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Dark Heresy -End Times

For just over a year of running a Dark Heresy/Deathwatch role-playing campaign the Dark Heresy segment is coming to a close. So i thought for the sake of completeness i would chronicle the last session for you.
But before i do i would like to update you as a reader to the progresses of each character.

Kar, Feral world Guardsman
The Armsman was reassigned to lead critical raids from Valkyries against the Ork's on the city planet of Golphoric IV

Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
The Rogue sold most of his Gear to gain a customised hand cannon and is now skilled in using shock weapons using a naval officers cutlass. His Left arm has had be replaced with a bionic version after an ill fated clash against a gun servitor in the sewers of  crime lord Dax Uberstarr's stronghold. 

Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
The battlescared Rogue who barely survived an attack from a chaos space marine raid, Since then he has taken up heavy weapons as his speciality such as a heavy stubber and grenade launchers. He lost a foot to a deadly infection which has now been replaced by bionics.

Zetkin, Void born Psyker
The Young Savant militant has begun her training in mastering the deadly arts of pyromancy. She demonstrated her power to great effect to kill a heretic space marine from the word bearers legion

Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
The grim Investigator and the Brooding codebreaker. Skilled with the devastating boltgun and fierce faith in the imperial creed. His faith was rewarded with the holy axe of St.Balthazar

Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest
The Engineer has learnt many skills in bionics and has installed two mechadendrites and modified his memory for even faster recall. His weapon of choice is his meltagun which he rescued from the doomed light cruiser Brazen Triumph  

The chase ends
After chasing the everbeing across the sector he has finally been traced to an abandoned fortress world in the halo stars. With help from the mysterious Eldar from the craftworld Anthe-nolth. Inquisitor Margallus remained in orbit whilst the inquisitorial cell, Zenith and five eldar guardians made planetfall and they entered the Serea Fortress.  After many trials and combat encounters the remaining Eldar guardian and the Eldar Walock Zenith,survived the fully armed warriors of the Babel legion(gene-seed enhanced sisters of battle) and the crime lord Dax Uberstarr. The inquisitorial cell delved deeper in to the Serea Fortress.

Face your Fears
In the next chamber as the corridors  rise higher and deeper into the fortress is tinged with a dim blue light. Stasis tubes line the walls. A lone tech priest  is preparing an operating table. Next to the table is a cyrotube containing a gene seed. The Psyker Zetkin and the Scum known as Cutter sneaked in to the room and got behind the working tech priest. Cutter dashed forward to attempt to stab him from behind. The tech priest  turned around causing the scum to slice into the tech adepts arm. They both struggled with each other. the Tech adept tried to take out his laspistol. Zetkin channelled her powers to inflict pain but the tech priests mind repulsed the mental attack. Cutter managed to pull away and fired a killing headshot. The dead tech priest slid to the floor.
The rest of the inquisitorial cell investigated the cyro tubes that lined the walls. At the far end of the the room there is a larger  steel double door on the right side. The cryo tubes contained the sleeping forms of young girls with what appears to be operation scars. The others on the left hand side appear to be untouched form any procedure. All of the young girls appear to be in stasis.  Dorn Picked up the data slate of the late tech priest and downloaded the data " Looks like more initiates for the Babel legion"
The Arbite Zarchov marched towards the cyro tubes smashed one with his shotgun and fired a single blast into the sleeping occupant. He spoke over the vox "Kill them all"

