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Deathwatch – Inquisition Orders –Part one

Roleplaying campaign

Varenus, Ultramarine Assault marine.
Sepheran, Blood angel Assault marine
Baldar, Space wolf Devastator marine
Makradon, Dark angel Tactical marine
Imperial fist Apothecary
Kestyr, Dark sentinel Librarian

Inquisition Orders –Part one

The Mission

Onboard the Deathwatch strike cruiser Spear of Osiris Captain Lepidus spoke to the arrayed space marines in front on him, next to the captain was a holographic projection of a human, the stylised I marking him out as a member of the emperors holy inquisition. ”Battle brothers, we will soon be coming out of the warp at the Agri world of Triplex Mundi. One of Inquisitor Margallus’s inquisitorial cell’s are starnded in the besieged Talon spaceport.”
The holographic representation of Inquisitor Margallus spoke “They are in need of rescue, from our reports it seems that a number of them are injured. On my orders, they must be extracted, that is your primary objective. They have some important information crucial to my investigation, so they must all be extracted alive.” 

The captain explained “The Orks have surrounded the starport and have set up four anti aircraft emplacements to stop any craft from leaving the planet. These must be destroyed before a landing zone can be secured. Once that has been accomplished I will send down a Thunderhawk gunship to take you and the injured inquisitorial cell off planet”

Primary Objective: Rescue Inquisitorial Cell
Secondary Objective: Secure a landing zone
Tertiary Objective: Destroy anti aircraft emplacements

As the mission was a fast attack, the assault marine from the Ultramarines chapter called Varenus took up the mantle of leader for this mission. He swore his oath of the moment. An ancient oath of glory passed the Adeptus astartes lips.
The other five members of the deathwatch kill team requisitioned some additional wargear for the mission.
(Requisition points for mission for the team 120)

The Space wolf devastator filled his heavy bolter ammo pack with kraken rounds.
Makradon the Dark angel tactical marine requisitioned an auspex and a stummer in addition to his hellfire bolter clip.
The Imperial fist apothecary acquired the use of an immolation rifle
The Librarian from the Dark sentinels picked up a clip of hellfire shells for his bolter.
Everyone picked up more frag and krak grenades

Triplex Mundi

The planet Triplex mundi of came into view as the strike cruiser smoothly left warp space. Wreckage of Ork and imperial ships floated scattered around the planet. Further away the space battle raged on. The strike cruiser entered geo stationary orbit over the spaceport. Soon the black clad Adeptus astartes embarked into the drop pod. The drop pod was fired at the planets surface. It shook violently as it entered the planets atmosphere, the strapped in space marines took little notice. 

 The pod clipped a building as it plummeted down to land, the retro engines engaged, slowing the craft as the pod landed. The doors surrounding the craft blew open. The Marines vision was filled with Orks. It was the apothecary who let his bolter sing out first, the two assault marines charged out and attacked the horde with bolt pistol and chainsword. The Dark angel fired off hellfire rounds cutting down even more of the foul greenskins. The heavy bolter rained out a deadly hail of bolter shells reducing the last of the Orks to fleshy mess. The space marines on the drop pod had to quickly active their mag boots in their power armour as the pod rose nine meters back into the air before slamming back down to the broken ground. Looking around to see the cause of this disturbance, seeing Kestyr, the Dark sentinel librarian’s arm glowing slightly. Jumping off the drop pod the imperial fist consumed some of the nearest Ork’s flesh using his Omophagea, but found little information to be of use.

(Ork boy, Horde magnitude 10, Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos p62)

Gun emplacement one

Scanning the area the first Ork anti aircraft emplacement was found on the top of a four story building just a few streets away. Coming in the opposite direction a mob of Orks could bee seen approaching. Varenus gave the order to continue with the Apothecary and the Devastator becoming the rearguard.
At the bottom of the building with the gun emplacement, Veranus could see it was lightly defended. Only a handful of Orks and a larger Ork of the Noble caste guarded the bottom of the building. He activated his Jump pack and charged in to attack the Nob. The Ork Nob deftly dodging the roaring chainsword. Soon the blood angel followed suit and sliced the Nob across its midriff, it struck back at the ultramarine, its choppa bouncing off the assault marine’s power armoured chest. A boy charged into the blood angel but the powered armoured assault marine dodged the poorly aimed attack. Slowly moving forward the tactical marine Makradon fired off two shots from his bolter reducing an Ork to a bloody smear on the building’s wall.
The Librarian manifested his avenger psychic power and unleashed a gout of flame immolating three of the Orks. The Ork Nob again dodged the Ultramarines attacks, but failed to hit the marine back. The blood angel sliced down the Ork that had engaged him with a nimble twist of his chainsword.
Behind them the two space marines met up with the rest of the kill team, both still firing into the greatly reduced Ork mob. The librarian charged into the Ork Nob impaling the greenskin on his force staff.

