Thursday, 7 February 2013

The magic continues

My Mirrodin fixation

People who know me will be quite aware of my love of the Mirrodin Plane in the Magic the gathering multiverse. 

With great artwork like this invoking the setting, you can see why i like these sets

Glissa, the Traitor

She is such an iconic part of the mirrodin plane i just had to have her in a green/black deck. I felt that with Glissa turning to the bad side i would follow suit and make a Infect deck around her. My attempt below.

Glissa's infected throne

So far i have only had mixed success most games i lose 2-1. its a mixture of the players i play not really knowing the older sets so and slightly unfamiliar with the infect mechanic so are unaware how dangerous it could be, with me needing to cause only ten poison counters to win.  

I have also made a quick deck based on Glissa before she turned evil when she was Glissa Sunseeker. Its a Green/white deck with lots of equip cards. This one is the deck i feel is not as well constructed but it seems to preform better. 

Good Glissa

Memnarch one of Glissa's  most deadly adversary, Planeswalker Karn's appointed guardian of Mirrodin. 
This as a Modern deck with cards dating back to the original Mirrodin block. The mana colours are Blue/Black with a fair bunch of colourless cards. The Theme here is artifact creatures and living weapons. Proliferate is more used in this deck allowing me to add more -1/-1 counters on my opponents. The deck has some cards from the original mirrodin sets (mirrodin, darksteel and fifth dawn)

Doom inevitable

With all of my Mirrodin decks i have kept to using only sets based on the Mirrodin plane. This is slightly restricing myself, but i an a total sucker for theme.

Being the Mirrodin nut that i am, i had to pick up the Duel deck : Venser vs Koth

Both of these Planeswalkers are fighting to save the doomed plane of Mirrodin , but they each have different methods.

The next set  in the return to ravnica block to be released. I'm currently taking part in a five week league with a forty card deck built from six gatecrash boosters. I would like to make a Boros/Orzhov deck using three colours (red, white and black)

So after opening the booster packs i decided the Simic guild (blue/green) would be best for me.
It really was an easy and only choice. You can view the  deck here 

Week one:
Game one: 

For my first game of the gatecrash league i came up against a Boros/Gruul deck (white,red and green). My opponent had trouble getting the mana in the colour combo that was needed. I used the card unexpected results to great effect giving me the mana and a creature. The other card that won me the last game was Way of the thief, I already had a guildgate in play and then attached it to my Drakewing Krasis.

Result a 2-1 Victory

Game two:

Game i  was up against a similar deck, but with a splash of red. So more of a Simic/Gruul deck.  The evolve mechanic really changed the game for me. Quite a lot of my creatures became quite powerful really fast. 
my Giant Adephage was an 11/11 creature with trample at one point . The Master 
biomancer adding three +1/+1 tokens to it and the Ivy lane denizen adding
 a further +1/+1 

Result a 2-1 Victory

Game three

My last game for the league i faced another Simic guild. I changed my deck slightly adding a few more guild gates. A Gruul and Dimir guildgate, so the Way of the thief card can be even more affective.

This card was used on me to keep my harder hitting creatures at bay. however i was able to counter it with Burst of strength

Result a 2-1 Victory

After all my games for the week had been completed i was now allowed to add an additional booster to my card pool for the league. The booster contained nothing really that i would add to my deck. i was kinda hoping for more Simic guildgates.
i did pick up a foil Thespian's stage

So now ...week two....

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