Tech adept 
Armed and skilled as Tech adept (DH rulebook pg 345

The Growing Nightmare

Zetkin felt more than seen the psychic presence move about the room. She focused more, sensing its near the arbite's location amongst the cryo tubes. Slowly she edged forward. Suddenly a sharp cracking sound, a yell then a crash came from the direction of Zarkov. As soon as he heard the noise the Scum known as Stern hid against one of the many cryo tubes. Zetkin and cutter moved together  along a row of the tubes. Dorn took the route between two sets of softly glowing blue tubes, spotting the Arbite shooting to Dorns right at nothing, slowly he took out his chain axe, after he spotted the arbites leg wound. Turning the corner Zetkin could see Zarkov firing at the blurry translucent outline of a figure on the back wall. 
Out of nowhere a blade smashed next to Cutters head, quickly the scum turned around and ducked another sword swing from the attacker. In front of him stood a tall figure with a shaven head in a long black leather jacket. It was Stern who recognised them first, "Krossmen!" he whispered to himself.  The blurry figured materialised in front of Zarkov, he looked exactly like the other one. The Krossman fired off another doom bolt, the arbite dodged swiftly despite his aching leg, showering the floor with shards of glass as the bolt hit one of the cyro tubes. Cutter continued to dodge and parry with the Krossman assassin, always keeping himself between the assassin and the young psyker. Zetkin saw that the psyker Krossman was momentarily distracted, she took the opportunity and unleashed a white hot bolt of fire scorching through the enemy psyker's chest, it travelled clean through his body leaving a large cauterised wound in its wake, as the bolt continued on and hit the wall in a cascade of molten rock sparks.  Zarkov turned his attention to the scuffle between the assassin and Cutter. Zarkov readied his holy axe and charged in, Stern followed just behind him. The assassin was nimble, narrowly dodging each blow by the three combatants. Zetkin reached out with her mind, with a view to inflict pain upon the assassins mind. It was enough to cause a distraction, Zarkov buried the axe deep in the assassins body, ribs broke with a sickening crack. Coughing up blood the Krossman collapsed to the floor.

Krossman Psyker
WS  BS   S   T   Ag   Int  Per  WP Fel
 35   35   31  31  40   41   41   51   21
Wounds:13  Armour flak 3 on all locations
skills: Dodge, 
Talents: Psy rating 3, Hard target,
 Minor psychic powers: Chameleon, Deja vu, Distort vision, Fearful aura, Flash bang, Inflict pain, Precognition, Spasm, Touch of madness, Unnatural aim, Weaken veil,   
Major psychic powers: Catch projectiles, Force bolt.

Krossman Assassin
WS  BS   S   T   Ag   Int  Per  WP Fel
 45   45   41  41  41   31   31   31   21

Wounds:13  Armour flak 3 on all locations
skills: Dodge +10, 
Talents: Blademaster, Hard target, Ambidextrous, Quick draw, Lightening reflexes, Mighty shot, Catfall, Rapid reload.

Las pistol - 1d10+4 pen -
Monosword - 1d10+4 pen 2 

After the combat finished Stern and Zarkov turned off the rest of the cryo tubes each with a hiss of compressed air.

Let slip the dogs of war

The corridor led out into a large hall. the far end of the hall was blocked off by a fizzing electric barrier through it they cold make out a throne on top of a dais with a figure standing next to it. Stern asked "What is it? eh Warlock"
It appears to be some kind of force field, Zenith replied, aimed his pistol at the field and fired off a quick burst. the monoedged shurikens fizzed and flash as they hit the blue crackling force field. Stern raised his voice at the Eldar warlock " Now you have given away our position"
 Zeniths passive face turned to the scum, "I think they already know we are here"
Zarkov inspected the pillars as the scum and the warlock bickered with each other. The pillars were intricately carved with images of angels and their ascension into the world.

The young psyker Zetkin walked up to the blue fizzing power field.  She took a deep breath and closed her eyes visualising the area just beyond the the powerfield. Suddenly she felt weightless then her knees bent as gravity reinstated itself.  She opened her eyes, finding herself on the other side of the energy field. looking around she spotted a small projector device generating the energy field. To her left she could see what looked to be a pack of robot dogs standing before a red robed figure, he robes seemed more elaborate than her friend Dorns. Keeping focused on the task at hand she hurled a bolt of flames reducing the projector to slag, the energy field flickered then overheated with a large flash briefly blinding everyone in the hall except Zetkin. 

Once the party recovered from being stunned by the flash, they could see the grand hall in full. At the far end a figure they recognised as the everbeing John Grammaticus he stood next to a tall throne, next to the everbeing was an older man, dressed in the same attire as the Krossmen.

The everbeing spoke, his voice echoed throughout the hall "Unleash the dogs of war"
Magos Achar nodded and the eleven cyber mastiffs dashed off towards their targets. Before she knew it the young psyker Zetkin had two of the robot dogs upon her. 

