Wednesday, 25 May 2011

May Update

This is my first update for the tabletop gaming blog

Ran a 2nd edition adventure of Warhammer fantasy roleplay based on the Film Jason and the Argonauts
 the party completed the tasks more swiftly than i had hoped.the party of five were more higher powered than i first thought.
If anyone wanted i could put the adventure down as a blog if requested (Just comment below)

 I will be beginning my Dark heresy campaign shortly, so i will keep you posted as that progresses.

I painted one koralon brood  for Urban War as a tester for the colour scheme

 As you can see i have went for a white/ Yellow colour scheme. I'm still not too sure about it but i think i will finish off the whole team before i decide if any changes need to be made.

Also for Urban War additions to my current forces

      VASA suppressor gernade launcher

Triad sniper

Tactical Androsynth with Plasma launcher

For other great Urban war miniatures try these links:

Scotia Grendel Productions 
Urban Mammoth
Urban War

In the future I've be putting together a Warmaster ancients army of imperial Romans, for a small tournament in October

So that's the end of the update for may.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Fallen Hammer - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Location: Altdorf in the state of Reikland

Its location on the main road from the south gate makes it a very busy and popular with newcomers to the city. in addition Its close location to the Imperial Palace makes it favored with mid to low class nobles. The amethyst Wizard Magister Kasper Herzog is one of the more high class regulars.

Owner=Hugo Falkenheim.

He has two sons, Rubeus and Gizmar, the eldest Rubeus joined the Empire army was sent to the north during the storm of chaos, no word has returned of his well being.
Gizmar was initiated in to the colleges of magic, training as a light wizard, he too has left Altdorf on a assignment by the colleges after the storm of chaos.  Rumours that the apprentice wizard has been possessed are deemed an insult to Hugo. Both his son's rooms have been left as they were.

Due to both his sons departures ,he's been hiring locals and travellers to work in the Inn. A few full time staff live in the Inn. Rosalind Falkenheim, Hugo's wife is the Inn's veteran Cook. The high amount of imported goods from the Old world  has created a large and extensive menu.
The fireplace is a popular place for Bards for their gatherings of tale telling.

The home Brew Ale- Oaked Ale -2p
The special Wine -Elven influenced dry fruit wine -4p

Locally produced: Hard cider -2p

Breakfast -2p (The Sigmar squared Sausage , is very popular)
Lunch-3p  (Pies consisting of beef, pork, venison, or fowl, or a mixture of those meats)

Daily special dish -6p
Wine glass/bottle 3p/7p

Lodgings- per night
Common room-5p
Single room- 5ss
Double room-10ss
Large room-15ss

1-  Bar                                                        14- Main Hall
2-  Store                                                     15- Back Yard
3-  W.C                                                       16- Stairs to Ground Floor
4- Fireplace                                               17- Study
5- Side Gate                                              18- Landlords Chamber
6- Private Booths                                      19- Servants Quarters
7- Stables                                                   20-Rubeus's Room
8 - Refuse Bins                                          21- Gizmar's Room
9 - Kitchen                                                  22-Chimney
10- Brewery                                                23- Single Room
11- Common Room /Dormitory                24-Double Room
12-Stairs to First Floor                              25- Large Room
13- Private Stable

Monday, 16 May 2011

Flames of war- German Grenadierkompanie

This is my first delve in to Flames of war by Battlefront

My decision of force has fallen on the Germans of the late war period. Due to my beginners status in the game, I've decided to start with a basic infantry company (Grenadierkompanie)

My full painted force, now i do have another Grenadier platoon to make it a legal playable force, but i have omitted them from the pictures as they aren't painted in the same winter camo, but i will replace them when i have painted up a new platoon.

Grenadier Platoon

Command HQ  & 2nd in command

one of my Machine gun squads
2 StuG's form my assault gun platoon

This is the first attempt at making winter style bases on anything. Expanding the on force i have planned to get three Panzer IV as divisional support

Sunday, 15 May 2011

C3-DT Droid NPC- Star Wars roleplaying

For use with the Star Wars Role playing game Saga edition

 The C3 series where used as a working mans protocol droid, lightly armoured to deal with harsh working environments, such as laser mining, heavy foresting and heavy manufacturing/construction work.

