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Dreadball - Arcanacup Major league III Ultimate final.

Arcanacup Major league III Ultimate final.

The Final is a winner takes all Ultimate Dreadball game were the six chosen teams play it out to determine the Ultimate champion.
Teams that are chosen are the top three that finished highest on league points and the other three are the top three on  Team rating (unless that team was already chosen on league points, then the next team down is chosen)

The League finished as follows:
Position - Name - Rating - Strike difference - League points
1 - Encom Gridrunners - 227 - (+49) - 33pts
2 - Why not Zoidberg - 261 - (+46) - 25pts
3 - Greenbay Packrats - 186 - (-1) - 23pts
4 - Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists!  - 211 - (-15) - 20pts
5 - Cheatyface Crew - 196 - (-26) - 20pts
6 - T.N.E.R.O.T.B - 206 - (+20) - 16pts *
7 - Major Nuggets - 186 - (-49) - 15pts
8 - Cylon Deathtraps  - 202 - (-42) - 14pts
9 - Hukuna Rattata - 178 - (+16) - 13pts *
10 - Team Kappatate - 155 - (-4) - 4pts *
(*= team dropped out)

The Finalists.
My team the Encom Gridrunners managed to get their place in the final on league points.
the other teams were:

1 - Encom Gridrunners - 33pts
2 - Why not Zoidberg - 25pts
3 - Greenbay Packrats - 20pts

and on team rating:

1 - Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists!  - 211 
2 - Cylon Deathtraps - 202
3 - Cheatyface Crew - 196 


After a furious bidding round Nightshade joined the Greenbay  Packrats for 37mc along with the Giant Alpha Simian for also 37mc.


Ludwig joined the Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists! for 24mc

Nameless Spawn

The Cheatyface Crew snapped up the Giant Nameless Spawn for 42mc.

Hello Sports fans, thank you for joining the  OSQDB network for the thrilling commentary on this ultimate final, My Name is Eddie Alba i am here in the Arena preparing for the exciting game to begin.The Arena is packed with fans from all six teams the noise is deafening.The Teams one by one started to set up in their starting zones, but wait, where are the Cylon Deathtraps? Will they make it in time? Will it only be a five team final?

The team set up,  but still no sign of the robot team.

Oh wait, i think i see movement in the purple zone. oh yes it's the Cylon Deathtraps, led out by their offensive coach Bane. 

The Robots of the Cylon Deathtraps arrive just in the nick of time for the Ultimate final

Final set-up zones.

Blue: Cheatyface Crew - Zee
Yellow: Greenbay Packrats - Veer-myn
Purple: Cylon Deathtraps - Robots
Orange: Encom Gridrunners - Trontek Humans
Green: Why Not Zoidberg - Nameless
Red: Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists! - Z'zor

The Encom Gridrunners enter the arena.

The dreadballs get launched in to begin the game. One lands in the alley between the purple and red zone, the other in the alley between the yellow and orange zone right in front of Alpha  Simian and human striker no.8 Castor.

Rush One

The Greenbay Packrats act first with the MVP Nightshade running into the red zone alley to snatch up the ball. The Z'zor striker no.2 Mendeleev looks on as Nightshade fumbles the ball and it scatters in to the yellow/purple score zone behind him. He won't be happy with that.

MVP Nightshade fumbles and the ball

Cylon Deathtraps take the advantage and a jack transforms into a guard and slams onto the Z'zor striker no.2 Mendeleev knocking him to the floor. The robot continues his rampage and slams Nightshade who uses his dirty tricks to get the referee to send off the Nameless striker no.5 Scuttle Scuttle for two rounds. Nightshade hits gets knocked out for two rounds. Do you think we will see him again?
The same Cylon Deathtrap guard slams into the back of the Giant Alpha Simian pushing on to the ball scattering it.

The Cheatyface Crew open up their sub's bench door and a zee comes on to the pitch, followed by another , sorry make that two others, no wait one, two, three, four, oh my! That's six more Zee players have sneaked on to the pitch. Attention turns to the Refbot, who it seems hasn't noticed any sneak foul. The Cheatyface Crew players seem to have created a wall to block off their scoring zones, it's "Zee wall"

"Zee wall"

Oh wait, what has happened? The Digital screens around the arena  have changed.

Oh that's right its multiball. Another dreadball gets launched onto the pitch.
The new dreadball lands in the alley between the red/purple zones.
Why not Zoidberg guard slams against Ludwig and pushes him back.
The nameless striker My Sandwich runs on from the subs bench scoops up the ball and heads directly towards the purple score zone. he Pivots swiftly and  throws the ball for a two point shot. It Misses! Coach Zoidberg is livid.

The Z'zor Coach shouts some advice from the sidelines. Striker No.8 Mendeleev backflipped back onto his feet, he moved quickly to gain possession of a loose ball. He sprints into the yellow score zone. Will this be the first points scored in the game? The ball has left his claw and it looks like the shot is, Yes its a Successful strike , Two points for Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists!

 The Refbot's eyes glows red to keep a closer eye on possible fouls.
Gridrunner Striker No.6 Innistrad runs to pick up the ball.
Another Fumble! Is there something wrong with today's Dreadball gloves? Personally i think it's Zee mischief.

Gridrunner Striker No.6 Innistrad Fumbles the ball. 
End of rush one

Rush two

Those strike attempts seem to have energised the crowd
Looks like the Cheatyface Crew's support coach is having trouble organising the Zee cheerleaders.
The rest of the Zee on the pitch are plugging in any gaps in their wall. Looks like the Refbot has finally ordered a zee off. It's No.3 Monkey legend one of the Zee's star players. Refbot is signalling that it's for the rest of the game. The Zee Coach is going Bananas!

