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Robotech RPG tactics

Robotech RPG Tactics -
 "Aircraft approaching on course 107"

"Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast-paced, tabletop combat game that captures the action and adventure of the Robotech® anime. Two or more players can engage in small squad skirmishes or scale up to massive battles. Relive the clashes of the First Robotech War, engage in stand-alone tactical games, or use the dynamic game pieces to enhance your Robotech® RPG experience.
Mecha vs Mecha. Take command of the fighting forces of the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) valiantly defending Earth from alien annihilation. Or lead the massive clone armies of the Zentraedi Armada to recover an alien artifact of immense power and enslave humankind." - Palladium books Inc

This was a very much an impulse purchase, I really liked the series (Which i watched as an adult) and even had a Regult battle pod toy as a child.This game was filling a gap of an anime based miniature game. I really don't fancy Infinity, I play too many skirmish Sci-Fi games e.g. Urban war and Deadzone. The Scale is good (6mm) so huge mechas aren't huge miniatures. 

So the order was made with next day delivery and here it is.

The box itself its very large and very deep, the box was filled with loose sprues, none of the sprues were damaged so I was happy about that. Checking through all of the components I was short of one base. I contacted Palladium books but still awaiting response.

The Forces


The Zentraedi  were a genetically engineered warrior raced of clones that served the Robotech masters. 

Regult Sprue 
(you get four of these in the box and each sprue contains three Regults)

The Recovery pod sprue on the Left and the Recon pod and Glaug on the right.

On the whole the Zentraedi Miniatures were easy to put together with little hassle.

UEDF (United Earth Defence Force) 

The United Earth Defense Force was the unified combatant command primarily responsible for the defence of the planet Earth from the Zentaedi invasion of 2009, during the first Robotech war

Each Valkyrie has three modes.
Guardian sprue

The Guardian mode is clearly the hardest to hit mode, due to its Hover ability. Also packs a punch with its ability to also launch at wing mounted weapons too.
The Miniature was OK to put together until it came to the arms, they are not labelled on the sprue, so a lot of trial and error occurred to get ones that fit.

Battloid sprue

The Battloid mode is the giant robot mecha mode, it is more agile in close combat and its better at firing its rifle, but it's unable to fire any wing mounted weapons. To build, it was less frustrating than the Guardian mode , but still suffered from the sprue not being numbered making it hard to get arms that work as a pair.

Jet Sprue

The fastest of all modes, Even if it a little bit restrictive, but makes sense as it is a jet. So great to get into position and then change mode to fit the requirement needed. Jet mode does have the ability to launch a scary amount of fire-power from its wing mounted weapons.

You get enough sprues to make five Valkyrie in each of there three different modes. (Jet, Guardian or battloid)
A total of fifteen miniatures

Tomahawk Destroid and Defender Destroid Sprues

I haven't built up any Destroids as yet, but the spures are mirrored so they seem to not too difficult to build up.


Special Character cards 

I like these as you can upgrade certain mecha with characters from the show. although some characters are unable to be used straight out of the box, its still great to have had them included.

The cards do look a little faded in the pictures but that is because i put them in clear card sleeves, so i can assure you they are really vibrant in colour.

Unit cards
I'm impressed with these cards as everything is on these cards, including the three modes for the Valkyries, they are double sided with the weapon stats, any special abilities and  special rule keywords. The cards are the usual playing card size.

The Blast Template and Waterslide transfers for both factions

Core Force Cards -(Khyron card added for scale)
Each Army needs a minimum of two core force cards and another one for each additional 150 pts  in a game  (so an army of 450pts needs three core force cards). This saddens me as I cannot create an army with the Zentraedi in the box

Support cards
These are added to the Force cards to add just a little bit extra bit of variation and choice, Each card is smaller than the usual playing card size, 

Soft Cover Rulebook
The Rulebook is very nicely put together, so shiny! The Cover art is very nice and it continues the high quality images all through out the book.  Broken into rules, forces & background along with a great painting guide at the back of all of the available unit choices in the rulebook.

The forces and background section includes all of the available units for each force (seems to be to the end of the macross saga)

The Rules don't seem too heavy, more fast paced like the anime. I will go into rules more on "My first game".

A small section cover scenarios, campaigns and add on rules for the Roleplaying game game

Here are the Faction dice and the ten Command tokens for each of the two factions in the box  (No Malcontents sorry!)

Painted up so far.

