Friday, 22 November 2013

Hey, that's my fish!

This a small post on a nice and easy to play game called  Hey, that's my fish!

The game can be played with up to four players. The aim of the game is to catch the most fish before the ice floe tiles disappear.

Set up
This game i will show here is a three players game. The Ice floe board is shuffled and then placed down in rows, this means that the boards are always different. After that the penguins are then now placed.

The teams collecting the fish are the :

  • The Green team
  • The Red team 
  • The Blue team.
 (The yellow team have been left out in this game)

The different colours and poses for the counters

The starting Ice floe tiles

The Ice floe tiles have one of three values either 1-3 fish

Starting places
Each penguin starts on a ice floe tile with only one fish.

 Turn one

Each player takes a turn moving one of their penguins. A penguin can move as many spaces in a turn but can only move in a straight line. After a penguin moves the player picks up the ice floe that the penguin started its move from, and adds he ice to the players cache.

Before the move

After the move, the tile it left has been removed and added to players stash.

The Ice floes slowly disappear.

A penguin is stranded on an ice floe.

The available ice floes becomes scarce.

Once all penguins can't move the game ends and the players then add up their collected fish.

Finishing places with a few ice floes unattainable.

Now it was time to count up the fish that were picked up.

The end score: 

  • Green: 30 Fish
  • Red: 35 Fish
  • Blue: 31 Fish

The Winner is the Red team with the most fish 

The red penguins and their stash.

Go Penguins!!!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Magic - Gatecrash league week four & five

So week Four ends of the five week gatecrash league.
Each week i am allowed to play three games that add scores for the league result.
Week one ended with me gaining six points
Week two ended with me gaining another six points 
Week three ended with me gaining seven points 
After week two i had a total league point score of 19.

Game one
                                                                 Result  2-1 Victory
against a Gruul deck 

Game two
Result  2-1 Victory

Game Three
Result  2-1 Victory

Week three total league points 19

This weeks booster.
Each week you are allowed to add to your sideboard one Gatecrash booster. 
Last week i added Drakewing Krasis card to my forty card deck from my booster pack and took out Nimbus swimmer. In this week i decided not to buy an extra pack. i felt that even though the deck failed to perform as good as it had in earlier weeks, i felt a new booster really would give me nothing that would really enhance it that far. So no changes to the deck this week.

Week five

So this week ends the five week gatecrash league.
Each week i am allowed to play three games that add scores for the league result.
Week one ended with me gaining six points
Week two ended with me gaining another six points 
Week three ended with me gaining seven points
Week four ended with me gaining three points 

After week four i had a total league point score of 22.

Game One

Dimir deck
Result  2-1 Victory

Game Two
A Gruul deck

An enchanted disciple of the old ways with Madcap skills won both games, with the ability to first strike for one red mana, and has to be blocked by fewer than two creatures, i just couldn't keep creatures on the battlefield long enough.
With this creature enchanted it became a 5/2 and i had to block when i could as i could really only take four strikes before i was defeated.

Result  0-2 defeat

Game three

There wasn't a game three of the final week as most people play had dissolved their league deck into their constructed decks. This left me with no players to play.  I followed suit and dissolved my deck into my collection.

Week five total league points 2

This weeks booster.
Each week you are allowed to add to your sideboard one Gatecrash booster. 
As this is the last week of the league i had no reason to buy an additional booster. So no changes to the deck this week.

Final result: 24 points

Token prize

Everyone who took part in the Gatecrash league received a copy of this alternative art Boros soldier token.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dragon's maze pre -release - Magic the gathering

This is my journey through the maze.

Two headed giant Format

This will be my first official pre-release i have been to. So i am looking forward to getting my hands on the new shiny cards for Dragon's maze. The format will be two headed giant so that it will be two players versus two players with a combined health points of thirty. The game will only be one game instead of the usual best of three due to the increased number of players and increased health points involved.
There are also several acheivements to win extra boosters throughout the day.


Azorious : Have five enchantments in play
Boros: Have ten creatures on the battlefield
Dimir: Mill out a player
Golgari: Have twenty cards in your graveyard
Gruul: One player has ten land in play
Izzet: Play five sorcery  or instants cards in a turn
Orzhov: Kill a guild leader or guild champion.
Rakdos: Deal thirty plus damage in a single turn.
Selesnya: Have life total of fifty plus.
Simic: Get a creature to 15/15

The event started at eleven in the morning with the players getting their guild pack and a super secret guild that shares a colour with your chosen guild, i decided my chosen guild would be Dimir, they have a lot of unblockable creatures and a good few spells that make creatures unblockable, they also have some cards that let you produce horror tokens (1/1 blue black  tokens with flying, don't underestimate them) . That was kind of my game-plan, unblockable creatures and flying tokens. The super-secret guild i was given was Golgari, which was handy as my fellow team mate was playing Golgari as her main guild choice, her secret guild was Gruul. By about half twelve everyone had their decks built and were eager to begin their games. 


