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Dark Heresy - Talon spaceport

 Roleplaying campaign
Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest

Episode six - Talon spaceport
The Inquisitorial cell had driven all through the night, when they had stopped Zetkin used her psychic ability to heal Stern and Zarkov. They stopped at dawn so the two drivers could sleep.

The Astropath came too, introduced herself as Octavia. At the party’s request she then sent messages to the starport and to a starship to be relayed to Inquisitor Margallus
Octavia (Astropath Dark heresy core rulebook p336)

Creepers in the wheat
 About six hours later blips appeared on the auspex, but they couldn’t see anything. As a cautious measure they decided to get moving again, and the jeep will investigate Cutter and Stern hopped back into the jeep with Zarkov at the wheel stern calling shotgun. The rest got into the truck with Kar driving.
The jeep moved towards the blips, eight in total the blips seemed smaller, Zarkov and stern spotted small green skins making their way through the foliage. The arbiter but is foot down and crushed one under its wheel. Small arms fire started hitting off the jeep chassis. Cutter jumped out of the jeep with his riot shield at the ready. The Jeep then reversed. Stern then took at a shot at the nearest grot wounding it slightly. Cutter took at hit and it forced him behind his riot shield, solid slugs hitting hard against it.
He took a quick shot back reducing a grot to ragged meat. Zarkov aimed the jeep towards four of the smaller greenskins them put his foot down on the accelerator, the first grot managed to jump out of the way in time, two behind it where not so lucky and ended up as a bloody smear on the front of the jeep. Cutter was still being suppressed by grot slugga shots. His retaliation shot being dodged by the agile greenskins. Another shot by cutter hit home, leaving only three of the grotz left. Coming up the road Cutter could see the truck arrive. Cutter managed to pull himself together, the jeep span around and lined itself up sat the other grotz assailing Cutter. Again Zarkov drove straight into the grotz only one managing to escape, jumping to the driver’s side. It fired off a shot which Zarkov dodged, standing up stern fired off his shotgun. Felling the last grot.

(Grotz Gretchin x8 Dark heresy creatures anathema p100)

The party then discussed options as they still hadn’t received responses back to the Astropath. Novus suggested heading to the mountains and waiting for a response from the Inquisitor. But Zetkin advised that there wasn’t enough fuel to get there as it would take another three days. Against Sterns objections they decided to head closer to the surrounded Talon starport

Heading closer they could see various landers and the bastion wall of the starport in ruins. Sounds of battle could be heard from inside, parts of the city were ablaze.

The Astro path shuddered then went rigid “Lt Kovlar, enter in by the east entrance, we will meet you”

So they travelled to the eastern gate a safe distance from the surrounding Ork encampment, they could see the gate was in ruins, the roads littered with debris and Ork makeshift buildings. Failing to see any of the imperial guard waiting to meet them. They decided just to drive in as fast as they could hope to see the imperial guard inside.
Their vehicles engines roared as they approached the eastern gate. Orks looked on dumbfounded as the inquisitorial cell darted in and out avoiding the larger chunks of debris. It wasn’t long before they started to receive fire, one of the shots hit Kar who then lost control of the truck which hit one of the gate pillars, struggling to control the protesting truck it slammed into a building, it continued to move, sliding up the wall sparks flying everywhere. Then with an unhealthy clunk it came to a screeching halt.

The chase
Zarkov, Cutter and Stern in the jeep drove off faster hitting a lone Ork; they noticed that Kars truck had stopped, they turned the corner and behind they could see two crude looking bikes being driven by Orks, the large guns either side of the rider opened up with a roar, sparks flew off the speeding jeep. Up ahead the road turned at a right angle to the left. Cutter threw two blind grenades filling the street corner with dense smoke. Driving in to the smoke Zarkov did a skid turn but the jeep struck the building stalling the Jeep.
The noise of their Ork pursers got closer one of them, unable to see through the smoke smashed straight in to a building. The other skidded in to the building. Zarkov didn’t hesitate and sped on ahead out of the smoke. Followed closely by the Ork biker. Cutter and stern shooting back at it, but failing to do any major injuries to the determined greenskin.  A T junction lay up ahead and Zarkov expertly slid around the corner leaving a larger gap between them and the Ork. Up ahead they spotted what seemed to be part of a building move. As they got closer they made out the shape of an imperial guard sentinel. Its Multilaser opened up on the approaching Ork, vaporising the rider and the bike veered into the building on the right. Zarkov pulled up beside the Sentinel, its operator leaned over, saluted, “we have been waiting for you, you should report to the lieutenant”
Zarkov drove on.

