Saturday, 23 June 2012

June update

June update

This month I started back to painting up
 my 1500 point cityfight Imperial guard army
Platoon command squad

I now have only 31 miniatures left to paint, so with that in mind i feel that i will have them completed shortly. although with the 6th edition of Warhammer 40'000 just around the corner i think i may have to change the army list. to best fit with the new rules set.

Over the past few weeks i have been having a few practice games with my three possible army lists for the Blood in the badlands campaign due to begin in the next few weeks. The games have been fun and it amused me that my generals army can produce eight out of a possible fourteen spells. I've mentioned before that i haven't played much of this current edition and some of the finer rules elude me, but as far as army selection is concerned i have tried out a few horde units (namely plague monks and skavenslaves).
The armies i came up against were High elves at 2400 points and Warriors of chaos at 2000 points. Both of those armies worked in very different ways and it good to see how the skaven held up against them.

I have been quite busy with Urban war. On the 4th June i ran a Urban war headhunter tournament held at Highlander games Dundee.

Also this month i finished my Koralon force at 300 points that a few of my fellow gamers are both scared and eager to get their claws into combat against them. .
As far as painting another faction i am eagerly awaiting for the Neo Iskandrians to become available.
Urban mammoth have released some sweet artwork by Wayne England for them.

Companion with Xyston

Cover sketch by Wayne England

Work on Malifaux has been slower than the other projects.
I added an extra 2ss points bringing my Neverborn to 21ss points out of 35ss to make it up to scrap level.
Cherub for liliths neverborn

I've completed a Convict gunslinger to put my outcasts to 29ss points
any suggestions on what i should get next with the remaining 6 points would be great.

Convict Gunslinger

Projects completed:
Warhammer fantasy battle:

Warhammer 40'000 :
Orks 1000pts
Featured in the battle report here
Urban War:

Warmaster ancients :

Menoth-  25pts

Projects still to finish:
Warhammer 40'000 :
1500 point cityfight Imperial guard army
Make each of these forces to 35SS (Scrap level)
Liliths Neverborn (21/35)
Viktorias Outcasts (29/35)
Rasputinas Arcanists (9/35)
This month i have been playing lots of the Space hulk card game Death Angel
Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game from fantasy flight games is a cooperative card game set in the grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000. Players must work together as an alien menace threatens to devour their hopes of survival. If all Space Marines perish, the players collectively lose. Likewise, if at least one of the surviving Space Marines completes the objective, the players all win!
The add-on packs to game give it a new dimension, the add on pack so far are:
Mission Packs and Space Marine Packs; along with larger packs: Tyranid Enemy Pack  and the Deathwing Space Marine Pack

Monday, 4 June 2012

Special Operations: Headhunter - Urban war Tournament

Special Operations: Headhunter -
Urban war Tournament

3rd June 2012
at Highlander Games

Scenario: Headhunter

This scenario is used in conjunction with the Strategic Withdrawal scenario for tournament play. The Headhunter scenario is very simple. Each player must attempt to kill their opponent's commander model for which the player will receive bonus victory points

In addition the first player in the tournament to kill their opponent's commander will receive the Headhunter T-shirt .

All of the players arrived in good spirits ready to begin the first  300 point game at 10am

Round One - "It's time to make a hero out of you."

Round one begins
Table 1 Viridians Versus Gladiators

Table 2 V.A.S.A versus Viridians

Table 3 V.A.S.A versus Syntha

A well placed Gladiator howitzer shell takes the headhunter prize
 leaving the Viridians Leaderless

Round one results (including headhunter points)
Table 1 - Ian Fergus - Viridians (12) V Neil McGregor -Gladiators (20)

Table 2 - James Fergus- V.A.S.A (0) V Sion Bayliss - Viridians (32)
Crushing victory

Table 3 - Stefan Jelks- V.A.S.A (12)  V Dan Rayner - Syntha (12)

Round Two - "seize some ground."