Magos Achar
WS  BS   S   T   Ag   Int  Per  WP Fel
 48   38   40  40  40   50   35   30   30
Armed and skilled as Heretek (DH rulebook pg 340) except armed with Chain Axe (1d10 + 8 R Pen 2, Tearing)

He also is accompanied by ten Cyber mastiffs:

5x Snapper mastiffs
Armed and skilled as Ferocious creature (DH rulebook pg 349) except Bite is  (1d10 + 5 R Pen 3) Armour - 3 all locations

6x Ripper mastiffs
Armed and skilled as Ferocious creature (DH rulebook pg 349) except Bite is  (1d10 + 3 R Pen 2, Tearing) Armour - 3 all locations

The cyber mastiff's were fast. It occurred to Dorn that there was two types one pattern of mastiff has chain jaws the others the others large mono edged snapping jaws. 
Stern next to him opened up with his heavy stubber reducing the lead mastiff to a metal ruin.
Cutter from further down the hall was firing single shots from both of his pistols at the oncoming mastiffs.

Lord of the Kross:

WS  BS   S   T   Ag   Int  Per  WP Fel
 50   45   45  45  50   41   41   51   31

Wounds:15  Armour flak 4 on all locations
Skills: Swift attack, Dodge, Fearless, combat master.
Talents: Psy rating 3, Hard target,
 Minor psychic powers: Chameleon, Deja vu, Distort vision, Fearful aura, Flash bang, Inflict pain, Precognition, Spasm, Touch of madness, Unnatural aim, Weaken veil,   
Major psychic powers: Catch projectiles, Force bolt.
Plasma pistol - 1d10+6 pen 6
Powersword - 1d10+9 pen 6 

Lord of the Conclave of Avalon
Zenith the Eldar warlock charged at the everbeing Grammaticus, cleaving the everbeings arm clean off with a swift strike from his witchblade. The floor now awash with blood. Grammaticus roared in pain and from the bleeding stump of an arm. A gout of growing flesh shoots out and wraps itself around the Eldar warlock neck, as the everbeings arm regained its form, his arm locked around the Eldars throat and snapped it with a crunch. Zenith slumped to the floor blood pouring from his helmet. Grammaticus's arms turned a metallic grey and his fingers stretched into claws.

Everbeing - John Grammaticus

WS  BS   S    T   Ag   Int  Per  WP Fel
 64   45   50  50  50    60   55   60   70

Wounds:18  (5 critical hits are needed to weaken him fully)
 Armour flak 4 on all locations except arms and head.
Skills: lightning attack, Dodge, Fearless, combat master, Strong minded.
Talents: Psy rating 3, Hard target,
 Minor psychic powers: Chameleon, Distort vision, Fearful aura, Flash bang, Inflict pain, Spasm, Touch of madness, Unnatural aim, Weaken veil,   
Major psychic powers: Cellular control,Hammerhand
Steel arms - 1d10+10 pen 6 R

The last remaining eldar guardian rushed forward firing off with his Shuriken catapult  at the warlocks killer. The figure next to John stepped forward and unleashed a dark bolt of psychic energy at the guardian reducing him to a pile of ashen debris.  The lord of the Kross happy at his work continued forward unleashing an aura of utter terror. the mastiffs coninued their assault on the cell. most being shot down before they reached combat, some causing minor wounds. Stern received a horrific bite to the face from a snapper mastiff, before it was thrown off and blasted into scrap. 

Lord of the Kross cruised forward unleashing doom bolts at the cell, the sheer power caused the fortress to shake, throwing a few mastiffs to the floor. The inquisitorial cell managed to stay on their feet. 

The ancient tech magos stalked towards Zetkin his venerable chain axe roaring in his hands. Zetkin loosened off a fire bolt, but the ancient metal tech priest failed to catch fire. In frantic panic Zetkin unleashed her relentless fury, Giant gout's of flames leaped from her fingers engulfing Magos Achar, His vocalisation unit screeched in pain. Dropping to his knees he clawed at his own body to put out the overwhelming flames. seconds later he hit the floor with a heavy clang and continued to burn without protest. The psychic overflow caused the floor to bleed and the depictions of angels on the pillars to cry blood. Dorn smashed another mastiff in to shards of metal with his chain axe.

At this point all of the cyber mastiff had been destroyed, leaving only the Lord of the Kross and John Grammaticus left to fight against the injured party.

