Sunday, 2 September 2012

Warhammer 40'000 - Dark Vengeance

Dark Vengeance

The long awaited Warhammer 40k box set has finally arrived.

The Artwork on the box cover isn't the usual epic battle scene that we have grown accustomed to over the years. Sixth edition sports a more simple charcoal colour box with game logo.
The box is deeper that both Battle for Macragge and Assault on black reach sets.

I may have my reservations about the Finecast range  but the plastic miniatures is where i think GW really shines. The Dark Vengeance set not being an exception.

The Sprues are tightly packed with all kinds of Dark Angels and Chaos goodness.
The main stand out figure of the set clearly is the new Chaos Hellbrute.
My personal choice is the Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel.
A black and white assembly guide booklet is included to help.

Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel

I like this miniature as he isn't too ornate and overcrowded with details.

The Limited edition box set-  This particular set is different as it contains an Interrogator-chaplain Seraphicus, only available in the limited edition set. The miniature is set on a single sprue and a A4 card stat sheet with assembly guide on the other side

Interrogator-chaplain Seraphicus

I have hyped up the Dark angels so here are few pictures of the Chaos forces to balance things out

Chaos Lord Kranon the Relentless

The Cultists

The Hellbrute

Gaming aids:

The gaming aids included are the usual bits and bobs like the dice and neon green templates that have been in previous warhammer 40k box sets.
It contains a two page A4 reference guide containing the basic tables and turn guide.
For each force there is a roster so you can get the stats for the models. but there are no points values for them.

One thing that baffled me was that the A4 gaming reference sheets were made out of quite thin paper and not even thin card. This is even more surprising when you think of the Interrogator-chaplain Seraphicus stat card is made from glossy thick card.


The mini Warhammer 40k rule book is up to the same high standard as previous editions.

The Dark Vengeance booklet is very well put together and the first half of the booklet is a step by step guide on how to play 40k with the miniatures in the set.

The second half of the booklet is a fantastic piece of work, it gives six original missions to play with the DV(Dark Vengeance) set. The reasons why i like these missions are because these are not dumbed down versions of missions from the rulebook but they are unique and look fun to play. The first mission in the book can be played one player.
Each mission links to the next and lets you try out the various rules. A mission book like this is something that the previous 40k set Assault on black reach truly missed. 

The selection of miniatures chosen for DV was very clever as they allow you to cover most of the rules while keeping with the flavour of the forces.
The Dark angels let you cover Bikes, Psychic powers, Deep strike, Reserves.
and the Chaos allow for vehicle rules, close combat weapons and provide the cannon fodder.

One thing from the set that is missing is any attempt to give basic painting guides of the models from the DV set. I would of thought that this would be quite important in a starter set.