Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dreadball - MajArc Dreadball league final

Dreadball - MajArc Dreadball league final

Welcome sports fans to the exciting final of the MajArc league Cup Final, legions of fans are gathered in force to see these two top teams battle it out on the Dreadball arena.

Teams: Bloomoon Patriorx

1- Bad Wokka - Guard (Captain)
2- Skarpa - Jack

3- Neep -Jack

4- Gusto -Guard
5- Boff - Guard
6- Jiblet - Jack (starting sub)

7- Kreepa - Jack (starting sub)

8- Slit - Jack

Teams: Stark Industries 56er's

1- Bradley Jones - Guard 
2- Luke Ted - Jack

3-  E.W Sparkish -Jack

4- Zack Kidd -Striker (Captain)
5- Harry Horner - Jack (starting sub)
6- Fernando Cervesa - Striker (starting sub)

7- Alex Aphra-Smith - Striker 

8- Max Behn- Guard

Home side starts the game.

The dreadball fires onto into play, bounces off the back wall and lands deep in the home side of the field.

Boff (5) wastes no time and slams into Luke Ted (2) knocking him prone.

Gusto (4) Slams into Zack kidd (4)  the captain is straight away put in the injury zone for three rounds.

Skarpa (2) fumbles the ball, play passes to the 56er's

Luke Ted got up and slammed back into Boff but bounces off harmlessly

The Jack, Harry Horner enters play from the Substitute zone,

 Alex Aphra -Smith sprinted and picked up the dreadball, flicked and added a showboating point to the score, The home fans were not impressed by the theatrics.

Play continues

The ork team captain Bad Wokka (1) slams into  the human guard Max Behn (8) who stands his ground.

Gusto (4) knocked E.W.Sparkish (3) to the floor with a powerful slam.

Boff  followed Gusto's example and smashed the human guard Bradley Jones (1) leaving him out for three rounds. The crowd were not pleased by this brutal act of savagery.

After picking up the dreadball, Slit(8) evades both Luke Ted and Fernado Cervesa 

Boff continues his rampage and delivers a crushing blow to Cevesa in the scoring zone. He was met by jeer's from both sides of fans, Boff doesn't seem to be a fan favourite.

By the this point four team stark players in injury zone.

Max (8) made a slamming tackle against Bad Wokka, the Ork team captain who holds firm.

Slit(8) picked up the ball and threw the ball successfully into the scoring zone. The score is level at zero again.

Harry Horner slams Neep (3) knocking him into the injury board.

Luke Ted (2) bit off more than he could chew. and was beaten off by the ork guard Boff.

Harry Horner picks up the dreadball.

Bad Wokka injured by Max Behn (8) after a prolonged duel.

Gutso tackles Ted for a one round injury

Boff smashes dreadball holder Harry Horner, the dreadball slipping from his grasp as he hit the tiled floor.

Slit grabs the loose Dreadball and scores a four point throw.
The fans begin to warm up as the action heats up.

Zack Kidd sprints from the substitute zone and swiftly fires off for a quick two point. narrowing the orc's lead.

Bad Wokka runs out of substitute zone and then lands a slam on Alex (7)

Gusto slams and pushes E.W.Sparkish back.
Boff  slams in to Sparkish too only to just push him back.

Jiblet (6) picks up the dreadball

Max Behn lays a poor slam on Jiblet who evades with ease
Bradley Jones attempts the same and the Jiblet isn't so lucky this time and gets knocked out for one round. The ball bounces away towards Zack Kidd

Zack Kidd throws a long shot that misses and the ball bounces. Fans enjoyed the quick action of the shot.

The Dreadball in the scoring zone after Zack Kidd's miss.

.In a captain to captain clash Bad Wokka smashes into Zack Kidd and crippling him for three rounds , effectively throwing him out of the rest of the game. the fans go wild at the drama unfolding. The Orcs maintain  their 2-0 lead

Neep (3) runs to the dreadball but it's metallic smooth surface proves to much to hold and it slipped from his grasp.

Max Behn lays a desperate slam on the orc team captain Bad Wokka who is out for three rounds and ends his game too.

Fernado Cervesa sprints into play from the substitute zone. 

Neep (3) picks up the ball and throws a poor pass to Kreepa (7) who fumbles the ball and it drops into the tile in front of him.

Fernando Cervesa sprints and scoops up the dreadball as the clock counts down to the close of the match, he runs to the centre scoring zone, fires of a shot. Probably the most important of his dreadball career so far.The arena is silent as the dreadball slowly arcs towards the scoring tile. The Dreadball's metallic surface reflects the faces of the crowd, the home fans frozen in looks of horror and the away fans looks of hope. Slowly it descends into the scoring tile.  With a blip the dreadball drops into the tile, the scores change 0-2 and the game ends.

The winning shot in the last minutes of the game.

Final Score 0-2
Winner :Stark Industries 56er's

Players viewpoint- first game.

This is my first game of Dreadball and i used the Human team,  the game is really quick to pick up and really fast to play, although this game took longer due to taking notes and pictures. So i had no idea how the game would of played out, all the action that happened was totally unplanned and real.
 This game is now on my purchase list. There are  two full teams in the starter box (humans and orcs) , along with the rules, team rosters, cards and counters. I really want to try out some of the other teams to see how they all work in Dreadball.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Magic - Gatecrash league week three

So week three ends of the five week gatecrash league.
Each week i am allowed to play three games that add scores for the league result.
Week one ended with me gaining six points
Week two ended with me gaining another six points 
After week two i had a total league point score of 12.

Game one
The deck my opponent used was Dimir/Orzhov.

My opponent used the Grisly Spectacle card in every round of the game, at one point taking out my enchanted Disciple of the old ways with the Way of the thief. I lost the first round but i managed to bring it back with the help of a Drakewing Krasis. Unexpected results, helped me bring in my Simic Manipulator for no mana cost, but the game ended before i could use any of its abilities.

Result  2-1 Victory

Game two
The deck my opponent used was also a Dimir/Orzhov. My opponent is one of those players that hate to mulligan their first draw. 
A few cards gave me some trouble such as an Smog elemental enchanted with Holy mantle this weakened me as i have mostly fliers and they had evolved enough to survive.

Result  2-0 Victory

Game three

The deck my opponent used was a Boros build.

i Lost the first game due to Angelic edict Exiling all of my more powerful creatures like my enchanted Drakewing krasis and my master biomancer. 

I do like this card and i now have two of them in my Knights of the multiverse deck.

The other two games i managed to win, one game he was mana starved and the other i managed to fly over the top and deal player damage.

Result  2-1 Victory

Week three total league points 19

This weeks booster.
Each week you are allowed to add to your sideboard one Gatecrash booster. 
Last week i added Simic manipulator card to my forty card deck from my booster pack and took out Sage's Row Denizen. In this weeks pack I got Drakewing Krasis, and pit fight     were the ones that fitted best in my deck. in the end i just made the one change and took out Nimbus swimmer for another Drakewing Krasis giving me three in the deck.


Nimbus swimmer Out - Drakewing Krasis In