Orks gather
Back at the truck, Kar, Novus, Octavia, Zetkin dash in to the building they had crashed into, they ran up the three floors of stairs and on to the flat roof. Leaning over the edge the noticed Orks coming closer inspecting the truck. Novus and Kar taking pot shots at those below. After a while larger Orks started to approach, and heading up the stairwell that the inquisitorial cell had used.
Kar Ran to the stairwell and waited for the Orks to approach. Soon one turned the corner to be hit by a shotgun, it shrugged off the wound the second shot left him dead. Another one took his place and charged up the stair well and engaged the guardsman in close combat, Kar quickly drew out his sword and dodged the Orks incoming blows, with an adept strike sliced the brutes arm clean off before impaling the Ork on his blade.  Kicking the Ork corpse to the side he looked down the stairwell.

Back at the planetary defence force outpost the arbiter and the two scum met up with Lt Kovlar standing in front of a chimera APC, it was Cutter that spoke first”  The rest of them are trapped at the gate, we need to rescue them”
The lieutenant wasted no time, “can you use las weapons?”
In unison “yes “they lied
“Then get in”
Inside the back of the chimera there were five guardsmen and they all travelled down back the way they came.

Kar looking in horror at the massive Ork that slowly make it’s was up the stairs at him, he crumpled to ground weeping uncontrollably, dropping his sword.
Slowly it approached its massive crude choppa in its hand and a slugga in the other. It reached the sobbing guardsman and shoved its choppa in to his gut, the guardsman crumpled and writhed in pain the Ork Nob slammed the guardsman head in to the floor, then with a spray of blood ripped a massive tear in his arm, the Guardsman vomited in agony then fell unconscious.

(Ork boyz x4 Dark heresy creatures anathema p98)
(Ork Nob x1 Dark heresy creatures anathema p99)
(Stormboyz Ork boyz x3 Dark heresy creatures anathema p98)

From the sky the Orks on what looked like rockets strapped to their back approached the group on the roof. A combined effort from Novus and Zetkin managed to shoot the first one out of the sky the other two landed in front of Zetkin soon all three were locked in a lethal combat. 

Novus could hear the conflict in the stairwell and heard the roars of Orks leaving Zetkin to deal with the Ork jump troopers he armed his melta gun, rushed forward and opened up the stairwell door, just down one set of stairs saw the largest Ork he had ever seen. Underneath the Ork Kar lay unconscious and bleeding.  Reeling with shock his shot with the melta gun missed leaving a large hole burnt out of the wall. The Ork nob roared and made his way up the stairs to the shocked tech priest.

 The Chimera’s multi laser blazed away making room around the broken truck, the APC stooped the back hatched opened and the guards men got out clearing the path to the  bottom of the stairwell of Orks, Cutter and Zarkov took the lead both with their riot shields raised, Stern followed up behind with his shotgun fully loaded. On the Third floor they came across the first Orks, the nearest one took hits from cutter and Zarkov.  Stern hit the Ork Further up the stairs and dodged incoming fire. Zarkov tried to fire again, but his Shotgun jammed. Slinging the weapon he charged in with his club. Cutter followed in with the arbite. The Ork shooting at stern’s face exploded with shotgun shell.
Taking the initiative ran past to see Kar on the floor bleeding. At the top of the other set of stairs he saw what had caused the injuries on Kar and it seemed to be fighting someone in the doorway. Stern dropped his weapons overcome with fear at the huge green beast; he vomited uncontrollably all over the prone form of Kar.

At the doorway the Ork nob was swinging poorly aimed hits at the tech priest. Novus was hitting but it seemed to be having little effect on the bellowing greenskin. A sweeping hit from the Ork’s choppa hit Novus in the knee knocking him to the floor. Holding his Axe Novus swung t it at the Orks head. Where it struck, leaving red blood running down the blade. Grabbing the blade the Ork chopped off Novus arm at the bicep, spraying the area with blood. His arm trailing blood as it hit the floor a few meters away. Novus passed out

Zetkin on the roof still locked in close combat with a Ork jump trooper, she used her mind and squeezed at the pain centre of the Orks body slowing it so she could deal the killing blow and taking its head off with a laspistol shot. Turning around she could see the other Ork heading towards the frail Astropath. Zetkin fired her laspistol at the Ork it didn’t seem to notice and charged knocking down the Astropath with a hit from its cruel blade. Then it charged at Zetkin as she fired another shot in its direction. Using her psychic powers she attempted to cause it pain, it resisted and carried on its attack, Zetkin dodging its blows. She tried her powers again this time its didn’t resist and more and more the Ork missed the young robed Psyker.

Stern recovered from his shock and lit one of his fire bombs, intent on setting the large ork aflame. He ran up to the door and hit the Ork knob point blank on the back of its head. The burning fuel burned away at the Ork and some of the wash of flames hit sterns leg before quickly burning out. The Ork nob turned around and roared in pain at the incoming humans.

