Monday, 16 May 2011

Flames of war- German Grenadierkompanie

This is my first delve in to Flames of war by Battlefront

My decision of force has fallen on the Germans of the late war period. Due to my beginners status in the game, I've decided to start with a basic infantry company (Grenadierkompanie)

My full painted force, now i do have another Grenadier platoon to make it a legal playable force, but i have omitted them from the pictures as they aren't painted in the same winter camo, but i will replace them when i have painted up a new platoon.

Grenadier Platoon

Command HQ  & 2nd in command

one of my Machine gun squads
2 StuG's form my assault gun platoon

This is the first attempt at making winter style bases on anything. Expanding the on force i have planned to get three Panzer IV as divisional support

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