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The Immunda Ferus Incident - Warhammer 40'000 battle report

Battle report
Orks Versus Word Bearers

The Immunda Ferus Incident

In the early days of the great crusade many planets had little or no life to be important other than its location.
These beacon worlds as they came to be known, have a simple shrine with a transmitter that emits a constant bleep. The theory behind it is if this signal ever stopped transmitting, then an expeditionary force would be sent to investigate for danger. Planet WO-415 Enkius was one of these early warning measures. It's surface a dull desolate grey undisturbed for years.
All this is about to change.


Zogdakkas eyes burst open with a greenish orange light, belching blue steam as the space hulk Lurched into real space. His grot attendants hid in various areas of cover, they had long been used to the weirdboys odd behaviour, even by Ork standards it was considered odd, but now they had arrived. The Weirdboys gibbering had stopped, that he found most worrying. For that reason he had him moved to his command deck. Warboss Urgot Facesmasha grunted on this crude throne, made from archaic pieces of past fallen enemies, shaped in to the form of a massive Ork jaw. he looked out at the expanse of space and a grey planet filled the main viewpoint. He felt the ork gods Gork and Mork guide him here and his weirdboy's behaviour confirmed it. With a deafening bellow he yelled "THAT'S RIGHT LADZ, GET TO THE DROPSHIPS, ITS TIME FOR A FIGHT"
Unaware who he would be fighting, all he knew was the gods wouldn't have sent him otherwise.
Warboss Urgot Facesmasha

Word Bearers
Kol Paxheydra, The Void Pilgrim
Kol Paxheydra, The Void Pilgrim

Kol Paxheydra had been watching the Orks ever since they made re-materialised back in to realspace, he watched with interest as they manoeuvred towards the beacon planet. he knew that if the beacon was ever destroyed then imperial forces would move into the sector, they would be easily destroyed but more imperials would arrive after, he couldn't afford any complications, not now. He clenched his fist, he wouldn't let any savage greenskin ruin his well laid plans. He signalled to one of his red clad champions, "Tell Eagar to prepare his bezerkers. we have some greenskins to deal with"
He felt his daemon weapon in his armoured gauntlet twitch in anticipation of the battle to come.

The Mission

The mission played was a Seize ground and 3 objectives where generated.(neon green flags)

Deployment was  Dawn of War.
Orks win deployment and first turn


An objective marker is behind the building in the foreground.

Bezerker Rhino

Turn 1 - Night fighting

The rest of the Ork army arrives in darkness of the morning

Ork army rushes on to the battlefield.

Word bearers Rhino with Khorne Bezerkers gets Shaken

Word bearers prepare for the Orks advance after their rhino was immobilised to a crude ork Rokkit hit.

The Footslogga boyz around the weirdboy Zogdakka looked uneasy as he began to glow and green sparks fluttered from his eyes. a sudden convulsion shook the ork psyker off the ground and he landed with a resounding thud, the nearest Ork boy head burst open, the rest of the boyz gave the bewildered wierdboy a wide berth from his 'eadbanger. 

Following the icon bearer out of the immobilised rhino transport, the veteran champion could see the vile greenskins coming closer out of the ruined compound, they where closer than he liked. with a bark he gave the order to rapid fire. The squad opened fire killing a chunk out of the approaching horde. Behind him he heard a fizzle and an agonising scream. Without turning back he knew his plasma guns has overheated killing their users.

Turn 2 -Dawn breaks

Orks try some flanking

The Footsloggaz get closer, the weirdboy frazzles the icon bearer and two other chaos space marines.
The Orks charge in to combat  with the word bearers taking heavy causalities but they hold their ground.
Soon the chaos dreadnought arrives and wastes no time getting into combat.

Crazed Dreadnought gets ready to join in the melee

With cries to the blood god the Khorne bezerkers led by Kol Paxheydra leave their stricken rhino to get stuck into combat.

Word Bearers and Orks continue their ferocious melee

With the rest of the word bearers killed the dreadnought keeps the orks occupied.