In the stairwell the last remain Ork was taken down, Cutter ran up to see Kar covered in blood and vomit and Vox beaded  for medical assistant which arrive from the two guardsmen that where covering their ascent. Zarkov looked up the stairs to see Stern beating out the flames on his leg. The Arbite unjammed his pump action shotgun.
Cutter ran past Stern and picked up the fallen melta weapon. The Ork Nob missed the Scum with his weapon, Cutter aimed and got a glancing hit in the  monstrosity’s face, its right side melted away but the creature fought on.
Up behind him Zarkov let his shotgun sing out and opened up giant bloody rifts across the Ork Nobs chest, it slumped to the ground in a growing pool of blood.

Zetkin still fought on with the Ork jump trooper, she dodged its swing blade only to be caught in a wicked back swing, pain flashed through her. Looking down she could see her belly had been ripped open, dropping her staff she pressed her hand to her midriff to stop her innards from coming out, her savoir came in the form of Stern drop kicking the Ork towards the edge of the roof, With Zarkov rushing in and smashing the Ork off the roof with his riot shield.

With the Orks killed from the building the guardsman took the injured away in the back of the chimera. It’s multilaser keeping the other Orks at bay. Cutter ripped out one of the Ork Nob's teeth. Soon they where all in the passenger cabin of the chimera heading back to the imperial guard outpost. The wounded were taken away to be tended too.

+++++++++++Transmission end++++++++++++++

XP award:
Kar -120
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel - 170
Krell "Stern" Rabalias - 160
Zetkin - 150
Nihilus Zarkov -190
Novus Dorn- 140

Dark Heresy - Agri Agro

Roleplaying campaign
Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest

Last weeks XP award:
Kar - 80
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel - 110
Krell "Stern" Rabalias - 80
Zetkin - 110
Nihilus Zarkov - 80
Novus Dorn- 110
Episode Five - Agri Agro

Planet bound

Zetkin strained to control the shuttle into the planets atmosphere
She steered with great effort so that it would land on solid ground. Angling on the surface to land. Without warning from her cockpit runes the other engine caught on fire as she pulled up on to lessen the angle. Novus helped co-pilot the shuttle with his rudimentary knowledge of piloting.
She landed sliding along the wheat fields, leaving a brown scar on the surface, where the craft had hit the ground. The shuttle had only just come to a halt before the crew bailed out getting to a safe distance away from the gently burning shuttle.

On the surface

Outside the slowly smoking crashed shuttle, they looked about at their surroundings, as far as their eyes could see there was a vast expanse of growing wheat fields with dirt roads separating the various fields.

Gathering their salvaged gear they headed off along the dirt path

The party started their journey with the quiet Astropath they travelled along the dirt path, in the distance they spotted a small outpost. As they got closer they couldn’t see anyone about, the main door was ajar. Further inspection shown it had been abandoned, Novus found himself a terminal, and much to his great relief Zarkov came across a half packet of lho sticks. At the other side of the outpost, Kar came across a few farming vehicles, but it was the heavy truck and all terrain Jeep that interested him mostly. Looking in the cockpit he spotted that the keys to the vehicles were in them.
The small outpost looks to have only contained five families.
The Astropath still refused to speak; she gently drank some water softly weeping.
After some searching they found some fuel and filled up canisters.
Novus gathered info on the inhabitants of the outpost; they had fled to the star port about a week ago, when Orks appeared in system. The Talon starport was only three days drive. Soon they filled up the back of the truck with supplies for the journey.

The Journey

The jeep driven by Zarchov in front with the truck driven by Kar following behind.
Cutter and Stern rode in the jeep, while rest travelled in the back of the truck.

Lying not far from the trail, a large piece of debris that had fallen from the sky, on closer inspection it appeared to be solid chunk Ork debris.

Cutter on sentry as others slept, suddenly saw an Ork landing craft fly dangerous close overhead heading in the direction of the Talon spaceport.

As night progressed Zarkov drove in front his lights turned off and wearing the night vision goggles Novus had lent him. Kar following Zarkov’s rear lights in the truck behind. Suddenly he registered movement up ahead, a screeching whistling sound accompanied the object moving fast towards him. With a breakneck turn he drove in to the wheat field on his left not stopping, an explosion shook the ground where he was just moments ago, the truck behind was scattered with mud as the ground in front erupted. Kar swerved the truck to the right avoiding the crater the missile had left behind.
Zarkov reading his auspex, four blips lay up ahead; he drove straight into them and was rewarded with a squeal and a squelching noise.

