Saturday, 16 March 2013

Magic - Gatecrash league week three

So week three ends of the five week gatecrash league.
Each week i am allowed to play three games that add scores for the league result.
Week one ended with me gaining six points
Week two ended with me gaining another six points 
After week two i had a total league point score of 12.

Game one
The deck my opponent used was Dimir/Orzhov.

My opponent used the Grisly Spectacle card in every round of the game, at one point taking out my enchanted Disciple of the old ways with the Way of the thief. I lost the first round but i managed to bring it back with the help of a Drakewing Krasis. Unexpected results, helped me bring in my Simic Manipulator for no mana cost, but the game ended before i could use any of its abilities.

Result  2-1 Victory

Game two
The deck my opponent used was also a Dimir/Orzhov. My opponent is one of those players that hate to mulligan their first draw. 
A few cards gave me some trouble such as an Smog elemental enchanted with Holy mantle this weakened me as i have mostly fliers and they had evolved enough to survive.

Result  2-0 Victory

Game three

The deck my opponent used was a Boros build.

i Lost the first game due to Angelic edict Exiling all of my more powerful creatures like my enchanted Drakewing krasis and my master biomancer. 

I do like this card and i now have two of them in my Knights of the multiverse deck.

The other two games i managed to win, one game he was mana starved and the other i managed to fly over the top and deal player damage.

Result  2-1 Victory

Week three total league points 19

This weeks booster.
Each week you are allowed to add to your sideboard one Gatecrash booster. 
Last week i added Simic manipulator card to my forty card deck from my booster pack and took out Sage's Row Denizen. In this weeks pack I got Drakewing Krasis, and pit fight     were the ones that fitted best in my deck. in the end i just made the one change and took out Nimbus swimmer for another Drakewing Krasis giving me three in the deck.


Nimbus swimmer Out - Drakewing Krasis In

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  1. Eeeeenteresting!

    I'll be rummaging through your Magic archives for sure, I think; started running an Orzhov deck m'self, so reading up on what your opponents have done may be very useful indeed.