Thursday, 21 February 2013

Magic - Gatecrash league week two

So week two ends of the five week gatecrash league.
Each week i am allowed to play three games that add scores for the league result.
Week one ended with me on a total of six points.

Game one
The deck my opponent used was a nice Boros/Gruul mix.

The bomber corps ability was able to take out my low unevolved creatures out of the game.

Ground Assault is devastating late game card and Martial Glory 

Result  2-1 defeat

Game two

This game i was up against another Simic deck. my opponent just really had trouble with getting the deck to work, one game he could get the Mana and no creatures and the next game it was the opposite, so i an contributing the win to his deck losing rather than my deck winning. After the game we did discuss the deck and it seemed quite solid but it just didn't work on this occasion. 

Result 2-0 Victory

Game three

This game was a tough one, and the first time i have played a Dimir guild deck. The experience was refreshing and i was on the receiving end of unblockable attacks from Rogues like Deathcult Rogue. Also there was a good amount of extorting too leaving me very much in the lower end of the life poolThe Deciding game we were both on three life points left before i had to end it with the way of the thief attack on a +2/+2 Shambleshark.
A close run win but a win none the less.

Result 2-1 Victory

Week two total league points 12

This weeks booster.
Each week you are allowed to add to your sideboard one Gatecrash booster. 
Last week i never added any cards to my forty card deck from my booster pack. Optimistically i hope this booster will give me something worthwhile. So i was quite pleased when i opened my booster to find some cards that i could use. I got Simic manipulator and pit fight     were the ones that fitted best in my deck. in the end i just made the one change.



Sage's Row Denizen removed from Deck, Simic Manipulator added to deck.

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