Friday, 30 November 2012

November update 2012

November Update

Quite a few things on the plate this month.
so First up is....

Rasputina's  35SS crew:

Ice golem

3 x Ice Gamins
3 x Molemen

December acolyte

The Crew is now fully painted along with some ice pillars. The one game i have used them against the Ortegas i found Rasputina and her crew to be quite slow movement-wise. The Molemen are quite endurable and good for reaching objective while burrowing. The next game i am looking forward to getting to use the December acolyte.

Outcast 35SS crew
Convict gunslinger

This was my original crew i worked out , it wasn't until after i had bought Sue that i found out about his Man in black rule which means he can't be in a crew with someone with either the Ruthless or Wicked abilities. which means my Convict gunslinger and Sue can't be in the same force.

As a replacement i am thinking either an additional Ronin with two spare soulstones or an Orain. 

This months sees me playing a lot of new card games, the first one being Warhammer invasion. As a long time player of all things Games-workshop this game clearly got my attention. So i took the plunge and bought the core set and two of the deluxe expansions ( Assault on Ulthuan and March of the Damned) and a battle pack (The fall of Karak Grimaz).

This gives me the option to play with eight of the races from Warhammer. They are separated into two categories.  Forces of Order and the Forces of Destruction

Forces of Order:

High Elves
Lizardmen (Neutral faction)

Forces of Destruction:

Dark Elves
Vampire counts (Neutral faction)

Each faction have a distinct way of playing that keeps well with Warhammer lore. So far in the games i have played i have really enjoyed the games and I'm sure it has potential to be played multi-player.

The other card game that i have started to play with other people in the same level of playing experience is Magic the gathering. I have always had some cards i had picked up in eighth edition but no-one i knew really played it on a regular basis so i kinda stopped playing. But with the opening of the new Dundee gaming store Major Arcana in October, Magic the Gathering (Mtg) has taken off in a big way. 

The Current set we are playing with is as the title says Return to Ravnica.  It focuses on the guild system and multi-colour cards.

The returning guilds will be featured in the Return to Ravnica block, with five guilds — the Azorius Senate (blue /white), Golgari Swarm (Green/black), Izzet League (blue/red), Cult of Rakdos (red/black), and Selesnya Conclave (green/white) 
 Ravnica, a plane comprising a singular megalopolis in which a vast and diverse variety of inhabitants co-exist.
The Guild i have chosen to play in Standard is a Selesnya View my tapped out deck here  and in the last booster draft i played using a Rakdos deck.

Major Arcana is a new Gaming store in Dundee city centre,

Available at Major Arcana:
- Graphic novels and manga.

- Games:
           loads of Board games, (Horus heresy, Settlers of Catan)
           Card games (Magic the gathering, Pokemon)
           Role playing games (Savage worlds, Dark heresy)
          Tabletop war games (Urban war, Malifaux, Hordes and Warmachine)                                     
- T-Shirts and Artwork

All this in an environment that is friendly, bright, and clean! Round it out with some sofas and coffee tables, so you can sit and read, or play some games with your pals.

Visit the Facebook page Here

Battle of Helion - Urban war league

The Helion sector deep within the giant war -torn city continent of Iskandria has erupted with conflict, all of the factions have descended upon it. The robotic Syntha have unleashed their elite combat cells. The native Triads are retaking their homes one block at a time. The swelling ranks of the Junkers swarm in to enslave the Iskandrian population. Alien Koralon cause terror, hiding in the depths and striking out with lightning raids.. The Gladiators have been causing havoc in the urban streets, ravaging the populace with their warbeasts. The Viridians in the form of the Iskandrian Defence Force (IDF) take to the warzones to quell the conflict with unflinching brute force. On the streets Patrols of the V.A.S.A fight furiously to crush the rebellion and restore Iskandrian peace in the sector. Each faction needs help to conquer the sector, which will you choose?

175 points starting force (the same points as a starter box set)
Starting Feb 2013, Those interested sign up in Major arcana store with their chosen faction (don't worry you can change it before the league starts)

If you need anymore information contact me at