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Dark Heresy - Agri Agro

Roleplaying campaign
Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest

Last weeks XP award:
Kar - 80
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel - 110
Krell "Stern" Rabalias - 80
Zetkin - 110
Nihilus Zarkov - 80
Novus Dorn- 110
Episode Five - Agri Agro

Planet bound

Zetkin strained to control the shuttle into the planets atmosphere
She steered with great effort so that it would land on solid ground. Angling on the surface to land. Without warning from her cockpit runes the other engine caught on fire as she pulled up on to lessen the angle. Novus helped co-pilot the shuttle with his rudimentary knowledge of piloting.
She landed sliding along the wheat fields, leaving a brown scar on the surface, where the craft had hit the ground. The shuttle had only just come to a halt before the crew bailed out getting to a safe distance away from the gently burning shuttle.

On the surface

Outside the slowly smoking crashed shuttle, they looked about at their surroundings, as far as their eyes could see there was a vast expanse of growing wheat fields with dirt roads separating the various fields.

Gathering their salvaged gear they headed off along the dirt path

The party started their journey with the quiet Astropath they travelled along the dirt path, in the distance they spotted a small outpost. As they got closer they couldn’t see anyone about, the main door was ajar. Further inspection shown it had been abandoned, Novus found himself a terminal, and much to his great relief Zarkov came across a half packet of lho sticks. At the other side of the outpost, Kar came across a few farming vehicles, but it was the heavy truck and all terrain Jeep that interested him mostly. Looking in the cockpit he spotted that the keys to the vehicles were in them.
The small outpost looks to have only contained five families.
The Astropath still refused to speak; she gently drank some water softly weeping.
After some searching they found some fuel and filled up canisters.
Novus gathered info on the inhabitants of the outpost; they had fled to the star port about a week ago, when Orks appeared in system. The Talon starport was only three days drive. Soon they filled up the back of the truck with supplies for the journey.

The Journey

The jeep driven by Zarchov in front with the truck driven by Kar following behind.
Cutter and Stern rode in the jeep, while rest travelled in the back of the truck.

Lying not far from the trail, a large piece of debris that had fallen from the sky, on closer inspection it appeared to be solid chunk Ork debris.

Cutter on sentry as others slept, suddenly saw an Ork landing craft fly dangerous close overhead heading in the direction of the Talon spaceport.

As night progressed Zarkov drove in front his lights turned off and wearing the night vision goggles Novus had lent him. Kar following Zarkov’s rear lights in the truck behind. Suddenly he registered movement up ahead, a screeching whistling sound accompanied the object moving fast towards him. With a breakneck turn he drove in to the wheat field on his left not stopping, an explosion shook the ground where he was just moments ago, the truck behind was scattered with mud as the ground in front erupted. Kar swerved the truck to the right avoiding the crater the missile had left behind.
Zarkov reading his auspex, four blips lay up ahead; he drove straight into them and was rewarded with a squeal and a squelching noise.

Ork Patrol

Up ahead a crude Ork ground vehicle could be seen heading in their direction its engine spewing black smoke. Zarkov swiftly drove deep in to the wheat fields. And made a small clearing and waited for the Ork trukk to pass. However it didn’t pass. It stopped at the trail that Zarkov had made into the wheat. The inquisitorial cell hearing the Ork trukk’s engine stop, got out and readied their weapons .Zarkov, Kar and Cutter headed in to the wheat and hid, Zarkov hid behind his scopulus pattern riot shield on the left of the track that he had shaped with the Jeep, he read his auspex noting five blips, coming up the direction of the trail. He could see the Guardsman Kar not far from him evaluating his position. Cutter was on the other side of the trail in the wheat closer to the vehicles, his weapon raised. The rest stayed in the solid cover of the truck.

(Ork boyz x3 Dark heresy creatures anathema p98)
(Squig handler Ork boyz x1 Whip instead of choppa, Dark heresy creatures anathema p98)
(Attack squig x1 Dark heresy creatures anathema p101)

Zarkov hidden in the wheat could see on his auspex that two of the blips had broken off into his direction, he could hear a wet sniffing noise. Cutter and Kar waited until the greenskins where in sight. Soon three Orks turned the corner and came into view.
Cutter opened up with his autogun on full auto in to the nearest one. It roared savagely and ran towards his assailant. Cutter still firing on full auto as the Ork closed the gap between them, he could see that he had hit the beast but it seems not to notice. Soon it was standing before him.

Kar let lose on another Ork, it too closed the gap letting off a poorly aimed shot off at the guardsman. Soon they were engaged in brutal melee combat. Kar dodged the Orks ruthless swings with its cruel choppa. Then pulled out his own blade

 As soon as it one of the blips got uncomfortably near he fired off a shot from his shotgun. Towering above him stood an Ork at his side, carrying a whip, and it fired a shot that penetrated both the arbites riot shield and armour in the leg, he toppled to the ground, the large toothed and now angry squig lunged at him only to bite into the riot shield and the nuzzle of a the arbites veritas pattern shotgun, Zarkov pulled the trigger, the back of the squigs bulbous head exploded out. The squigs handler lashed out at him with his whip keeping the arbiter suppressed

The last unengaged Ork charged towards the rest of the party in the vehicles. Stern jumped up and charged at the Ork. The greenskin struck out at the outlaw smashing him hard Sterns leg bleeding heavily, the outlaw fell back against the jeep.
Kar and Cutter both took down their green foes and ran to help Stern. Novus and Zetkin then joined in on the combat the force of numbers the Ork was overwhelmed.
The Psyker used her abilities and used warp energies to knit Sterns wound back together.

Stern snapped out a large Ork tooth from the one that had injured him

Cutter, Kar and Novus ran to help the beleaguered arbite. It was Kar who had the killing blow against the Ork squig handler, slicing its arm off in a spray of blood.
They all breathed heavy as the last of the Orks life left him.

They could all hear that thee was still some Orks waiting at the trukk.
Stern sneaked up on the Ork trukk through the wheat, he lit his fire bomb and hurled in to the open topped cabin area. With a wash of heat the cabin went on fire, setting the three Ork passengers aflame. The trukk dashed forward and made a skid turn throwing the burning passengers from the trukk. The driver drove back up the track the Ork gunner scanning the area for signs of movement. Stern ran and the Ork gunner let rip with the high velocity weapon. The shots landed all around sterns running feet, lucky to have not been hit. He joined everyone in the vehicles, he got in the jeep and the party headed off as fast as they could.

Escape on the dirt track

Solid slugs from the vehicles big shoota strafed across the Jeep hitting cutter, but absorbed by his carapace armour.

Novus lay flat on the back of the truck, resting his meltagun on the back facing towards the Ork truck. The truck slowed to let the Orks get closer. Novus then fired.
The meltagun hit the left side of the trukk reducing it to molten metal, the Ork driver roared and the Ork gunner fired wildly at the red robed firer of the Melta weapon, the shots bounced off harmlessly off the tech priests newly acquired carapace armour. The Ork trukk slowed. Zarkov put his foot down and drove off with Kar close, leaving the Orks far behind him

+++++++++++++++++++++Transmission end+++++++++++++++++

XP award:
Kar -120
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel - 120
Krell "Stern" Rabalias - 120
Zetkin - 120
Nihilus Zarkov - 120
Novus Dorn- 120

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