Sunday, 1 February 2015

Worthy prey - Star Trek Attack Wing Battle Report

Worthy prey - Star Trek Attack Wing Battle Report

The Hirogen have arrived in Star trek attack wing all the way from the Delta quadrant, the nomadic hunters of the galaxy. Hailing from the Voyager series they were a short term reoccurring enemy, but a very aggressive and deadly foe.

The Mission - Worthy Prey

This mission pits two ships against each other at 50SP's (SP = ship points) each, one being the hunted the other the hunter. For this mission the Hirogen in the Alpha Hunter will be the hunter and i have chosen to use another ship I haven't been able to use yet. The hunted, this will be Chang's bird of prey.

The Worthy Prey mission came as part of the Alpha hunter expansion pack. 

Three objective markers are placed anywhere on the play area as asteroids (These will count as obstacles). The hunted player sets up first anywhere on the battlefield. Then the hunters are placed anywhere in the play area but not within 1-3 of the hunted ship. 
Every time the hunter attacks the hunted ship, the hunter player gets a mission token on their ship card, this will determine if the prey is worthy or not.

The Forces


Alpha Hunter

Captain- Karr
Elite Upgrade- Stalking Mode
Elite Upgrade-Full Reverse
Weapons Upgrade- Subnucleonic Beam
System Upgrade-Monotanium Armor Plating
System Upgrade- Sensor Network



Chang's bird of prey

Captain- Chang
Elite upgrade- Once more unto the breach
Weapons upgrade- Photon Torpedoes x2
System upgrade- Prototype cloaking device
Crew upgrade- Kerla

Set Up

The Klingon General Chang has entered the asteroid field to elude his hunters, but Karr in his Alpha hunter will stop at nothing. Karr will have his prey but will General Chang be worthy. The two ships enter the asteroid field but only one will leave.

General Chang sets up behind an asteroid awaiting the hunters.

The Alpha hunter spots the Klingon ship within the asteroid field.

Turn 1

General Chang takes a sharp  turn to face the Alpha hunter, then enables its cloaking device.

The alpha hunter flies true to confront the Bird of prey head on,

The Alpha Hunter engages its Stalking Mode.

The first exchanges of fire. 

The Hirogen ship fires through the Klingon's cloaking device causing a hit on the Bird of prey, only the hard work from the crew member Kerla stopped it becoming double.

The return fire from the decloaking Klingons took down three of the four shields on the Alpha hunter. General Chang gave the order for the Bird of prey to raise its shields.

A mission token is placed on the Hirogen ship card.

Turn 2

The bird of prey accelerates forward to get some distance from the hunter.  The Monotanium Armor Plating fails to stop the target lock from the Bird of prey.

With stalking mode enabled the targeted ship loses two off its captain skill leaving Chang on captain skill four.

Karr chases after the Bird of prey, making a come about maneuver. 
The alpha hunter has its prey in its sights and lets loose its weapons.

The Hirogen assault takes down all of the ships shields.
Another mission token gets placed on the Hirogen ship card.

General Chang Barks the order to let loose a volley of photon torpedoes, using up its target lock. "BaH!"

 Karr in the Alpha hunter growled in anger as the photon torpedoes took down his last shield, hit the hull and critically damaged his weapons.

Turn 3

The Klingon Bird of Prey preforms evasive maneuvers as it turns gently away from its pursuers. Without any active shields it is unable to activate its cloaking device.

With only one hit point left Karr target locks General Chang's ship. 

Prey within its sights, to the hunt.
 "I shall take great pleasure in tracking them down - and making the kill."

The Alpha hunter fires its Subnucleonic Beam

The Prey escapes the attack.  
The Klingon crew get irritable with no targets in its firing arc.

 The third mission token is placed on the alpha hunter ship card.

Turn 4

Chang makes a sharp turn to try and get the Hirogen 
within its targeting systems.

Karr set the ship to battlestations as his prey becomes square within its sights.

The Alpha hunter gets into position for a fatal strike
"You are mine, now and after death! "

General Chang's ship takes four hits and is destroyed.

The final mission token was placed on the  alpha hunter ship card.

Worthy or not?

Now the battle is finished the hunter rolls attack dice equal to the number of mission tokens on the ship card. 
Any rolls of at least one Battlestations, Hit or Critical hit means the prey was worthy.

Yes the prey was deemed worthy.

 A Hirogen victory