Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lord of the rings SBG revisited

Lord of the rings SBG revisited

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.”

Games workshop released the new set of army books completely replacing the current army books and the legions of middle earth book.

The five books are :
  • The kingdoms of men, 
  • The free peoples, 
  • Mordor, 
  • The fallen realms 
  •  Moria and Agmar

Each of the five books contain all of the six new basic points battle matches. and some additional themed scenarios that recreate battles from middle earth's history.

As far as rules are concerned nothing has really changed, but the main difference is how forces are created.

The warbands as they are now called consists of a hero and up to twelve warriors from their faction. The bow limit restriction still exists. Some heroes aren't allowed a warband. They are called independent heroes. Examples of this are large creatures or low pointed heroes eg:Shelob, Bill the pony.
Apart from that there aren’t any other major restrictions to force selection.

What these five books are really useful are, is that they have compiled all of the characters made over the years from either white dwarf or/and war of the ring including some new ones too, this is great at giving you options as the game is getting more hero focused due to the changes in force selection. Some heroes also give options to upgrade troops for an advantage. This helps to give force a more themed feel. As an example, if Gil-galad is included in the army then you can upgrade any number of high elf warriors to "Kings Guard" giving them bonus to fight value.

In conjunction with the new books, I have made the decision to finish off my high elf army.
350pts army consists of :

High elves

Warband 1 - Kings Guard

6  Elves, Kings Guard, h/armour, elf blade 

Warband 2 -Captains retinue

Elf Captain, h/armour, shield
4 Elves , h/armour, elf bows
2 Elves,  h/armour, elf blade

Warband 1 - Kings Guard

Warband 2 - Captains retinue

Monday, 26 March 2012

Suburban war 2012- Urban war Tournament

 Event Report

Me and three of the players arrived at the venue just before nine to help set up. The daylight saving time change (clocks go forward an hour) caused some worries for me as a few players were a little bit late, but none so much as to hold up anything.

Once the tables where all initially all set up. It was time to start the first round pairings with the eleven players.

 Round one.

The round started off swiftly and Steven Pattullo's Gladiators received the first round bye (so he got max 24 points)

Table 1 - Triads versus Syntha
Table 2 - V.A.S.A versus Syntha
Table 3 - Viridians versus Gladiators

Table 4 - V.A.S.A versus Triads

Table 5 -Triads versus Viridians

Round one games in full swing.

Round Two

Gary Hewitson playing with Triads received this rounds bye
The more points you get from the last round, the opponents got tougher.

Round two pairings

Table 1 - Viridians versus Syntha
Table 2 - Gladiators versus Viridians

Table 3- V.A.S.A versus V.A.S.A

Table 4 - Gladiators versus Syntha

Table 5 - Triads versus Triads

Round 3
Neil McGregor and his Gladiators get the bye for this round

Round three begins

Table 1 - Viridians versus Viridians

Table 2- V.A.S.A versus Syntha

Table 3 - V.A.S.A versus Syntha

Table 4 - Triads versus Triads

Table 5 - Triads versus Gladiators

Round 4 (Final round)
The bye for this round goes to Sarah McFarlane and her Triads

Final games begin

Table 1 - Viridians versus Syntha

Table 2 - Syntha

Table 2 - Viridians

Table 3 - Triads versus Gladiators

Table 4 - V.A.S.A  versus Gladiators

Table 5 - V.A.S.A versus Triads


Once the dust had settled over the battlefield, it was time to total up the points. but before we do that i would like to share some of my thoughts and show some highlights. All of the games seem to have been well played and hard fought.  What really pleased me, was seeing everyone had a fully painted strike team. Some of the team rosters had named command models such as Neura, Konrad Borislav and Neo Pi.

In a Triad versus Triad battle Archie's Kabuki took
 out most of Sarah's special Triad troops including a
 Triad boss and a Kabuki doll.

Neils Gladiators charge through the ruins
  •  In the first round Gary's Triads refused to withdraw against the slaughter caused by Sion's Viridians.
James's KV72 starfire and a suppressor take cover in the trench emplacement
    Viridians advance on table one.

  • Neil's greater pit beast rampaged against Dan's Syntha
Ian's Viridian gunline

  •  In the Third round, the Virdian versus Virdian a sniper duel broke out. Then soon it was Shock marine versus shock marine
Steve's Gladiators attempt a flanking attack
  • Gary's Dragon rocket launcher team landed a fantastic hit on Stefan's strike team, catching three targets in the centre circle, however he failed to wound anybody only managing to shock one of the V.A.S.A.
All in all a fantastic event,  and now on to the results.
 Final Results

 1st- Dan Rayner - Syntha
2nd- Kevin Findlay -Syntha
3rd- Sion Bayliss - Viridians
4th- Steven Pattullo -Gladiators
5th- Ian Fergus - Viridians
6th- Archie Yates -Triads
7th- James Fergus- V.A.S.A
8th- Stefan Jelks - V.A.S.A
9th- Sarah McFarlane - Triads
10th- Neil McGregor -Gladiators
11th- Gary Hewitson - Triads

The Suburban War 2012 winners
Kevin Finlay, Dan Rayner and Sion Bayliss

Steven Pattullo, Ian Fergus, Archie Yates and James Fergus were also awarded for best faction.
Gary Hewitson was awarded the Wonky dice award for last place.

Congratulations to all the winners
and a thank you to everyone who took part.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March Update

March Update

Here is a number of things i have been doing this month.

In conjunction with the release of the new army books, I have made the decision to finish off my high elf army.

350pts army consists of:

Warband 1:
6 Kings guard Elves with elf blades
Warband 2:
Elf Captain, shield
4 Elves, elf bows
2 Elves, elf blades

Gil-Galad's warband- Kings Guard

Captains warband
(yeah i know that is Celeborn in armour, but i like the miniature and its armed the same as a normal captain.)

More painting.  I painted up the space marines from the Black reach set in my favourite space marine chapter colours. The Ultramarines.
I really enjoyed painting these up and i do think that after i have read the new horus heresy novel by Dan Abnett "Know no fear" i will properly start my own Ultramarine army.


In keeping with my gaming hopes for 2012 i took a look at my skaven and was surprised to find, i now only have twenty two miniatures left to paint to complete a two thousand point force.
All i have left is twenty Skaven slaves and two Plague censer bearers.

WIP Skaven clanrat banner

Here are a few more pictures
Plague priest

Warlock engineer

Grey Seer Ghan-Chan

The Grey seer isn't actually in my two thousand point list, but i very much like this miniature

This month sees the first local second edition Urban war tournament : Suburban War
For this event i have built up some terrain, pics below

Also Urban mammoth have released concept sketches of the new faction called the

More sketches here

Avid readers of my blog will notice a high number of roleplaying posts in the form of Dark heresy and Deathwatch. I do plan to keep posting up as the campaign progresses.

I haven't done much for Malifaux this month,
 except for Mali Minaj which you can find details here.

Battle reports

As promised i do plan to post up a battle report for both Malifaux and Warmaster (the ancient variety)