"Corp. Ben Dixon reporting & while I'm around I assure nothing will go wrong" - Corp. Ben Dixon

"Corp . Max Sterling, Sir. Call me Max.. I'm very inexperienced & might be needing a lot of help" - Corp Max Sterling

 Up next , More painted Miniatures and My First game.........

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Ronin - Lion/Scorpion clan wars - Skirmish Battle report

Lion/Scorpion clan wars 
 Skirmish - Battle report


"Set in an age of feuding samurai, wandering swordsmen and fearless warrior monks, Ronin is a skirmish wargame that captures the flavour and excitement of such Akira Kurosawa films as Seven Samurai and Yojimbo. Whether they prefer the loyal samurai retainers of a feudal lord or a horde of desperate bandits, players choose from one of several factions and build forces to battle for dominance and survival in 16th-century Japan. They may also recruit swords-for-hire to supplement their forces - masterless ronin, martial arts masters and secretive ninja will lend their skills to any commander who can afford them. A full points system, incorporating a wide range of equipment and skills, allows for detailed customisation of characters, while scenarios and a campaign system permit them to gain experience and develop over time. The fast-paced rules simulate the cut and thrust of hand-to-hand combat and require the player to make tactical decisions in the middle of a fight, immersing them in an era of war." -Osprey publishing

Ronin on Osprey publishing 

I Have used this as a ruleset to play skirmish battles in the setting of 
"The Legend of the five rings". 

The Lion clan and the scorpion Clan are currently at war. The Lion clan have invaded the Scorpion lands.  Many battles are fought some are told some are not. but all of the battles contain great heroism and glory. Here are some accounts of the war that you may not of heard.

Outside Kumoshima village in the Scorpion lands

This was the moment that he hoped would never come. Bayushi Hideo looked around at the arranged Ashigaru in the shining sun, It was the middle of the day when the Ashigaru were summoned from the Kumoshima village. The Ashigaru-Gashira  drilled the handful of men, he didn't want to look at their faces, he knew already. The grim determination to protect their village from the invading Lion clan, clearly etched on their faces.  He had already sent a messenger to gain assistance, but it would be at least a day before they could get to the village. He had hoped that the lion Clan wouldn't be interested in such a small village in a quite poor district, but it did have a good location as a staging area into the next district into the south.  Hideo clenched his fist in annoyance. The Lion will pay for this. He would meet them head on before they could get to the village. Stepping forward, he gestured to the Ashigaru-gashira “ Lead them out”
He had always dismissed Ashigaru but today he was thankful for their courage, for he knew they were facing a formidable opponent. The Ashigaru marched with Yari and Nagae-yari ready. 

The Lion Samurai slowly stalked through the woods of the mountain pass, their orders where to scout out the terrain, they were told about a village up ahead. Soon the terrain changed as the mountain pass dropped to a bare plain with a few tortured trees.  At the bottom she spotted the unmistakable red of the Scorpion clan just beyond the trees, she gestured to her fellow Lion Samuari Matsu Shintaro  “what can you see?”
Shintaro stood still, surveying the barren plain in front. The clear morning making it easy to see. “Looks to just be Ashigaru, with a Samurai leading.  Could be a patrol?“
Matsu Kaya unsheathed her Katana, “Let’s make sure they can’t return with a report. “

The Lion Clan force marched down the Mountain pass.


This is a Skirmish of 150pts each side.

Lion Clan - Minor objective -  Kill more than 75% of the enemy Buntai.

Scorpion Clan - Minor objective -  Lose no more that 20% of your force

(Completing a Minor Objective offers five additional Victory points)


Lion Clan Attackers - (Left to right) Akodo Okimoto, Akodo Soji, Matsu Kaya, Matsu Takakage and Matsu Shintaro.

Matsu Kaya -Hatamoto Rank 4 with two skills (Powerful and Kenjutsu)
Matsu Takakage - Samurai Rank 3 with one skill (Kenjutsu)
Matsu Shintaro - Samurai Rank 3 with one skill (Powerful)
Akodo Soji- Samurai Rank 3 with one skill (Fast)
Akodo Okimoto - Samurai Rank 3 with one skill (Tough)

The Scorpion Clan Defenders - Bayushi Hideo and his Ashigaru troops

Bayushi Hideo- Samurai Rank 3
Ashigaru- Gashira Rank 2
2x Ashigaru Rank 1 With Nagae-yari
3x Ashigaru Rank 1 With Yari
Ashigaru Rank 1 with Yumi


Deployment on the barren plain

Scorpion defenders deploy

Lion attackers deploy coming down from the mountain pass

Turn 1 

Bayushi Hideo watched as the lion force descended from the mountain pass. No doubt they would be able to see the scorpion forces, he smiled behind his mempo, The Lions they won’t be expecting such an openly aggressive move. The thought gave him hope.