4x Island
6x Swamp
3x Forest
Dimir guildgate
Golgari guildgate

Undercity enforcer
balustrade spy
Dreg mangler
Deathcult rogue
Wind drake
Gatecreeper vine
Trestle troll
Metropolis sprite
Daggerdrome imp
Shadow alley denizen
Ubul sar gatekeepers

Instants, Sorceries and Artifacts:
Far- away
Dimir charm
Fatal fumes
Psychic strike
Midnight recovery
Stolen identity
Crypt incursion
Grisly spectacle
Shadow slice
Mending touch
Hidden strings

40 cards
The boosters i got didn't really have the cards i was hoping for having only one unblockable creature and the spells i got for Dimir were mainly mill spells  but not enough of them to make the deck overly effective.  so i started to rely on my Golgari creatures in my deck instead for the punch i needed.


6x Swamp
8x Forest
Golgari guildgate

Maze behemoth
Trestle troll
Daggerdrome imp
Jarad, Golgari Lich lord
Disciple of the old ways
Skarrg Goliath
Thrashing mossdog
Sewer shambler
2x Karozda gorgon
2x Maze abomination
Kraul warior

Instants, Sorceries and Artifacts:
Drown in filth
Giant growth
2x Crypt incursion
Grisly salvage
Pit fight
Aerial predation
Chorus of might
Seek the horizon
Predators rampage
Stab wound

40 cards

Time to Run the Maze

Game One

Against an Izzet and Selesnya alliance.
The game started off as fairly defensively play on our part, having to rely on cards such as Hidden strings to keep the attacking creatures at bay.

The planeswalker  Ral Zarek came into play quite early in the game. Using his +1 ability to tap/untap creature and causing our team to have its defence wide open for a harsh hit from their attacking creatures. along with creatures like Haazda snare squad tapping more of your creatures, leaving us on dangerously low life points

Tapping like crazy!

We recovered some life points back by plying crypt incursion giving us a small help , but the respite was short lived and Ral Zarek used his -2 ability twice over the turns taking out our last remaining health points, ending the game. A loss.

During this Game we all got our Promo Maze's end card for taking part.

Game Two
Against a Gruul  - Simic collaboration.

The game started off with our side with in a delicate control with a combo of Black alley denizen and undercity informer. until the Gruul player played a  Scorchwalker, a 5/1 red creature and enchanted it to make it more powerful. We played a combo of Stolen identity and Pit fight to overcome the brutish creature, Jarad, Golgari lich lord came into play only to get turned in to a frog lizard by Rapid hybridization. 

The Planes walker Ral Zarek made another appearance (He seems to hate the Dime/Golgari guild). Ending the game with his -2 ability again.

Dimir/Golgari  -0 
Ral Zarek - 2

Game Three

Against a Boros - Orzhov Pact.

This game was a real grind  of a game with lots of life points exchanging due to extorting and Stab wound. The Izzet player managing to keep his Blistercoil weird in play for most of the game.
We managed to get the Simic achievement by getting Jarad up to a 19/19 using Scavenge and Bloodrushing. We both received a booster pack of Dragon's maze.

Maze Behemoth gave the Izzet-Orzhov pact issues as it gave the multicoloured creatures trample. 

One of the crucial moments was when i countered the  Izzet player playing the Molten Primordial with Psychic strike.

After the slog it was the Dimir Golgari that came off worst and notched another loss.

Game Four,

Well there wasn't really a game four, due to our poor performance we picked up the bye.

So we took this opportunity to go grab a bite to eat and discuss strategy.  But mostly we ate food.

Game Five,

The last game of the pre-release was against a Boros -Gruul union.
 the Game started with or team gaining lots of life, at one point up to forty nine life. This was mainly down to both of us playing a Daggerdrome imp


My team mate got slightly mana starved and i had to resort to anti attack tactics and Aetherize was one of them, just to give us a few more turns to get the mana we needed.

All three of these cards were played during this game to build up our life points.

Aurelia, the Warleader ended our hope of a single win when she came into play, then bloodrushed and smashed us apart (their side did a total attack of fifty two life damage) and won the game for the Boros -Gruul Union.. 

It should not be a surprise to anyone to know that we landed in last place of seventeen teams. The day was a lot of fun and it was good to see the new set (and get kicked about by a planeswalker) One of the cards i picked up was the Selesnya guild champion Emmara Tandris. Who went straight into my Selesnya deck.

I was very happy at how the event was handled
 and the two headed giant created a nice
 fresh challenge to the game. I will definitely be 
taking part in future Magic the gathering events.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dreadball - MajArc Dreadball league final

Dreadball - MajArc Dreadball league final

Welcome sports fans to the exciting final of the MajArc league Cup Final, legions of fans are gathered in force to see these two top teams battle it out on the Dreadball arena.

