Thursday, 21 February 2013

Magic - Gatecrash league week two

So week two ends of the five week gatecrash league.
Each week i am allowed to play three games that add scores for the league result.
Week one ended with me on a total of six points.

Game one
The deck my opponent used was a nice Boros/Gruul mix.

The bomber corps ability was able to take out my low unevolved creatures out of the game.

Ground Assault is devastating late game card and Martial Glory 

Result  2-1 defeat

Game two

This game i was up against another Simic deck. my opponent just really had trouble with getting the deck to work, one game he could get the Mana and no creatures and the next game it was the opposite, so i an contributing the win to his deck losing rather than my deck winning. After the game we did discuss the deck and it seemed quite solid but it just didn't work on this occasion. 

Result 2-0 Victory

Game three

This game was a tough one, and the first time i have played a Dimir guild deck. The experience was refreshing and i was on the receiving end of unblockable attacks from Rogues like Deathcult Rogue. Also there was a good amount of extorting too leaving me very much in the lower end of the life poolThe Deciding game we were both on three life points left before i had to end it with the way of the thief attack on a +2/+2 Shambleshark.
A close run win but a win none the less.

Result 2-1 Victory

Week two total league points 12

This weeks booster.
Each week you are allowed to add to your sideboard one Gatecrash booster. 
Last week i never added any cards to my forty card deck from my booster pack. Optimistically i hope this booster will give me something worthwhile. So i was quite pleased when i opened my booster to find some cards that i could use. I got Simic manipulator and pit fight     were the ones that fitted best in my deck. in the end i just made the one change.



Sage's Row Denizen removed from Deck, Simic Manipulator added to deck.

Friday, 15 February 2013


"Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run."

I have only started playing this game for a few months now  and  it has been a lot of fun. So i looked into the game further and found that the expansions are really quite cheap. so i bought up a few to add to the main set. 
I prefer the larger games of six players over the smaller games and more cards get played and sorts of crazy antics arise. Even being a lower level while others are higher doesn't mean you are out of the race at all. 

The game mechanic is a simple but effective one, beat the monsters score to win. sounds easy but you have to consider the other players, they may decide to boost the monster to a higher level with an upgrade card and you might have to ask for aid forgoing some of your treasure. 

                                                Munchkin 4 – The Need for Steed is a larger expansion. This set introduces Steeds,  including not just the Dragon and the Tiger, but the Giant Mutant Gerbil the Chicken The set also has lots and lots of new Hirelings. They are valuable characters to add to your retinue, use their special abilities, and sacrifice them to save your own skin. The card in the set called MBA in management allows you to have two hirelings at one time. These have made a fair appearance in the games with a lot more monsters to fight against      

Booster Packs I have included to my set.

 I couldn't have played munchkin with out adding the Conan set. Based on the new movie. These cards let you upgrade your character with great items like the Mask of Acheron or the Barbarian BootiesSword of Corin or the Stygian Talons.  New monsters like the Sand Warriors, the Dweller and Khalar Zym himself make munchkin life a little bit more dangerous.

Race modifiers Dark and High gives a nice twist to the game, encouraging players to either help or become a hindrance to other players to gain levels. The class modifier Master helps to gain extra treasures, and of course the Reloaded Die the help players get out of sticky situations.

Meet the Sparkly Good Fairy. She wants all the munchkins to play nice, and she's willing to bash heads to make sure they do. Play her way, and she'll bribe you with Fairy Dust. Otherwise, you might end up fighting her instead. And if you don't take her out, she'll be back again and again . . .
The set introduces the Sparkly Good Fairy and her deck of Fairy Dust cards. These extra rewards are for players who are willing to help each other. This small deck makes a big difference to the games as each players wants a fairy dust reward. Some rewards giving extra hands to carry items or stops players interfering in crucial combats. 

Of all of the small booster expansion this one has had the biggest impact on the games we have played, as it has become a great bargaining tool for helping other players.

