  • Mirror universe
  • Vulcan

Each ship comes with a card that has a named version of the ship and default stock ship of that class. The named ships tend to have +1 shield and a special rule.

The Miniatures

The miniatures are good and detailed,  but the paint job is what lets everything down. the range as a whole is a bit hit or miss. Some ships look fantastic like the U.S.S Equinox and the U.S.S Excelsior. but others look bland and are in need of a details like the Borg Tactical Cube, i had to add a few patches of bright green and a dark wash to make it look less plastic.


The Flightpath system is a very good system but what set this apart from the x-wing game is that the game is more about the crew and upgrade actions. This you have to make a choice of which actions to use, not just out pilot them. So in the end it does capture the feel of a star trek battle, instead of a dogfight which x-wing does very well. Compared to X-wing the ships hit hard but dodge very little and all ships will have shields, helping to reinforce the cruiser type conflict.

The Missions cards in each expansion is a very good idea for refights with different ships, like the Kobayashi Maru mission with the Enterprise-D or the Voyager.
The multiple factions available leads well for Multiplayers games, the starter set promotes it further with three factions included. 

The large variety of crew and cross faction upgrades, makes each battle feel like its own mini episode.

My collection


  • U.S.S Enterprise - Constitution class
  • U.S.S Enterprise Refit - Constitution class
  • U.S.S Enterprise- D - Galaxy class
  • U.S.S Reliant - Miranda class
  • U.S.S Excelsior - Excelsior class
  • U.S.S Voyager - Intrepid class
  • U.S.S Equinox - Nova class
  • U.S.S Enterprise- E - Sovereign class
  • U.S.S Enterprise NX-01 - NX-01 class
  • U.S.S Stargazer - Constellation class
U.S.S Voyager - Intrepid class


  • I.K.S Gr'oth - D7 Class
  • I.K.S Kronos one - K'tinga Class
  • I.K.S Maht-H'a - Vor'cha Class
  • Chang's Bird of prey- Klingon Bird of prey.
  • I.K.S. Negh'var - Negh'var Class
I.K.S Kronos one - K'tinga Class

  • I.R.W. Khazara - D'Deridex Class
  • I.R.W. Gal Gath'thong - Romulan bird-of-prey
  • R.I.S Apnex - Romulan Science Vessel
  • Scimitar - Reman Warbird

I.R.W. Khazara - D'Deridex Class

  • Tactical Cube 138 - Borg Tactical Cube
  • Borg Sphere 4270 - Borg Sphere
  • Borg Soong - Borg Ship Type 03
  • Scout Cube 508 - Borg Scout cube
  • Queen Vessel Prime - Borg Octahedron

Tactical Cube 138 - Borg Tactical Cube

  • Interceptor 5 - Bajoran Interceptor

  • Alpha Hunter - Hirogen warship

Mirrior Universe

  • I.S.S Defiant - Defiant class
  • AssimilationTarget Prime/U.S.S Enterprise-D -Galaxy class
  • Regent's Flagship - Negh'var class

And no doubt more will be coming soon

"I'm from Iowa, i only work in outer space." - Kirk

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Legend of the five rings - Ivory edition CCG - Draft

Legend of the five rings - Ivory edition CCG - Draft

This was the first Legend of the five rings draft that most of us had done. (six out of the eight players) We have been playing with our constructed decks since the release of ivory edition, and all of us were looking forward to drafting. Mark Wootton (AEG Games designer) was their to give advice on how to draft (Holdings to Personalities ratio etc)
The event took place at one of my LGS Major Arcana were the game has really taken off.
During the draft other people were also getting demo games too.

The draft rules were included in most of the Ivory edition booster packs along with  draft strongholds. Both Fate Dynasty decks have to have a minimum of twenty cards.

The Draft Strongholds (going first and second)

Deck Construction and Picks

The early picks i started off with unaligned personalities such as Komori Taruko and then spells for the Shugenja's. After the second booster pack I decided to pick Scorpions as one of my clans with Crane being the other. My decision was made for me after i landed my second Bayushi Meiko. and a Bayushi Masashi.

The Cranes i managed to pick were a Kakita Amiki, Doji Dainagon, Daidoji Tanshi and a couple of Kakita Ibara.  and to just give the deck an bit more shugenja i added the unaligned personality Yotsu Shinzai

It was quite tough to limit each deck to just twenty cards. Kakita Amiki didn't make the cut along with Shosuro Tosaku


Holdings i picked was Slanderer, one of my two rares i drafted.

 And thus the Scorpion Crane alliance was born.

Game 1
Against Liam running a Spider/Scorpion Union

Scorpion/Crane went first
The Spiders equipped a lot of weapons and followers and attacked my provinces early forcing me to defend, after some small skirmishes causing my opponent to fall back his troops, and causing minimal casualties but enough for me to keep gaining the honour from battle resolution.  the Crane Courtier Doji Dainagon lobbied for the imperial favour to help keep the Spider/Scorpions back. A few turns of gathering troops, the spider player ran out of cards in his dynasty decks. i was able to hold back the spider attack and gained enough honour to win by honour at the start of my turn.
Honour Victory

Game 2
Against Mark using a Phoenix/Crane treaty
Scorpion/Crane went second.
The game was quite a quiet game with both forces just happy to gather forces and the Phoenix/ Crane gaining Honour with three of the holding Kabuki theatre troupe and high proclaims, after my opponent reached thirty honour i decided i couldn't wait longer and i had to launch an attack on his provinces. I managed to take down one of his province but it was made more difficult with Encircled terrain. the next turn i issued a challenge with Katika Ibara on the Phoenix shugenja Agasha Kyokuta. I won the duel and managed to equip the Sadamune blade as a focus effect.


 The Phoenix/Crane left with two provinces and now on forty honour at the end of his turn i had to go all out and try and take out his provinces, however i was beaten back and the Phoenix /Crane won via honour.
Honour Defeat

Game 3
Against Dan playing a Unicorn/Dragon coalition
 Scorpion/Crane went first
Pretty much from the start personalities were equipped with high force followers and and started to attack all out, then lose a province to the counter attack. The turning point was when the Unicorn/Dragon only had one province left and three personalities available. Two non equipped low force personalities and one personality with two followers that could take out a province by itself. My personalities were all bowed from attacking and destroying two of the provinces from the turn before. The Unicorn/dragons were faced with a choice and was worried in case i had cards in hand that could unbow units and personalities. So playing it safe Tamori Shaisen issued a challenge to Bayushi Meiko (who was sitting as a force nine unit , as she had the heavy infantry follower attached)


Meiko lost the duel and was destroyed, however Shaisen was bowed as a focus effect.
the Last personality that the unicorn/dragons had unbowed was given two followers to get enough force to destroy my last two provinces unopposed.
Military Defeat

  1. Mark - Crane/Phoenix
  2. Alastair - Lion/Crane
  3. Dan - Unicorn/Dragon
  4. Brady - Dragon/Lion
  5. Kenzie - Scorpion/Crane
  6. Irish - Scorpion/Mantis
  7. Liam - Spider/Scorpion
  8. Ross - Crabs/Unicorn

I placed fifth out of eight

Rare Picks:

A choice of a Promo 
This card was a play set promo pick  

Promo card
This card was given to everyone who took part in the draft. 

All in all it was a great day and managed to play a new players and try out some clans i had never considered using before. I'd definitely want to take part in another legend of the five rings draft and i am considering going down to the Kotei later in the year. 
So look out for my report on that event.