Stern dodged another doom bolt hurled in his direction, the Lord of the Kross grew frustrated and unloaded his plasma pistol at the scum, taken by surprise Stern couldn't get out of the way and was hit full on in the chest. Dorn overcome with fear stood rooted to the spot, not willing to take a step forward towards the being of  terror. The Lord of the Kross then turned his attention to the young psyker  who was standing above a pile of burnt out mastiffs.  Zetkin could see that the fearful aura was a manifestation of the psychic energy and logic defeated the terror. Zetkin stood her grown and let fly with a burst of flame, the psyker lord dodged the fire and closed in on Zetkin. The first swing against her she dodged easily,  she felt helpless against the next thrust as it plunged into her midrift.  Zetkin collapsed to the floor in a pool of her own blood, agony pulsing through her body. 

The everbeing John Grammaticus charged into Cutter. Cutter fired off a shot from his hand cannon as the everbeing charged in. Grammaticus was fast, he had trouble dodging his blows. the Scum was more than a little pleased to see the Arbite join in the combat against Grammaticus. Soon it was the everbeing on the defensive, Cutter drew out his officers cutlass

Showing grim determination Stern stood up, wiped the blood from his eyes, braced his heavy stubber and let loose a full auto burst at the Lord of the Kross, the ageing psyker lord didn't have time to react as he took several bullets to the chest and crumpled to the floor bleeding heavily from several gaping wounds. Though the pain Zetkin could see the psyker mutter something silently before his heaving body stopped moving and the light died from his eyes. 
Zetkin cleared her mind, a calming sensation filled her body as her warp powers began to  knit her wounds back together.

The Scum could see Zarkov and Cutter dodging and moving in melee with the everbeing. Stern made his way to the throne at the end of the room every step sending shockwaves of pain and threatening to overcome his conscienseness.
With a flurry of blow the Everbeing sliced a critical wound upon Zarkov's leg, with a lightning twist buried his claw in Cutters chest.  
Zarkov hid under his combat shield as he clutched at his leg. Cutter dropped to one knee gasping for air.  After missing the everbeing with a shot from his meltagun Dorn stepped up, his axe at the ready. Grammaticus  side stepped the axe swing and slashed his claws over the tech priests leg. Dorn shifted his weight onto his bionic leg, twirled his axe in the axe and with luck more than skill, it hit dead on the everbeings body. The axe blades got lodged in the everbeings ribcage. Dorn could already see the wound beginning to heal itself. Grammaticus grabbed the axe blade and tried to push it out. The tech priests mechadendrite gripped upon the everbiends skull and gently crushed, hearing the snapping to wounding and subsequent healing. Cutter seeing all this from the blood covered floor, drew his pistol and shot out the everbeings knee. The shot sending waves of pain throughout the rogues body. The everbeing dropping in and out of consciencesness as the chain axe was ripped from his body unleashing another gout of hot red blood. Groggily Zarkov stood up and using his shield as a club smashed John Grammaticus in the face.   

On the throne Stern activated the communication array and contacted the ship in high orbit, It was Inquisitor Margallus who answered personally. "Shut off the orbital powerfield and send me your co-ordinates and we will be there." 
Stern did as he asked. Ever the opportunist he staggered over to the body of the fallen warlock and rummaged for any loose trinkets. A large blue gem on the warlock's chest caught his eye, slowly he took out his combat knife.

Soon Inquisitor Margallus appeared in a bright blue flash along with a rugged and slightly battle worn guardsman next to Stern. Margallus spoke "Where is Grammaticus?" 
Stern pointed in the direction of Dorn further down the hall. The guardsman and the Inquisitor jogged down the hall, the guardsman readied his medi pack as he reached Cutter who was barely conscience on the floor. Margallus motioned to Dorn "Let him go"
The engineer let the everbeing drop, before he could hit the floor inquisitor Margallus activated the stasis device locking John Grammaticus in a ever present state of mid fall. "lets get out of here"

Aboard the Mormo 

After each of the cell received medical attention and were in a stable condition, Inquisitor Margallus explained during transit that the Eldar ship attacked the Mormo and only just managed to drive it off. This was about the time when the warlock Zenith was killed.