Ork Patrol

Up ahead a crude Ork ground vehicle could be seen heading in their direction its engine spewing black smoke. Zarkov swiftly drove deep in to the wheat fields. And made a small clearing and waited for the Ork trukk to pass. However it didn’t pass. It stopped at the trail that Zarkov had made into the wheat. The inquisitorial cell hearing the Ork trukk’s engine stop, got out and readied their weapons .Zarkov, Kar and Cutter headed in to the wheat and hid, Zarkov hid behind his scopulus pattern riot shield on the left of the track that he had shaped with the Jeep, he read his auspex noting five blips, coming up the direction of the trail. He could see the Guardsman Kar not far from him evaluating his position. Cutter was on the other side of the trail in the wheat closer to the vehicles, his weapon raised. The rest stayed in the solid cover of the truck.

(Ork boyz x3 Dark heresy creatures anathema p98)
(Squig handler Ork boyz x1 Whip instead of choppa, Dark heresy creatures anathema p98)
(Attack squig x1 Dark heresy creatures anathema p101)

Zarkov hidden in the wheat could see on his auspex that two of the blips had broken off into his direction, he could hear a wet sniffing noise. Cutter and Kar waited until the greenskins where in sight. Soon three Orks turned the corner and came into view.
Cutter opened up with his autogun on full auto in to the nearest one. It roared savagely and ran towards his assailant. Cutter still firing on full auto as the Ork closed the gap between them, he could see that he had hit the beast but it seems not to notice. Soon it was standing before him.

Kar let lose on another Ork, it too closed the gap letting off a poorly aimed shot off at the guardsman. Soon they were engaged in brutal melee combat. Kar dodged the Orks ruthless swings with its cruel choppa. Then pulled out his own blade

 As soon as it one of the blips got uncomfortably near he fired off a shot from his shotgun. Towering above him stood an Ork at his side, carrying a whip, and it fired a shot that penetrated both the arbites riot shield and armour in the leg, he toppled to the ground, the large toothed and now angry squig lunged at him only to bite into the riot shield and the nuzzle of a the arbites veritas pattern shotgun, Zarkov pulled the trigger, the back of the squigs bulbous head exploded out. The squigs handler lashed out at him with his whip keeping the arbiter suppressed

The last unengaged Ork charged towards the rest of the party in the vehicles. Stern jumped up and charged at the Ork. The greenskin struck out at the outlaw smashing him hard Sterns leg bleeding heavily, the outlaw fell back against the jeep.
Kar and Cutter both took down their green foes and ran to help Stern. Novus and Zetkin then joined in on the combat the force of numbers the Ork was overwhelmed.
The Psyker used her abilities and used warp energies to knit Sterns wound back together.

Stern snapped out a large Ork tooth from the one that had injured him

Cutter, Kar and Novus ran to help the beleaguered arbite. It was Kar who had the killing blow against the Ork squig handler, slicing its arm off in a spray of blood.
They all breathed heavy as the last of the Orks life left him.

They could all hear that thee was still some Orks waiting at the trukk.
Stern sneaked up on the Ork trukk through the wheat, he lit his fire bomb and hurled in to the open topped cabin area. With a wash of heat the cabin went on fire, setting the three Ork passengers aflame. The trukk dashed forward and made a skid turn throwing the burning passengers from the trukk. The driver drove back up the track the Ork gunner scanning the area for signs of movement. Stern ran and the Ork gunner let rip with the high velocity weapon. The shots landed all around sterns running feet, lucky to have not been hit. He joined everyone in the vehicles, he got in the jeep and the party headed off as fast as they could.

Escape on the dirt track

Solid slugs from the vehicles big shoota strafed across the Jeep hitting cutter, but absorbed by his carapace armour.

Novus lay flat on the back of the truck, resting his meltagun on the back facing towards the Ork truck. The truck slowed to let the Orks get closer. Novus then fired.
The meltagun hit the left side of the trukk reducing it to molten metal, the Ork driver roared and the Ork gunner fired wildly at the red robed firer of the Melta weapon, the shots bounced off harmlessly off the tech priests newly acquired carapace armour. The Ork trukk slowed. Zarkov put his foot down and drove off with Kar close, leaving the Orks far behind him

+++++++++++++++++++++Transmission end+++++++++++++++++

XP award:
Kar -120
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel - 120
Krell "Stern" Rabalias - 120
Zetkin - 120
Nihilus Zarkov - 120
Novus Dorn- 120

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Dark Heresy - Back to reality

Roleplaying campaign

Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest

Episode Four - Back to reality

It was Novus that first noticed the door alarm of somebody wanting access but being denied due to the large door being locked. looking through the tiny vid pic, he recognised stern and granted him access.
The door opened to reveal Stern covered in thick gore. Once he got in he explained what had happened to him