Being an older model if compared to the 3PO series, it's design  features include only a single centre blue eye, bulkier shoulders with options for being armoured. The voice is male programmed due to the type of workplaces it is used for.
 Colour- White/Dulled Silver
Type- Protocol droid

Third degree droid - medium size   CL0
Init- -1 Senses- +1
Languages- Basic , Binary, 3 unassigned

Ref-9 (FF-9), Fort - 9 Will-11
HP- 5 DR-1  Threshold -9  Speed -6 (walking)
Immune droid traits
Base atk- +0 ,Grp -1 Melee - unarmed 0 (1d3)
Fighting space - 1 square   Reach - 1 square

Str-10, Dex-9, Con --, Int-12, Wis-13, Cha- 15

Skills - Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +6 ,Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +6 ,
Knowledge (Social Sciences) +0 ,Persuasion +12
Feats - Linguist, skill focus(persuasion, skill training- Knowledge (Bureaucracy) ,Knowledge (Galactic Lore)
Systems - walking locomotion, basic processor, translator unit (DC5), 
2 hand appendages, vocabulator
Possessions- audio recorder
Availability - licensed   Cost- 2,500 credits

Urban War - Koralon Project

With the imminent Release of Urban War second Edition,
i've decided to start a new force.

My decision has been on the Koralon. Now i must point out the these guys used to be  "horribly broken" in the first edition but the second edition has now addressed this and i now have no bad feelings in using them as a force.


I have just started by getting the Basic strike team consisting of :

4 brood
1 Larvan
1 Phazon

As you can see they are all built and the bases have been sanded.

However I'm having difficulty on choosing a colour scheme.
any ideas or suggestions please comment.

For other Urban war miniatures try these links:

Scotia Grendel Productions  -

Urban Mammoth -

Ordatis Crystal -Star Wars roleplaying

For use with the Saga edition.

During the clone wars the separatists forces were ever searching to perfect their secret ultimate weapon.
it was on the jungle planet of Ordatis that large green crystal deposits were discovered. during testing it was shown to have great focusing abilities.

The Kel-dor Jedi knight Kor Loon has used a shard of the Ordatis crystal within his lightsaber providing it with a pale green blade, as well as offering greater abilities for defence.

Using the Ordatis Crystal in Star Wars Saga Edition 

Lightsaber Crystal

Ordatis crystal - +2 to use the force check for Block and Deflect
                          +1 to base attack (as standard)
Blade Colour -    Pale green

Space Dreadnought 3000

Space Dreadnought 3000® is a fast play game in which military and economic conflicts of the distant future are fought out and decided through your strategic skill and daring. Great battlefleets, controlled by ambitious intergalactic powers, wheel across the immense void of space in a conflict aimed at deciding once and for all who will rise from the chaos threatening to engulf this part of the galaxy. Your ships, unimaginably powerful, will leap across the light years to compete for control of strategic stars and star-clusters needed to achieve your ultimate objective - Guardianship of the vital 7th Sector of the galaxy - to become one of the sixteen powers making up the Guardianship of Galmitrae.

 Now here is my  SD3K Altaran Fleet. its about 212pts, i haven't yet had the chance to play the game, but i should do in a few weeks.

As you can see its the colour scheme is heavily inspired by the film TRON LEGACY.
 now i will show in greater detail the ships.

first my fighter baseship. This is my command vessel (The Throneship)

Next the main fighting arm, my Crusier, Battlecrusier, Dreadnought, and Super Dreadnought, all with orange trim.

The Super Dreadnought is missing from this picture but its in the larger fleet picture behind the baseship.

This now brings me to the light support ships two patrol ships and two destroyers designated by their pale blue trim


well that's all for now. i'll post after i have played my first game, it should be against either the Quellaris Federation or the Vargan Empire

Well i now have cut out the space hex tiles for play

14 Hex Tiles

Star Wars Roleplaying Adventure - Jungle Rescue

This is a adventure for low level characters  (levels 1-4) using the saga edition rule set in about one or two sessions of play.
The adventure is set during the Clone Wars and it is assumed that the party is republic affiliated.

Three republic Senators have been captured by separatists their location has been traced to an outpost deep in the jungle of Fidavar

Captured Senators:
 Human female - Madlyn Yarrow
 Twi'lek male - Lothor Gaian
 Zabark male - Yu-sien Vekarr

Previous attempts have failed and now the player characters (PC's) have been asked to help as a small compact rescue unit

One party member with the highest use computer skill is secretly given the task to download data from the outposts systems, that person receives a small black data stick.

Part one

After dropping out of hyperpace, the party make planetfall in a LAAT/i accompanied by a clone commander "Tiberius" and four clone troopers.
The party land deep in the jungle and it is tough (endurance test DC10)
after about an hour of slow travel the party come across a crashed LAAT/i, dead clones and a human Jedi are strewn about the crash site. The dead Jedi knight is known to the Clone commander and names him as  "Zun Hess"

Part Two

After another hour of travel a successful perception test DC15 to notice outpost.
Upon investigation the outpost is guarded by B1 battle droids, super battle droids and a single dwarf spider droid.


another successful perception test on a DC10 reveals hostage being killed (shot by pistol in the head) as a zabrak male. watching is a Geonosian noble standing next to a dark hooded and roded figure.