Turn 2 
Akodo Okimoto wounded from lone ashigaru archer

Bayushi Hideo saw one of the Lion Samurai take  an arrow in the shoulder, to his surprise, the warrior barely registered the wound. The tough samurai, snapped the arrow and continued his charge 

The two forces rush towards each other 

Turn 3

The Ashigaru charged for forward to engage the Lion samurai head on.

The Ashigaru swarm against the Loin clan samurai 

Akodo Okimoto spotted  the unengaged Scorpion Samurai and charges in for the kill. Bayushi Hideo saw the eager Lion and was ready, after a flurry of uncompromising swordsmanship, neither samurai were able to get advantage over the other.

Matsu Shintaro found herself on the wrong side of the Ashigaru Yari’s and the numbers were against her, she took a Grievous wound whilst delivering a light wound to one of the ashigaru. 

Matsu Takakage and Akodo Soji isolate an Ashigaru and 
with accurate strokes kill the unfortunate soldier

Matsu Kaya Smashes through the line of ashigaru leaving her alone against the Ashigaru- Gashira.

Turn 4

The Samurai of the Lion clan's superior combat ability was beginning to take its toll on the Ashigaru, the advantage of numbers slowly ebbing away to the onslaught from the Lion clan Samurai. 

Bayushi Hideo parried the sloppy attacks from Akodo Okimoto, he quickly found the opening and struck, the Lion staggered back, blood gushing from his sliced armour. Still on his feet he fought of the attack from an Ashigaru archer. The sheer robustness of the Lion warrior surprised him even more.

Matsu Takakage moves up to help against the Ashigaru.

The Ashsigaru-Gashira tried his hardest to defend against the Lion Hatamoto, but was no match in skill or power.  Slowly Matsu Kaya bent down to take the Ashigaru-Gashira's head as a grim trophy. Glancing around she noticed the enemy leader in combat with Akodo Okimoto.  She could see that her fellow lion was injured.  

Turn 5

The enraged Lion Clan Hatamoto Matsu Kaya charged at the crimson armoured Samurai of the Scorpion Clan. The Scorpion Samurai was knocked off balance from parrying and only his fast reflexes stopped him from a swift decapitation, however the lightning fast attacks from the Lion Samurai made a mess of his armour and he could feel the warm blood flowing over him from several wounds. Hideo’s head was swimming; the loss of blood affected him badly, finding it hard to focus.
Matsu Kaya smashes into the Scorpion Clan Samurai, causing a grievous wound.

Matsu Shintaro slices down another eager Ashigaru.

Turn 6

Matsu Shintaro dashed over and struck the Ashigaru archer , sending her opponent to the floor, the archers head followed soon after.

The Scorpions forces where now seriously thin and the Samurai was locked in combat.
Bayushi Hideo fought for his life against the clearly more proficient warrior. His head was still swimming. He knew he was just holding out.The sword slashes where fast but neither Samurai could find an opening in each other’s defences. Still the moment came, the Scorpion Clan Samurai lost focus from the loss of blood for just a moment, but it was all that the Lion Warrior needed.
Matsu Kaya took another head as a trophy.

The clash between the two champions see's the Lion Clan Hatamoto come out on top. 

Claiming trophies - A model that is not in combat or dazed may take a head from a slain enemy, if this model survives the battle their side gains one additional victory point for each head taken as a trophy. 

Gaining victory points -  Each side gains victory points (vp's) equal to the rank of each enemy model killed.

Turn 7- Final Turn

Akodo Soji finishes off the badly wounded Ashigaru

Final Victory Points

Lion Clan -  24 
Scorpion Clan - 0

Winner - Lion Clan

The last ashigaru slumped lifeless to the ground.

Matsu Kaya looked around at the headless Scorpions. Noticing the lack of samurai concerned her. She was expecting more.
“This was either a token defence or a desperate last stand? “ she said as she sheathed her blade.
It was Akodo Okimoto who spoke up “ Either way I feel we may have further resistance towards the village” his voice barely contained the strain from his injuries.
"Agreed make sure everyone is able to continue, we must press on. we must not allow the scorpions to gather their forces. " Ordered Matsu Kaya. 
Quickly and efficiently they Lions gathered their trophies and began to travel further in to the Scorpion lands.