Now that the inquisitorial cell has all been re-united, they decided it was time to get moving and leave the bridge. Novus brought up plans of the ship, showing medicae and arbite astra armoury not far from their location. Before they headed off the tech priest decided he wanted to delve a little further into the ancient machine spirit of the Brazen triumph. Its powerful spirit rejected the intrusion from the tech priest forcing the tech priest out with sonic feedback, leaving Novus disoriented and exhausted. however he did manage to locate that the Astropath and Navigator are alive in the solarium. They decided to check it out before they headed down into the cargo bay to look at the imperial guard supplies.
Zetkin deduces via the navigation computer that they are heading back to the last known location. "The front lines, that can't be good" cutter added

unnervingly quiet the cell slowly enter in to one of the ships medicae bays, Zarchov scanning the room for lho sticks. each of the party picked up a few medi packs each.
Norvus programmed a Medi servo skull and it followed him

Medi Servo Skull - 'Gives the user +10 on medicae skill tests and adds an additional 1 wound healed on top of the amount usually healed.


soon they headed on to the next location
Arbite Astra armoury
The armoury seems to be untouched by the ravages of the ship, deserted but still intact. The party picked some light carapace armour and some pump action shotguns, Cutter and Zarkov also pick up a Riot shield each.

Riot shield scopulus pattern - Primitive, Melee , Dam 1d5  I, Pen 0, Defensive,
Primitive, armour Bonus +4

Zarchov also picked up an Auspex, and a handful of blind grenades after failing to find any Lho sticks.

Next place they wanted to check was the Solarium.when they got to the door that lead up to the solarium. It was decided that Zetkin will go up with Cutter and zarkov leading the way with their riot shield raised.the stairs winded up and up, out of the main body of the ship. soon they came to another door. Zetkin could feel the raw psychic power that lay beyond it.
Kar, Stern and Novus stayed on guard at the bottom door in case more rotten crew arrive

Cutter opened the door into a large black dome, in the middle of two half circle padded seating.a dark cloaked man with his arms outstretched, each arm pointing at a female astropath and an ageing navigator who seemed frozen  looking at the ceiling with arms rigid at either side. He spoke " I wondered how long it would take for you to get here"
Thonis Witch (puppeteer) x1 (Dark Heresy rulebook p.345 )

Pointing his arms at the three at the door way the two psykers fell to the floor soon the room erupted in to a one sided firefight, cutter could feel the foul psyker burrow into his mind, he expelled it with a force of will. Cutter let rip with his shotgun, the sounds of gunfire brought Kar, Novus and Stern running up the stairs. Cutters head throbbed as again he had to expel the foul psker out of his mind. the foul psyker started chanting louder  just as it was reaching its peak, He fell back with a hole in his chest
Suddenly the starship dropped out of warp space, the warp shielding drooped to reveal that they had arrived into a battle zone around a planet.

Not far away they could see a large crude Ork vessel heading towards them. Ork brutish design was always easy to recognise. looking out into the space combat between Imperial forces and the Ork fleet. To their horror they noticed three smaller ork vessels heading straight for them, Large pointed ramming spikes adorned the from of the crude ork ships. quickly they checked the Navigator, he was dead and the Astropath was alive but unconscious.  Kar lifted the Astropath and put her over his shoulder and headed back down the winding stairs.


It wasn't long in the journey to the shuttle bay did they feel a bone jarring explosion knocking some of them to the corridor floor, when they got to the shuttle bay, there was a handful of the rotten crew. Zarkov threw a few blind grenades filling the bay with dense smoke. soon with help of the auspex they managed to avoid the shambling crew.

Novus headed away from the crew into another chamber of the cargo and located the location of the special weapons, he opened up a few boxes to find melta guns and flamers, and ammo not too far away. he was interrupted in his rummage by the sound of a few corrupted flight officers running in his direction. he quickly picked up the first item at hand, which happened to be a melta gun and one clip of ammo he then rushed back to the shuttle bay the officer close behind.
Zetkin quickly took the controls, the main loading hatch was still open as they waited for the tech priest to return. soon Novus was back into the shuttle. with a creak the artificial gravity failed. Zetkin gently controlled the ship as the shuttle bay exit started the move. leaving the ship the shuttle was hit by a piece of shrapnel and the left engine went of fire.the rest of the crew could see the brazen triumph broken on half. Zetkin shut off the engine killing the fire, leaving her and the crew hurling towards the planet.
+++++++++++++++++Transmission end+++++++++++++++++

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Dark Heresy - 2.8 Days later

Roleplaying campaign
Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest
Last weeks XP award:
Kar - 160
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel - 110
Krell "Stern" Rabalias - 130
Zetkin - 130
Nihilus Zarkov - 110
Novus Dorn- 120

Episode Three - 2.8 Days later

Stern woke up to find himself in the familiar surroundings of a shuttle craft, on one side he could see a pile of gear including three kroot rifles and an autogun. He couldn't hear anything else on the shuttle. He called out and hearing no response he looked out of the cockpit window and saw that he was on board an imperial starship. The landing bay was empty of people, even servitors. At the far end  a shuttle was standing as a very dangerous angle, he could see its landing gear all buckled and bent.