PC's decide their actions- clone commander suggests ambush or stealth and sneak action.

during any combat the robed figure is nowhere to be seen,

after combat in main complex a successful use computer test DC10 , This releases the Data and reveals information on using Green crystals as a focusing source for a super weapon (death star)


P2-  Human female - Madlyn Yarrow
P3-  Twi'lek male - Lothor Gaian
B-    B1  Battle Droid
S -   B2 Super Battle Droid
On roof a mounted heavy blaster rifle used by Thug
Tg -  Thug

on desk a small green crystal (later know as a Ordatis crystal)

Also in the main complex the only Senator survivor is
(P2) Human female - Madlyn Yarrow and she is laser bound. (DC10) on mechanics, use computer or use force to deactivate them.
(P3) Twi'lek Lothor Gaian hasn't survived the ordeal and lies dead in his cell.

Part Three
"Get to the choppa!"

The party must now return to the pick-up point, on route the party are attacked periodically (GM decides when) by an unseen foe, picking off the remaining clone troopers

if the party set a trap (its a trap!) they are attacked by a lion-pigdog (use nexu rules) to the death.
Nearing the pick up zone they are confronted by a robed figure with red lightsaber (Asajj Ventress)

if possible the Clone commander "Tiberius" will sacrifice his life to allow party to escape on to the LAAT/i with data and senator.

Xp rewards-

surviving- 800 each
rescuing the Senator - 300 each
defeating the spider droid -600/no. PC's
good role playing - 100
plus standard xp for defeating CL's

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Warhammer fiction - Time to leave - Tales from the Fallen Hammer

Time to Leave

The wide open water always did weird me out, the Wizard Markus Von Holt admitted to himself as he watched the various ships leaving the port. Strange, he thought. Hed seen the roaring multicoloured winds of magic, seen a vampire battle against a goblin shaman, both of which used unclean magic. But somehow water always made him shiver.

He was awakened from his muse, as sailors moved past him and on to the wooden gangplank of the Iron Rapscallion - a well cared for vessel, an heirloom of the captain, passed down from his father. He recalled listening intently upon the Captains tales of adventure. That was until the violence had a started in the Inn last night. He gripped his quarterstaff tighter as images of last nights drunken carnage flooded back to him. It had been a rough night. Never before had he heard such an inventive use of obscenities that hed heard Jurgen voice then. Nor would he forget the glazed over look in Skelmers eye. Even the women werent safe from the ensuing violence. Clora could handle herself. The last time he had seen her, a man was clutching his face and she was covered in blood. Still it was the water that made him shiver.

Markus heard Jurgen before hed seen the soldier approach. The Wizard fumbled in one of his many pockets as he turned. Finding what he was searching for he presented the tattered pieces of paper to Jurgen, who took them unceremoniously
The maps of Albion and Reikland. The wizard muttered
The soldier nodded his response. Are you not coming aboard the ship? Jurgen asked his voice thick from his hangover.
 I cant he said softly I have to wait for Magister Wolfgang
Jurgen muttered something unintelligible, touched his head with a pained expression, and then slowly wandered off to the ship.

He quietly watched various crew members bringing aboard barrels and crates. He hadnt quite made up his mind if missing his chance to go to Albion was a good thing or not. He knew that Jurgen could handle himself well enough. Casimir the boatman knows the water well, so no worries on his account, well apart from his newly acquired magical abilities. He gave a sigh, as he pondered the idea of having the chance to properly teach him to control the coloured winds.
Unconsciously touching his pack containing his Grimoire. Clora and Skelmer both seemed to have luck on their side. But outside the Empire the god of luck Ranald may not favour them as much.

 His contemplation was interrupted again as soldier in the black and cream of Reikland bumped in to him. The man scowled at the wizard, took account of his deep red robes, then grinned sheepishly and hurried off. Markus allowed himself a sly grin. Only to have it disappear at the sight of Magister Wolfgang striding towards him. The senior wizards white robes seemed blindingly white in the filthy dockyard. Wolfgang looked thin, his hair white but his bearing radiated power. Morning Von Holtz he said slowly in a voice that contained no warmth. The coach awaits us.
They both walked to the large well crafted coach. A surly looking man at arms opened the door to allow both men to enter the cabin.

They sat in silence as they travelled through the port city of Marienburg to the gates that lead back into the Empire. It seemed that Wolfgang disliked the water too. I wonder if its a wizard thing. He thought to himself. Its a great honour to speak before the imperial council the elder wizard told Markus in a suitably dull voice. You can affirm your new position with the colleges. He continued
Markus nodded in solemn agreement Indeed so my lord
You could learn a lot from me young one he said in a droll voice
Markus sighed, this was going to be a long journey.