Given a quick order by Varenus, The blood angel Sepheran activated his jump pack and headed for the buildings roof, the Ultramarine close behind.
The rest of the squad concentrated fire on the approaching mob firing bolt shell after bolt shell into the horde. With only a handful of boyz left they spotted a larger Ork in huge metal armour clunking its way down the road towards them, previously hidden from view by the Ork mob. Baldar cleared away the remaining Orks with his heavy bolter. The Ork Nob in mega armour charged at them but still out of range slowed down by its thick armour.
The Imperial fist apothecary hit the mega armoured Ork in the head wounding it, but barely slowing its advance.

The two assault marines reached the roof and the blood angel charged in to the Overseer causing the grot crew to flee. The ultramarine using two of his krak grenades on the anti aircraft weapon, detonating in the weapon’s barrel rendering it useless. Stepping over the dead Ork overseer at his feet Sepheran joined Varenus looking at the next emplacement just a few streets away.

Down below Kestyr channelled all of his energies and lighting burst forth from his fingers hitting the meganob’s leg. Kestyr could feel the creatures pain tearing through his mind, its death scream lingering on his senses. The meganob nothing more than a frazzled ruin. Again the apothecary tasted a bit of the Orks flesh, spitting it out when there was nothing of use to be learnt.

(Ork mob, Ork boy, Horde magnitude 30, Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos p62)
(Ork mob leader, Ork meganob, Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos p62)

(Overseer Ork Nob x1 Dark heresy creatures anathema p99)
(Grot crew, Gretchin x4 Dark heresy creatures anathema p100)
(Guard leader, Ork Nob x1 Dark heresy creatures anathema p99)
(Ork guards, Ork boy x5, Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos p62)

The building

The kill team continued on its route towards the next anti aircraft emplacement. The street opened up into a large open area, one would assume this used to be a grass covered park. Now the grass area has all been churned up and covered with shallow explosion craters. At the far end, a mob of Orks gathered at the bottom of the six story building with the gun emplacement. Squad leader Varenus gave tactical advance order over the open ground swiftly, and then to open fire in concert at the large mob of Orks. As soon as they reached ninety metres away the bolt weapons blazed away. The ultramarine and the Blood angel activated their jump packs switching to another Squad attack pattern and furiously charged the Ork mob in close combat. Their astartes chainswords soon clogged with Ork gore. The dark angel and the Dark sentinel fired deadly hellfire shells in to the mob causing devastation to the Ork horde. 

The Ork mob now slaughtered by the kill team. The astartes started to clear the building. Baldar strafed the building at the Orks firing back from the first and second floor with Kraken shells. The Ultramarine went in first; slicing his way through the mob the Blood angel and the Librarian close behind. The Librarian focused his powers and with gush of psychic flame cleared the ground floor. The windows burst out with unnatural flame, sprinkling the roads with shattered glass. The Ultramarine kept going up the stairwell to the next floor where he and Sepheran cleared the next floor with them both acting in unison with their chainswords. The windows awash with xenos blood. The Imperial fist and the Dark angel advanced ahead of the two assault marines to the next floor. The Imperial fist stabbing out with his combat knife at the surprised Orks. Makradon hurled in a frag grenade blasting out the windows and the Orks with it.
The two assault marines and the Librarian finished with their grizzly business headed up to the roof. Kestyr blasted the grot crew away with a frag grenade and the two assault marines engaged the Ork overseer. The overseer really didn’t have much hope, but he fought back denting the Blood angels armour with its crude choppa before whirling chainsword teeth sealed his fate. The Imperial fist finished the last floor himself taking down the Orks with his combat blade his silver ornate left arm all red with their blood.

Down below the Space wolf spotted warbikes travelling down the road towards their position, he voxed up to the rest of the squad letting them know of the new enemy targets. Balder opened up with his heavy bolter the heavy recoil felt comfortable in his hands. He could now smell the noxious smog coming off the warbikes powerful engines. The space wolf had long ago taken off his helmet and magnetically clipped it to his armoured belt. Balder had always felt his wolf senses being repressed while he wore his helmet, everything smelled too filtered and sterile.
He could hear bolter firing down at the warbikes from the rooftops. Before long all that was left of the warbikers was smoking ruins littering the roads.