Soon he decided to pick up all of his gear and head off to find the crew, he decided to head through the door towards the bow of the ship. travelling through the quiet corridors of the ship, she could see and hear no-one. He called on the vox unit to no reply. It wasn't long before he came across a large room filled with ration packs and various edible supplies. carrying on further he came to a large corridor leading to a set of service elevators.
 Pressing the button, he called for the elevator.

As he waited he felt something grab his shoulder
Crew Fydae Strain Plague Zombies x3 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.149 )

He turned with great speed and blew the rotting crew members head off with his shotgun.
as he looked at the foul body of the crew member another elevator stopped and opened further down the corridor and two more decayed crew members got out and shambled towards him. Stern with out hesitation opened fire blowing out the first ones chest, the other by head shot. he got into the elevator and headed up, hoping to get towards the bridge.
Quickly he reloaded his pump action shotgun.

Soon the elevator stopped to reveal a dark corridor, it was smoky and smelled like fireworks. without any means to light he slowly continued down the corridor. he got halfway before he began to see faint light up ahead, but slipped as the floor got suddenly wet and slippy and he fell to the floor. Getting up  to his feet he hugged the walls as he could hear banging noises ahead.
slowly he edged himself so he could see around the corridor to where the light was coming from. He saw three more rotting crew members banging at an elevator door.
Crew Fydae Strain Plague Zombies x3 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.149)
 confidently we walked out into the centre of the corridor to open fire with more shotgun shells. his first shot blew a leg off, the crew member fell to the floor as the others turned around to face the fresh meat which presented itself. soon the corridor didn't seem long enough as the crew members became dangerously close. Another one went down with a gaping hole in its chest and the last managed to get to grips and bite stern on the arm before he too also got his chest blown out. slowly walking up to the one legged crew member crawling on the ground he ended its life with a shotgun shell to the head.

Stern opened the elevator which the crew where attacking. slowly getting inside, he looked down at himself and found that he was covered in foul smelling gore. He pressed the keypad to take him to the top, the door jams halfway and it takes a few moments before he manged to get the doors to close properly. Then his ascension began.
Yet again the door opens to a sight of a gore splattered corridor. minding his footsteps on the slippery floor of the curved corridor. Suddenly fear and realisation grips him and he runs back in to the elevator and rapidly hits the keypad to take him down a level.
One level down
Calming his senses he opened the door on the next level down on to a Gantry with stairs leading to the main hall, it appeared to be a large canteen for part of the ships crew. A large pile of dead bodies lay against the far corner wall. taking no chance after the horrors of before, he fired a shot into the rotting mass of bodies. A grunt from under the gantry was his response, a man in a ripped and soiled naval officers uniform came into view stared at stern with white dead eyes before sprinting towards the stairs and up the gantry with remarkable speed of one with singular purpose. Stern unloaded the remaining shotgun shells into the corrupted officer. the shots didn't seem to slow it at all.
 Officer The Risen Dead x1 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.65)

Before he knew it the creature was up the stairs and attacking him face to face. Stern managed to dodge the first few strikes from the officer. but was then hit hard, pain burst through in the left arm and for a while he couldn't move it. Gripping the officer with his good hand he managed to get free tearing a piece of the officers uniform with it. then he levelled his sawn off shotgun from his back and blew the offer down the metal stairs where he landed with a sickening crunch. He saw the officer move and get back to his feet and Stern didn't hesistate to get back into the elevator.

It wasn't until he started to reload his shotgun did he relase that he was still holding a piece of the officer uniform in his hand, he looked at it to see it was a name tag.Officer B.Campbell.

To the bridge
Yet again the door opens to the sight of the gore splattered corridor. he walked out slowly minding his footsteps again on the slippery floor. he located the next elevator at the end of the curved corridor. The gore gets heavier and more disgusting towards the elevator. The floor was piled with bodies either side of the elevator door. With grim determination he got into the elevator and began to ascend.

The elevator opened on to a straight corridor filled with stench and a cloud of flies, the dense air made vision to the end of the corridor impossible. His great bravery pushed himself on to the end of the corridor where a large double door towered closed in front of him.
He pressed the keypad at the side to open the doors.