The Ordo xenos Inquisitor gathered the group for debriefing. 
he congratulated each upon their hard work and effort. he then went on to explain that the senior members of the conclave have been killed by the cell and the everbeing captured. The heretical amulet the Mortem alveo has also been quarantined. A imperial battleship is on route to destroy the fortress and its secrets of heresy once all the gene seed has been extracted. The Ecclesiarchy must be informed.  
Cutter spoke first "Lord Margallus, where are we heading to now?"
Margallus smiled "Our destination is Holy Terra"

+++++Transmission ends+++++

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One year ends and another begins

One year ends and another begins

The year 2013 has begun and i am going to review what i wanted from last year as regards to my Gaming hopes for 2012 and my goals for 2013

You can see most of my completed goals here

The goals i never managed to completed out of the list of my gaming hopes were only:

Make each of these forces to 35SS (Scrap level)
Liliths Neverborn (19/35)
Viktorias Outcasts (26/35)

Dreadfleet: (painting)

My Gaming:

Urban War
Syntha - W0/L0/D0
Triads - W1/L0/D0
V.A.S.A- W0/L2/D0
Koralon- W3/L1/D0

Warhammer 40'000
Orks - W1/L3/D0
                                                           Imperial guard - W1/L1/D0

Warhammer fantasy battle
Skaven - W0/L2/D2

Lilith - W1/L2/D0
 Viktoria - W0/L1/D1
Rasputina - W0/L1/D0

 Menoth - W0/L0/D0

Warmaster Ancients
mperial rome - W0/L0/D0
Norman - W0/L1/D1

Lord of the rings SBG
Minas Tirith - W1/L0/D0
Mordor Orcs - W0/L2/D0
Uruk hai - W0/L0/D0
Numenoreans - W0/L0/D0
High Elves - W0/L0/D1

Bushido -
Prefecture of Ryu - W1/L0/D0
Cult of Yurei - W0/L0/D0
Savage Wave - W0/L0/D0

As you can see i had a few good games with my Koralon. My Vasa not fairing quite so well.
there should be more games of Urban war in 2013
Warhammer 40k was interesting as the Ork games were played using fifth edition and i used my imperial guard in sixth edition.
Warhammer fantasy battles  games were used in preparation for the blood in the badlands campaign which i feel is placed on hold at the moment. 
Malifaux has had a good gaming run this years as i have been building up my three forces. I'm enjoying Victorias and Rasputina the most even though not the most successful.
I can hardly believe it has been a year since i have played Warmachine. Its not that its a bad game i just have been playing other games more.

Followers of my blog will notice i have a thing for painting up Warmaster forces and the ancient variety is no different, the gaming is slightly harder to come by with only a few players in my local area, i really like the game system and i wish i could play it more regularly.
Lord of the rings was a good change with the updated force structure. my elf list i wrote up was too outnumbered to be much use in mission while the Minas tirith fare a lot better.
Bushido i spent more time painting and had no time to play at the moment. 


My 2013 wargaming hopes


Make each of these forces to 35SS (Scrap level)

Liliths Neverborn (19/35)

Viktorias Outcasts (26/35)

Dreadfleet: (painting)

Savage wave
Cult of yurei

Warhammer 40'000
Chaos space marines (Death guard) 1000 points

Urban war
Neo-iskandrians - 300pts

No doubt i will have more projects added to this list as the year progresses.

With Malifaux i should get my Outcast done quite quickly as i only need to pick up and paint two more miniatures.  Maybe even pick up a few more for some variety.

Outcasts Crew type 1 - 35 - Scrap 

Viktoria -- 0 Pool
Bishop [10ss]
Ronin [5ss] - need to purchase
Ronin [5ss] - need to purchase
Sue [7ss] - needs painting
Taelor [8ss] 


Outcasts Crew - 35 - Scrap

Viktoria -- 1 Pool
Bishop [10ss]
Convict Gunslinger [5ss]
Renegade Steamfitter Johan [6ss]
Ronin [5ss] - need to purchase
Taelor [8ss]

Lilith's Neverborn will take longer as i need to repair my cherub as it has broken off the base and will need pinned in place. i also need to buy a lot more miniatures for the Terror tots to grow into young Nephilim and onto mature Nephilim. What to add beyond that i am open to suggestions.

Warhammer 40'000
With my purchase of the Dark vengeance set last year i will make a small death guard force from the chaos space marines from the box and a few extras from my collections. i had to build myself a chaos sorcerer as i really like the new 40k psychic power system.

I am not sure what to do with the dark angels from the set. I will keep the characters as they are nice miniatures.

Well that's all for now.