Clutching his cursed crozius in both hands he chanted the sacred words, purple winds blew at the holy words of his legion he had pinned to his armour. the winds blew faster, with an audible rip, the warp burst into reality bring forth seductive daemonettes, before closing with a sharp crack like broken bones behind them.

Daemonettes arrive, readying to charge the Ork nobz
Khorne champion Eagar the Red's bezerkers weather the storm of Ork fire before charging in.

With a blood curdling war cry the bezerkers charge in and reduce the Deffkoptaz to scrap.

The Daemonettes quickly follow suit and its not long before they are covered in Ork gore

Daemonettes prove to be more difficult to dispatch that the ork nobz had hoped.

Turn 3

With no hope to destroying the chaos dreadnought, green mist surrounded the Footsloggaz, slowly they began to glow, then with a flash of yellow the orks teleported behind the dreadnought. Boyz surrounding the Weirdboy who was drooling blood. The Orks let loose a rokkit that jammed itself in the warmachines leg gears before detonating, The chaos dreadnought screamed through its vox caster in frustration as it tried to move.

Chaos Dreadnought immobilised and with no targets in range to smash.

Khorne bezerkers find themselves surrounded

The trukk boyz and the dreadnought get ready to charge into the Khorne bezerkers

Kol Paxheydra The Void Pilgrim, Khorne champion Eagar the Red and three bezerkers are all that remains against the combined attack that now lay bleeding on the ground. The smoking ruins of the deff dread ley strewn about Eagars feet as he roared in unrestrained bloodlust.

Survivors roar in triumph after the Trukkboyz and deff dread charge.

Another break in reality spews an obliterator and it immediately sets the footsloggaz aflame.
With help from the immobilised dreadnoughts heavy flamer.

Only a heavily wounded weirdboy and nob remain.

Ork stromboyz rip smash the rear of the Rhino leaving it permanently immobilised.

Kol Paxheydra charged up the hill, over the wreckage of the Ork warmachine, towards where his summoned daemons where in combat with the Ork command, he could see the Ork Warboss smashing a daemon in to rippling flesh as they were banished back into the warp realm. behind him he could hear the battle cries to khorne coming from his frenzied retinue. He could feel the daemon weapon urging him on further and slay the warboss.

Khorne champion Eagar the Red lingers in the background as his master Kol Paxheydra, The Void Pilgrim is locked in mortal combat with Warboss Urgot Facesmasha

Warboss Urgot Facesmasha  was tiring of these daemons, it was then that he had spotted the red armoured chaos lord coming straight for him. his opponent showed incredible speed and the warboss took a horrible wound to the chest that would of killed anybody else, his ork physiology is all that saved him. the warbosses power klaw smashing through the back of an unfortunate bezerker. before turning his attention back to the chaos lord, after a few missed attacks he managed to get a lucky hit that connected solidly and knocked the chaos lord down the hill out of sight. His Roar of triumph be came a gurgle as he collapsed to the floor.
 The rest of urgots nobz mob ran as they saw their warboss get taken down from behind by an ornate bezerker with a fizzing power fist.  
Turn 4

The two wounded orks contest the objective from the obliterator before getting wiped out.

The stormboyz charge the hard to kill daemonettes 

Khorne champion Eagar the Red leads the slaughter of the Grots to take the objective

Turn 5

The stromboyz finally kill the last of the daemonettes leaving only a wounded nob.

The ork trukk came close to contest the objective from the bezerkers before the obliterator killed both the trukk and stormboy nob with a burst from its heavy flamer. 

The Word Bearer survivors

For the second time today Kol Paxheydra, The Void Pilgrim slowly climbed up the ragged hill, his body filled with extreme pain. wondering to himself, but thankful that the chaos gods have saved him, his task wasn't yet complete. At the top of the hill he had also noticed that the Ork warboss that had caused him so much grief, it's body was missing. He was pleased at the carnage that his Khorne champion Eagar the Red had caused, after checking the ruins he gathered that beacon was still transmitting. now it was time to leave this forsaken planet this venture has cost too much already.  

Word Bearers 1/3 objectives
Orks 0/3 objectives
Word Bearer Victory

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