++++++++++++++Transmission end+++++++++++++++

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Warmaster Ancients- Normans

Warmaster Ancients- Normans

 In the space of two centuries the duchy of Normandy stood as a prime mover in European affairs, not only completing the conquest of England but also stretching its arms out to southern Italy and Sicily. Even after the duchy lost its autonomy and was absorbed into the Kingdom of France-proper it still exerted great power and influence within that realm.
This is my second Warmaster ancients army, my first being Imperial Romans
For my next force i really wanted a cavalry heavy force and with the Normans i got it..
I really liked the 6mm Baccus range for giving an epic feel to the game.
So now on to my painted miniatures
General Kenzie de Montfort
Norman Infantry
foot soldiers would be protected by the use of the shield as used by the cavalry

Norman Leader, Godfrey de Ibelin leading a unit of Retainers

Norman Knights
 were an integral part of Norman and general French strategy.

More Knights

wore no armour. Their function was to soften up the enemy before engagement by killing as many opponents as possible beforehand.

General leading the knights

Knights and Infantry

Retainers and mounted skirmishers
Norman mounted skirmishers.

Norman force in full - 1000pts

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dark Heresy - The Brazen Triumph

Roleplaying Campaign


Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest
Last weeks XP award:

Kar - 130
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel - 110
Krell "Stern" Rabalias - 120
Zetkin - 120
Nihilus Zarkov - 110
Novus Dorn- 110

Episode Three - The Brazen Triumph


At the shuttle on Valoside Prime with both pilots slaughtered and Horitz asking to be taken off planet. Zetkin with warp energies was given the knowledge to pilot spacecraft.

Suffering from his wounds Stern falls unconscious and once stabilised is taken aboard the shuttle. With silent agreement they decide to leave quickly hopefully leaving  Horitz behind.

Demonstrating some expert piloting Zetkin lifts off into orbit with Novus in the co-pilots seat. they all attempt to re-couperate as the Brazen Triumph isn't due for another day.
cutter examined his new laspistol he had picked up from Inquisitor Callidons quarters.

Callidon Pattern Laspistol - Rof s/-/- , Dam 1d10+3, Pen 1, Clip 25, Rld full, unique

As the next day begins the pick up still hasn't arrived, suddenly with a Quick-flash reflexes and a tug of the warp the Psyker Zetkin veered left, knocking Zarkov in  the passenger section off his feet. A rip in reality and  the Dauntless class light cruiser burst through, narrowly missing the tiny shuttle.

From outside some light damage and scorch marks can be seen on the light cruisers hull.
Norvus signalled the ship to let them know that the inquisitorial cell was approaching, but to no response but static.locating a shuttle bay and smoothly entering, Zetkin lost control and the shuttle landed with a sound of twisting and snapping metal coming from the landing gear.

it wasn't until Kar mentioned it, that the group noticed that the shuttle landing bay was deserted. Unanimously it was decided to leave the unconscious Stern in a fuelled and ready to launch shuttle, along with a few Kroot rifles they had taken from the surface of Valoside prime. Novus hooked up to the ships machine spirit and gained access to some vital info about the ship and the most direct route to the ships bridge.

Operating systems  - Nominal
Oxygen - Nominal
Plasma Generator - Running at 85%
Geller field - Running at 100%
Last duration in Warp space-  30 Terran days
Hull integrity - 95%
Crew - --

The Brazen Triumph

The First interchange

Soon they embark on the first of three elevator journeys to get to the bridge of the ship. not seeing a soul on the way to the first elevator. as the elevator ascends to its topmost deck, the party ready their weapons. a harrowing clank and the door slowly opens to a corridor in darkness.
Novus activates a small lamp and they slowly make their way through the corridor, stopping once at a storeroom. cutter locked the door as he returned to the corridor. suddenly a noise of a Elevator arriving and opening could be heard from behind the way they had come from.
Novus slipped into night Vision, he should see three figures coming towards them in the half light of the lamp. Kar called out three times at the shapes coming towards them. Cutter covering the now rear of the party spotted and notified Novus of two faster shapes coming from the other side.
Kar opened fire ripping apart the figures chest, a low moan is heard and the figure keeps moving.
Dorn and Cutter open fire, but it was cutters shot that blew the head off one of the fast approaching figures.. Zarchov fired at the slower first three taking down one of them at the knee, its leg splattering the corridor.
Soon the figures managed to get into the light of the Lamp. revealing them to be rotten and festering human wearing imperial uniforms. the faster ones wore more higher ranking uniforms, but ripped and soiled none the seeing the corrupted figure Cutter dropped to his knees sobbing and babbling at the horrific sight. Zarkov is frozen with terror as the figure he had taken down was clutching at his leg as it crawled forward. Zetkin also froze at the horror, both quickly snapping out as Kar fell one of the animated corpse by blowing out its chest. Novus engaged the fast corpse officer in close combat over Cutters sobbing form.  Kar dispatched the zombie clawing at Zarkov, combined fire from the Arbite and the psyker brought down the last one from that side. Kar engaged the faster one with the wounded Novus and sliced off its head. Kar, Zarkov and Zetkin felt their stomachs lurch, felt more keenly by Zetkin but voiced by Kar " We've just dropped into the warp space" Norvus took the door pass from the fallen officer.

