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Legend of the five rings - Ivory edition CCG - Draft

Legend of the five rings - Ivory edition CCG - Draft

This was the first Legend of the five rings draft that most of us had done. (six out of the eight players) We have been playing with our constructed decks since the release of ivory edition, and all of us were looking forward to drafting. Mark Wootton (AEG Games designer) was their to give advice on how to draft (Holdings to Personalities ratio etc)
The event took place at one of my LGS Major Arcana were the game has really taken off.
During the draft other people were also getting demo games too.

The draft rules were included in most of the Ivory edition booster packs along with  draft strongholds. Both Fate Dynasty decks have to have a minimum of twenty cards.

The Draft Strongholds (going first and second)

Deck Construction and Picks

The early picks i started off with unaligned personalities such as Komori Taruko and then spells for the Shugenja's. After the second booster pack I decided to pick Scorpions as one of my clans with Crane being the other. My decision was made for me after i landed my second Bayushi Meiko. and a Bayushi Masashi.

The Cranes i managed to pick were a Kakita Amiki, Doji Dainagon, Daidoji Tanshi and a couple of Kakita Ibara.  and to just give the deck an bit more shugenja i added the unaligned personality Yotsu Shinzai

It was quite tough to limit each deck to just twenty cards. Kakita Amiki didn't make the cut along with Shosuro Tosaku


Holdings i picked was Slanderer, one of my two rares i drafted.

 And thus the Scorpion Crane alliance was born.

Game 1
Against Liam running a Spider/Scorpion Union

Scorpion/Crane went first
The Spiders equipped a lot of weapons and followers and attacked my provinces early forcing me to defend, after some small skirmishes causing my opponent to fall back his troops, and causing minimal casualties but enough for me to keep gaining the honour from battle resolution.  the Crane Courtier Doji Dainagon lobbied for the imperial favour to help keep the Spider/Scorpions back. A few turns of gathering troops, the spider player ran out of cards in his dynasty decks. i was able to hold back the spider attack and gained enough honour to win by honour at the start of my turn.
Honour Victory

Game 2
Against Mark using a Phoenix/Crane treaty
Scorpion/Crane went second.
The game was quite a quiet game with both forces just happy to gather forces and the Phoenix/ Crane gaining Honour with three of the holding Kabuki theatre troupe and high proclaims, after my opponent reached thirty honour i decided i couldn't wait longer and i had to launch an attack on his provinces. I managed to take down one of his province but it was made more difficult with Encircled terrain. the next turn i issued a challenge with Katika Ibara on the Phoenix shugenja Agasha Kyokuta. I won the duel and managed to equip the Sadamune blade as a focus effect.


 The Phoenix/Crane left with two provinces and now on forty honour at the end of his turn i had to go all out and try and take out his provinces, however i was beaten back and the Phoenix /Crane won via honour.
Honour Defeat

Game 3
Against Dan playing a Unicorn/Dragon coalition
 Scorpion/Crane went first
Pretty much from the start personalities were equipped with high force followers and and started to attack all out, then lose a province to the counter attack. The turning point was when the Unicorn/Dragon only had one province left and three personalities available. Two non equipped low force personalities and one personality with two followers that could take out a province by itself. My personalities were all bowed from attacking and destroying two of the provinces from the turn before. The Unicorn/dragons were faced with a choice and was worried in case i had cards in hand that could unbow units and personalities. So playing it safe Tamori Shaisen issued a challenge to Bayushi Meiko (who was sitting as a force nine unit , as she had the heavy infantry follower attached)


Meiko lost the duel and was destroyed, however Shaisen was bowed as a focus effect.
the Last personality that the unicorn/dragons had unbowed was given two followers to get enough force to destroy my last two provinces unopposed.
Military Defeat

  1. Mark - Crane/Phoenix
  2. Alastair - Lion/Crane
  3. Dan - Unicorn/Dragon
  4. Brady - Dragon/Lion
  5. Kenzie - Scorpion/Crane
  6. Irish - Scorpion/Mantis
  7. Liam - Spider/Scorpion
  8. Ross - Crabs/Unicorn

I placed fifth out of eight

Rare Picks:

A choice of a Promo 
This card was a play set promo pick  

Promo card
This card was given to everyone who took part in the draft. 

All in all it was a great day and managed to play a new players and try out some clans i had never considered using before. I'd definitely want to take part in another legend of the five rings draft and i am considering going down to the Kotei later in the year. 
So look out for my report on that event. 

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