Round two begins

Table 1 Gladiator versus Viridians

Table 2 Viridians versus Syntha

Table 3 V.A.S.A Versus V.A.S.A

Round two results (including headhunter points)
Table 1 - Sion Bayliss - Viridians (28) V Neil McGregor -Gladiators (4)
Major Victory

Table 2 - Dan Rayner - Syntha (4) V Ian Fergus - Viridians (32)
Crushing victory

Table 3 - Stefan Jelks- V.A.S.A (16) V James Fergus- V.A.S.A (16)
Minor Victory

Round Three - "Full Alert status."

Round 3

Table 1 Viridians versus Viridians

Table 2  V.A.S.A versus Gladiators

Table 3 Syntha versus V.A.S.A

Round three results (including headhunter points)
Table 1 - Sion Bayliss - Viridians (32) V Ian Fergus - Viridians (4)
Crushing Victory

Table 2 - Stefan Jelks- V.A.S.A (32) V Neil McGregor -Gladiators (0)
Crushing victory

Table 3 - Dan Rayner - Syntha (8) V James Fergus- V.A.S.A (28)

Major victory

Round Four - "Now the fun part.."

Round 4 pairings

Table 1 Virdians versus V.A.S.A

Table  2  Viridians Versus V.A.S.A

Table 3 Syntha versus Gladiators

Round four results (including headhunter points)
Table 1 - Sion Bayliss - Viridians (24) V Stefan Jelks- V.A.S.A (12)
Major Victory
Table 2 - Ian Fergus - Viridians (8) V James Fergus- V.A.S.A (28)
Major victory
Table 3 - Dan Rayner - Syntha (16) V Neil McGregor -Gladiators (20)


After the sound of gauss fire had died down, it was time to total up the points. but before we do that i would like to share some of the tournaments highlights. All of the games seem to have been well played and hard fought the headhunter rules creating an exciting element to the games. A total of 112 Headhunter points were awarded of the course of the tournament. This is definitely something i would like to run again in the future. Everyone who played had a fully painted strike team. Command models such as Neura, Konrad Borislav and Neo Pi made a re-appearance from Suburban war.

From round one:

Greater pit beast advances towards the Viridian gun line

The  Viridian Gun line

Viridian sniper has the greater pit beast lined up in his sights

On table 2 the Viridian commander faces off against a Black legion sergeant.

Neo Pi leads her synths

  •  Neo Pi and Neura engaged in a shooting duel to take each other out of the battle.
From round two

Suppressors cover their commander Neura

Both Viridian forces set up sniper positions

Syntha battle formations

Black legion sergeant and a Kabuki doll duel it out

Shock Troopers work together to kill a Hercules class biomech

A Secutor takes refuge in the buildings

From round three

V.A.S.A make a defensive position in the buildings

Black legion trades blows with a Hercules class biomech

Konrad Borislav lurks searching for the enemy commander

Artemis Biomech searches for Konrad

To great confusion, Shock marine sergeant (and Viridian commander) 
deep in enemy Viridian territory

Konrad Borislav and Neo Pi locked in mortal combat,
 both weakened from earlier wounds.

Gladiator Howitzer rains death upon Neura's V.A.S.A force

From round four

V.A.S.A defensive position,

The fighting grows fierce a Kabuki doll tries
 to stop a charging Shock marine

Gladiator forces charge forward to the Syntha positions

Syntha plasma launcher waits for its target

Viridians cover each others advance

Final Results

1st- Sion Bayliss - Viridians
 2nd- James Fergus- V.A.S.A
3rd- Stefan Jelks- V.A.S.A
4th- Ian Fergus - Viridians
Neil McGregor -Gladiators
6th- Dan Rayner - Syntha

Headhunter - Neil McGregor - Gladiators

Special Operations: Headhunter 2012 winners.
From left to right: Neil McGregor - Headhunter winner, James Fergus 2nd place, Sion Bayliss 1st place, Stefan Jelks 3rd place

Congratulations to all the winners
and a thank you to everyone who took part.