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Lord of the rings SBG revisited

Lord of the rings SBG revisited

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.”

Games workshop released the new set of army books completely replacing the current army books and the legions of middle earth book.

The five books are :
  • The kingdoms of men, 
  • The free peoples, 
  • Mordor, 
  • The fallen realms 
  •  Moria and Agmar

Each of the five books contain all of the six new basic points battle matches. and some additional themed scenarios that recreate battles from middle earth's history.

As far as rules are concerned nothing has really changed, but the main difference is how forces are created.

The warbands as they are now called consists of a hero and up to twelve warriors from their faction. The bow limit restriction still exists. Some heroes aren't allowed a warband. They are called independent heroes. Examples of this are large creatures or low pointed heroes eg:Shelob, Bill the pony.
Apart from that there aren’t any other major restrictions to force selection.

What these five books are really useful are, is that they have compiled all of the characters made over the years from either white dwarf or/and war of the ring including some new ones too, this is great at giving you options as the game is getting more hero focused due to the changes in force selection. Some heroes also give options to upgrade troops for an advantage. This helps to give force a more themed feel. As an example, if Gil-galad is included in the army then you can upgrade any number of high elf warriors to "Kings Guard" giving them bonus to fight value.

In conjunction with the new books, I have made the decision to finish off my high elf army.
350pts army consists of :

High elves

Warband 1 - Kings Guard

6  Elves, Kings Guard, h/armour, elf blade 

Warband 2 -Captains retinue

Elf Captain, h/armour, shield
4 Elves , h/armour, elf bows
2 Elves,  h/armour, elf blade

Warband 1 - Kings Guard

Warband 2 - Captains retinue

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