Teams: Bloomoon Patriorx

1- Bad Wokka - Guard (Captain)
2- Skarpa - Jack

3- Neep -Jack

4- Gusto -Guard
5- Boff - Guard
6- Jiblet - Jack (starting sub)

7- Kreepa - Jack (starting sub)

8- Slit - Jack

Teams: Stark Industries 56er's

1- Bradley Jones - Guard 
2- Luke Ted - Jack

3-  E.W Sparkish -Jack

4- Zack Kidd -Striker (Captain)
5- Harry Horner - Jack (starting sub)
6- Fernando Cervesa - Striker (starting sub)

7- Alex Aphra-Smith - Striker 

8- Max Behn- Guard

Home side starts the game.

The dreadball fires onto into play, bounces off the back wall and lands deep in the home side of the field.

Boff (5) wastes no time and slams into Luke Ted (2) knocking him prone.

Gusto (4) Slams into Zack kidd (4)  the captain is straight away put in the injury zone for three rounds.

Skarpa (2) fumbles the ball, play passes to the 56er's

Luke Ted got up and slammed back into Boff but bounces off harmlessly

The Jack, Harry Horner enters play from the Substitute zone,

 Alex Aphra -Smith sprinted and picked up the dreadball, flicked and added a showboating point to the score, The home fans were not impressed by the theatrics.

Play continues

The ork team captain Bad Wokka (1) slams into  the human guard Max Behn (8) who stands his ground.

Gusto (4) knocked E.W.Sparkish (3) to the floor with a powerful slam.

Boff  followed Gusto's example and smashed the human guard Bradley Jones (1) leaving him out for three rounds. The crowd were not pleased by this brutal act of savagery.

After picking up the dreadball, Slit(8) evades both Luke Ted and Fernado Cervesa 

Boff continues his rampage and delivers a crushing blow to Cevesa in the scoring zone. He was met by jeer's from both sides of fans, Boff doesn't seem to be a fan favourite.

By the this point four team stark players in injury zone.

Max (8) made a slamming tackle against Bad Wokka, the Ork team captain who holds firm.

Slit(8) picked up the ball and threw the ball successfully into the scoring zone. The score is level at zero again.

Harry Horner slams Neep (3) knocking him into the injury board.

Luke Ted (2) bit off more than he could chew. and was beaten off by the ork guard Boff.

Harry Horner picks up the dreadball.

Bad Wokka injured by Max Behn (8) after a prolonged duel.

Gutso tackles Ted for a one round injury

Boff smashes dreadball holder Harry Horner, the dreadball slipping from his grasp as he hit the tiled floor.

Slit grabs the loose Dreadball and scores a four point throw.
The fans begin to warm up as the action heats up.

Zack Kidd sprints from the substitute zone and swiftly fires off for a quick two point. narrowing the orc's lead.

Bad Wokka runs out of substitute zone and then lands a slam on Alex (7)

Gusto slams and pushes E.W.Sparkish back.
Boff  slams in to Sparkish too only to just push him back.

Jiblet (6) picks up the dreadball

Max Behn lays a poor slam on Jiblet who evades with ease
Bradley Jones attempts the same and the Jiblet isn't so lucky this time and gets knocked out for one round. The ball bounces away towards Zack Kidd

Zack Kidd throws a long shot that misses and the ball bounces. Fans enjoyed the quick action of the shot.

The Dreadball in the scoring zone after Zack Kidd's miss.

.In a captain to captain clash Bad Wokka smashes into Zack Kidd and crippling him for three rounds , effectively throwing him out of the rest of the game. the fans go wild at the drama unfolding. The Orcs maintain  their 2-0 lead

Neep (3) runs to the dreadball but it's metallic smooth surface proves to much to hold and it slipped from his grasp.

Max Behn lays a desperate slam on the orc team captain Bad Wokka who is out for three rounds and ends his game too.

Fernado Cervesa sprints into play from the substitute zone. 

Neep (3) picks up the ball and throws a poor pass to Kreepa (7) who fumbles the ball and it drops into the tile in front of him.

Fernando Cervesa sprints and scoops up the dreadball as the clock counts down to the close of the match, he runs to the centre scoring zone, fires of a shot. Probably the most important of his dreadball career so far.The arena is silent as the dreadball slowly arcs towards the scoring tile. The Dreadball's metallic surface reflects the faces of the crowd, the home fans frozen in looks of horror and the away fans looks of hope. Slowly it descends into the scoring tile.  With a blip the dreadball drops into the tile, the scores change 0-2 and the game ends.

The winning shot in the last minutes of the game.

Final Score 0-2
Winner :Stark Industries 56er's

Players viewpoint- first game.

This is my first game of Dreadball and i used the Human team,  the game is really quick to pick up and really fast to play, although this game took longer due to taking notes and pictures. So i had no idea how the game would of played out, all the action that happened was totally unplanned and real.
 This game is now on my purchase list. There are  two full teams in the starter box (humans and orcs) , along with the rules, team rosters, cards and counters. I really want to try out some of the other teams to see how they all work in Dreadball.