One of the five Seasonal boosters bringing new Santa monsters like Teeny Tiny TimRecalled Toys, and Mrs. Claus. You know what you have to do. Armor yourself in Tinsel, and grab the Snow Shoes and the Reindeer HatThis set has been so much fun that i will leave them in the set all year round. One of my Favourite items is the Festivus pole.
The guild is the hot web series about a gaming group,  Munchkin The Guild! Add's Codex, Vork, Clara, Bladezzz, Tink, and the mighty Zaboo to the adventures. Watch The Guild here. Some great cards in this set such as Elected guild leader.

This was the last booster pack that i bought. i thought it was need as there was lots of equipment to upgrade players and not much to enhance the monsters. Some of the upgrade cards recycle themselves if the attached 
monsters aren't defeated.

A Selection of awesome new dragons to add to the Dungeons.  Dragons are fearsome! Dragons are cool! Dragons have LOTS of treasure for munchkins to loot! 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The magic continues

My Mirrodin fixation

People who know me will be quite aware of my love of the Mirrodin Plane in the Magic the gathering multiverse. 

With great artwork like this invoking the setting, you can see why i like these sets

Glissa, the Traitor

She is such an iconic part of the mirrodin plane i just had to have her in a green/black deck. I felt that with Glissa turning to the bad side i would follow suit and make a Infect deck around her. My attempt below.

Glissa's infected throne

So far i have only had mixed success most games i lose 2-1. its a mixture of the players i play not really knowing the older sets so and slightly unfamiliar with the infect mechanic so are unaware how dangerous it could be, with me needing to cause only ten poison counters to win.  

I have also made a quick deck based on Glissa before she turned evil when she was Glissa Sunseeker. Its a Green/white deck with lots of equip cards. This one is the deck i feel is not as well constructed but it seems to preform better. 

Good Glissa

Memnarch one of Glissa's  most deadly adversary, Planeswalker Karn's appointed guardian of Mirrodin. 
This as a Modern deck with cards dating back to the original Mirrodin block. The mana colours are Blue/Black with a fair bunch of colourless cards. The Theme here is artifact creatures and living weapons. Proliferate is more used in this deck allowing me to add more -1/-1 counters on my opponents. The deck has some cards from the original mirrodin sets (mirrodin, darksteel and fifth dawn)

Doom inevitable

With all of my Mirrodin decks i have kept to using only sets based on the Mirrodin plane. This is slightly restricing myself, but i an a total sucker for theme.

Being the Mirrodin nut that i am, i had to pick up the Duel deck : Venser vs Koth

Both of these Planeswalkers are fighting to save the doomed plane of Mirrodin , but they each have different methods.

The next set  in the return to ravnica block to be released. I'm currently taking part in a five week league with a forty card deck built from six gatecrash boosters. I would like to make a Boros/Orzhov deck using three colours (red, white and black)

So after opening the booster packs i decided the Simic guild (blue/green) would be best for me.
It really was an easy and only choice. You can view the  deck here 

Week one:
Game one: 

For my first game of the gatecrash league i came up against a Boros/Gruul deck (white,red and green). My opponent had trouble getting the mana in the colour combo that was needed. I used the card unexpected results to great effect giving me the mana and a creature. The other card that won me the last game was Way of the thief, I already had a guildgate in play and then attached it to my Drakewing Krasis.

Result a 2-1 Victory

Game two:

Game i  was up against a similar deck, but with a splash of red. So more of a Simic/Gruul deck.  The evolve mechanic really changed the game for me. Quite a lot of my creatures became quite powerful really fast. 
my Giant Adephage was an 11/11 creature with trample at one point . The Master 
biomancer adding three +1/+1 tokens to it and the Ivy lane denizen adding
 a further +1/+1 

Result a 2-1 Victory

Game three

My last game for the league i faced another Simic guild. I changed my deck slightly adding a few more guild gates. A Gruul and Dimir guildgate, so the Way of the thief card can be even more affective.

This card was used on me to keep my harder hitting creatures at bay. however i was able to counter it with Burst of strength

Result a 2-1 Victory

After all my games for the week had been completed i was now allowed to add an additional booster to my card pool for the league. The booster contained nothing really that i would add to my deck. i was kinda hoping for more Simic guildgates.
i did pick up a foil Thespian's stage

So now ...week two....