(Ork mob, Ork boy, Horde magnitude 40, Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos p62)
(Ork mob leader, Ork Nob x1 Dark heresy creatures anathema p99)

(Overseer Ork Nob x1 Dark heresy creatures anathema p99)
(Grot crew, Gretchin x4 Dark heresy creatures anathema p100)

Ork mob on floors: Ground, 1, 2 and 3, Ork boy with shoota, Horde magnitude 10, Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos p62)

(Ork warbikers, Ork boy, Horde magnitude 10 with Dodge (due to heavy smog from engines), Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos p62)

The warboss
From the rooftops the Kill team scanned the area fro the next emplacement, it was easily spotted and it seemed like the next emplacement just beyond it in the middle of a paved plaza area, its weapons looked like crude rockets.
They also spotted what had seemed like the largest Ork mob they had seen so far. Lead by a far larger Ork too.

 Sepheran and Varenus flew on to top of the building across the road from the Ork hordes. The Space wolf, Dark angel and Imperial fist made there way through the ground floor of the building opposite the Ork mob and hid behind cover waiting for the signal. The Librarian got himself in position on the ground floor in the building next to the rest of the kill team surrounding the Ork mob. Each member of the kill team readied a frag grenade in each hand.

1 - Varenus Ultramarine Assault marine.
2 - Sepheran Blood angel Assault marine
3 - Makradon Dark angel Tactical marine
4 - Baldar Space wolf Devastator marine
5 - Imperial fist Apothecary
6 - Kestyr Dark sentinel Librarian
7 - Overseer (Ork Nob x1 Dark heresy creatures anathema p99
8 – Anti aircraft weapon on building roof
9 - Ork Warboss (Ork Warboss, Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos p63)
10 - Ork mob (Ork boy, Horde magnitude 60, Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos p62) + (Ork Nob x1 Dark heresy creatures anathema p99)
11 - Grot crew (Gretchin x4 Dark heresy creatures anathema p100)

Once everyone voxed that they were in position Varenus lifted off with his jump pack he looked back and could see that the blood angel was following. As soon as they were above the green sea of Orks they dropped their frag grenades. They exploded into the horde causing destruction to their numbers.
Seeing the signal the rest of the kill team threw in their grenades at the surprised greenskins. Once the smoke had cleared the remaining Orks charged across the road towards there the kill team where readying their weapons. The Ork Warboss in the centre was shouting his orders and urging the boyz on further. The flying blood angel landed in front of the Ork overseer slashing it across the thick chest plate. A section of the building on Ork mobs left flank looked to be covered in frost. The Orks nearest to it could feel it was extremely cold, suddenly out of one of the building ground floor windows a Jet of purple flames engulfed a part of the mob catching the Warboss and burning its arm. The creature spotted the black armoured librarian and bellowed an order at the Orks and charged. The Ultramarine charged in combat with the Ork overseer. His chainsword plunged into its back, and it fell to the floor. The grot crew shot their weapons at the two space marines, causing little effect except for chipping paint.

Back on the ground the apothecary fired off shots with his bolter hitting the Warboss in its leg. The Warboss carried on limping slightly. A combined effort from Makradon and Balder reduced the remaining boyz to mush, leaving only the Nob left. The Ork warboss charged at the librarian its heavy power klaw fizzled with barely contained power, at the last moment Kestyr parried the blow away with his force staff. In a complex twist and whirl with his force staff which left the Warboss bewildered, the force staff slammed into its arm, the astartes psyker pushed all of his mental power along into his staff. Green sparks flew off the Orks skin and it reeled back, disorientated the Ork Warboss swung wildly at the librarian, who was able to dodge the power klaw easily. Ducking under another power klaw swing the librarian smashed the tip of his staff in to the xenos leader’s chest, hearing its mighty ribs crack, throwing the Warboss backwards to the rubble strewn ground. Much to Kestyr's relief the creature didn’t rise up again. In the middle of the road the apothecary charged at the Ork Nob, slashing out with his astartes sized combat blade, slicing across the greenskins arm. The Ork Nob took the imperial fist by surprise and landed a hit on his head causing minor bleeding which healed almost instantly. The Apothecary counter attacked with controlled anger gutting the foul greenskin and letting its corpse fall.

The Assault marines on the rooftop destroyed the anti aircraft weapon. Leaving only the rocket emplacement left.

++++++++++++++++Transmission end+++++++++++++


  1. I like your stories, are those scripts from RPG sessions? I think they could use some proof reading, they are sometimes difficult to decipher. ;)

  2. I'm glad you like reading them. Yeah its what happened in tne game the night before. i try to write it down as fast as i can before i forget. I notice erors in them myself after i have published them.