 Officers The Risen Dead x2 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.65
Crew Fydae Strain Plague Zombies x3 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.149

  At the sound of another elevator arriving from where they had come from, they all then headed for the next elevator.  Cutter primed a grenade and threw it down the corridor as five figures emerged.

It wasn't long before they had found the next elevator that would take them up the ships decks. cutter called upon it, the party raised their weapons, slowly the elevator doors open and inside another animated corpse. At once the party opened fire and took it down but not before Cutter took a wound to the leg. 

Cutter pressed the elevator closed, but halfway to closing it jammed, and ahead of them coming closer five more animated crew corpses. Norvus hooked himself up to the terminal but was unable to get it to close. Kar grabbed both doors and with a feat of strength managed to close them both together with a screech of metal.
Zetkin seeing that Novus was injured, she focused warp energies and healed the tech priest wounds. suddenly the floor disappeared from beneath the parties feet, they hit the roof of the elevator before landing in a heap on the floor again.

The Second interchange
Yet again the door opens to a sight of a gore splattered corridor. Cutter sneaks off ahead of the party minding his footsteps on the slippery floor. he located the next elevator at the end of the curved corridor. The gore gets heavier and more disgusting towards the elevator. the slowly advancing party met up with cutter. They open the next elevator that'll take them to the command deck.

The Elevator is a scene of horror, the floor was piled with bodies that appeared dead. the Psyker heard a silky voice in her head, I told you you should have taken me.

The Guardian

The elevator opened to straight corridor of stench and a cloud of flies, the dense air made vision to the end of the corridor impossible. Zarkov lead the slow advance with his shield up, Kar and cutter close behind, Novus and Zetkin at the rear. out of the darkness became a creature from nightmare appears, its bloated and rotting malformed body, a single horn pierces up from its decayed head. Its single milky eye looks at the party and raises its rusted sword. Cutter and Kar not willing to wait unleashes a hail of fire at the bloated creature. Both Zarkov and Zetkin are rooted to the floor in fear of the horrific creatures advancing towards them. Norvus panics and runs as fast as he can back in to the foul elevator cartridge. Zetkin manages to snap out of her shock, but Zarkov remains frozen on the spot his mind ravaged by the scene in front of him. Cutter made a firing retreat, and the Plaguebearer charged into combat with the guardsman Kar slicing across his flak armour but not getting through to the guardsman's flesh. Soon Cutter joins in the melee, and before long it lost its grip on reality and fizzled with an angry buzz back into the warp. 

 The Guardian Plaguebearer x1 (Dark Heresy rulebook p.354 )
The Bridge

The party continued the journey forward towards a large double door that the daemon was guarding.
Novus opened the door  from the panel at the right side at it opened the stench hit them and the room was basked in a purple glow. Deep in Zetkins head, she knew this was the warp. the window shutters that protected the crew from looking out weren't closed. "Nobody go in, the viewport shutters aren't down" Novus didn't wait for instruction and closed the shutters and  journeyed up the stairs to the command bridge. Zetkin hearing the voice again Focus your mind.The rest of the party followed the tech priest, Cutter primed his last grenade and threw it on the command deck, the concussive blast filled the bridge with smoke. Out of the gloom, they spotted four figures on of them in the red robes of a tech priest. Just through the door, the party open fire yet again at the oncoming living dead felling one. Its the seemingly fearless Kar that leads the assault but is ambushed by a faster flight officer. Most of the party empty their shotguns and drop them as they retreat to behind the door. As the zombie move forward Novus activated the door to close. The door closing the Techpriest and a crew in between them with a gooey squelch.

Officers The Risen Dead x1 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.65)
Crew and Tech priest Fydae Strain Plague Zombies x3 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.149

Everyone loads and readies their weapons and begin to take down the last of the bridge crew.
Norvus releases the door and the remains of the ones traps fall to the floor and the guns fire the rotten flight officer still stood and soon melee began. A well aimed shot to its head from Zetkin ended its unnatural life.
Once on board the bridge with the doors locked behind them, they then remember..
How are we going to get Stern?

+++++++++++++++ Transmission end +++++++++++++++