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Ferrak 15th - Imperial Guard Regiment - Warhammer 40'000

Ferrak 15th - Imperial Guard Regiment

Primaris Psyker

1st squad Sergeant


1st squad with Lascannon and Grenade Launcher

 1st squad Comm link

The regiment of the Ferrak 15th is from the planet of the same name in the Ayers system, not far from the realm  of Ultramar in the Ultima segmentum.
The planet was once a well populated and civilised world with a good agricultivation

There were three large cities on  the Single continent. In the largest city called Armaita was a great rebellion, after years of fighting all that is left of the great city is now crumbling ruins and the surrounding areas all but a burnt and ashen wasteland, but this area is not yet deserted now occupied by the last remaining rebels and other miscreants.

 During the rebellion it was the Urban fighting regiment of the imperial guard that finally broke the rebels stronghold on the devastated city. although the rebels haven't been wiped out, they are kept on the run by constant sorties in this urban areas by the imperial guard. The constant city fighting has made the regiments standard fatigues urban combat camouflage
Due to the regiments experience in cityfighting it was one of many regiments sent to defend Cadia in the eye of terror campaign, with the fierce fighting it had left the regiment dangerously understrength and without a Commander. After the campaign Major Edwin Amselritter was placed to take over in command. it was a post he had been filling since the loss of Colonel  Von Daknon during the regaining of the Tabbris industrial area.

Army composition:
Infantry:The Ferrak 15th regiment contains a high number of sanctioned psykers and abhumans such as a large contingent of Ratling snipers. This has not gone unnoticed with several commissars in the regiment to monitor possible heresy.

 With cityfighting at the forefront of its abilities the armour also reflects this, using the legendary Leman russ battle tanks and Demolishers.  A high number of sentinels have been fitted with heavy flamers perfect for flushing enemies out of buildings

since then they are now at full combat strength under the newly appointed Col.Edwin Amselritter, and in the tradition of urban fighting commanders he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.  Unfortunately the regiment hasn't been able to acquire the new equipment from the Adeptus Mechanicus, such as the Valkyrie.

Recently they have been deployed to the Tranquillus sector were they have been in conflict with an Eldar warhost from the Beil-tan craftworld, with mixed success

My force was originally designed using the last edition of the codex, so i will have to re-organise it.I will add pictures of the vehicles soon.

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  1. Many of the bits supplied with the Shock Trooper models were useless for my purposes. Most of the unhelmeted heads were actually larger than their helmeted counterparts (this may have been some misguided attempt at offering aliens, though they just look like humans with face masks and really big heads), the pistols were a complete joke and the clip/knife bits were largely too fiddly to look right on the models. In the end, I began adding Cadian and Catachan accessory bits to my Guardsmen in order to give them a bit more visual interest.