Gridrunner Striker No.6 Innistrad runs and picks up the ball. She manages to get into a three point score position in the purple zone. This could be her chance to redeem herself from her earlier fumble. 
Gridrunner Striker No.6 Innistrad Gets in position to score three points.

The ball leaves her hand lightning fast but it flies right past the strike hex and into the red/purple zone. Another miss, she isn't having a good game at all. I'm sure the Encom Gridrunner coach will have something to say about her performance later.

Encom Gridrunners Offensive coach Patches shouts from the subs bench.

A Packrat runs on to put pressure on a Robot guard, Alpha Simian turns around and slams into the robot guard. Looks like that robot is scrap for sure. 

The robot slams back at the Giant. I don't believe it, the MVP Alpha simian is down, the med-teams are in to drag the huge corpse off the pitch. The Robot guard remains standing  covered in Simian gore.
Looks like the Offensive coach Bane wants a new gorilla skin coat.

Coach Bane in his Simian coat as the crowd behind him go crazy.

Another Veer-myn guard slams into the robot, only managing to push him back.
Another Packrat guard tries to clear out the Z'zor from his score zone, but the bug Striker faces him off.
Greenbay packrat Striker No.3 Brain Jumps over a robot and heads 
towards the ball in the red/green zone. With a shocking agility he dodges and weaves between Z'zor Guard No.5 Skinner, Ludwig and Nameless guard No.2 Craw! to get at the dreadball in the middle of them. He fails to pickup the ball but does managed to get the dreadball loose. 

That is one brave Veer-myn.

.Why Not Zoidberg Nameless guard No.1 Woop Woop Slams in to pack rat striker No.3 Brain but fails to land a blow. Woop Woop senses another target and slams into Ludwig knocking the MVP to the ground. 

MVP Ludwig gets knocked down to the floor.

Why Not Zoidberg Nameless Striker No.5 Scuttle Scuttle Runs on from the subs bench and picks up the ball in the red zone , then runs into the purple zone and throws the ball to the Why Not Zoidberg Nameless Striker No.7 Sandwich Heavy Investor who catches perfectly, A robot jack plays a run interference but the Striker dodges with ease, the crowd seems to enjoy this piece of showboating. The striker free from the slamming jack he makes his way to the yellow score zone. Sandwich Heavy investor get into position in the yellow zone's two point score zone. He shoots and he scores.
 Two points to Why Not Zoidberg!

A Robot guard slams the Gridrunner striker No.8 Castor and takes him out of the game for two turns. Continuing its rampage he slams into back of the MVP Nameless Spawn knocking it back. in an attempt to doge past the robot falls at the Nameless spawns feet.
 That is a worrying position that robot has gotten itself into.

The Z'zor MVP Ludwig picks himself up from the floor  opens up his wings and flies of the armoured head of a nameless guard. He lands lightly but fumbles the ball.
That knock he got earlier must still be affecting him.

Rush Three

The Cylon Deathtrap guard  gets back to his feet from the shadow of the nameless spawn. It doesn't waste time and slams in to the giant, who doesn't move.
Robot jack No.3 C3PO transforms into a guard.

Why Not Zoidberg Nameless Striker No.6 My Sandwich runs on and dashes on to the ball smoothly before running into the yellow zone. He makes a quick pass to Nameless Striker No.7 Sandwich Heavy Investor already in the yellow score zone.
A perfect catch, Nameless Striker No.7 Sandwich Heavy Investor has been a great receiver.
A nameless guard smashes a Packrat out of the way knocking him out for two rounds, as the guard makes his way towards the yellow score zone. The guard them slams into a Packrat guard in the yellow score zone. 
Nameless Striker No.7 Sandwich Heavy Investor passes back to Nameless Striker No.6 My Sandwich.

Nameless Striker No.6 My Sandwich with one of the dreadballs. Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists! Guard No.5 Skinner guards the loose dreadball.

A Free agent human guard J.Anderson hired by the Pack rats runs on from the bench and slams into the back of the nameless guard. The guard was taken totally unaware and is out for three Rounds although his quick recovery skill means he will only miss one round of play.

Nightshade runs back onto the pitch and puts pressure on Nameless Striker No.6 My Sandwich. With nightshade Distracting the striker, a Veer-myn guard slams into My Sandwich Knocking him out of play for three rounds and drops the dreadball. Greenbay Packrat striker picks up the loose ball in the green zone and takes a two point shot.
He scores the Cheerleaders around the board are going crazy, exciting the already raucous fans. That's two points to the Greenbay Packrats. It sure is good to see Nightshade again.

Energised by the fans Encom Gridrunner Striker No.7 Rinzler sprints on from the subs bench Dashes to get some extra speed. oh no! He preformed a "Kenzie Dash"*
(*Kenzie Dash is a Double dash that usually ends with the player falling over) 

Rinzler quickly backflips to his feet and picks up the ball on the edge of the purple zone dreadball and darts back into the yellow score zone. He is on the three point score hex, He takes a quick shot . That's now three points to the Encom Gridrunners.
Wow he really was fast.

 Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists! Guard No.5 Skinner senses the danger and slams into Nameless Striker No.7 Sandwich Heavy Investor with a sickening crunch the striker falls down lifeless. Reports are that Nameless Striker No.7 Sandwich Heavy Investor has been killed, i sure hope the doctors can revive him.

It just so happens that Head coach Zoidberg is also a doctor.

Taking advantage of the fallen Nameless, Z'zor striker no.2 Mendeleev picks up the loose dreadball and runs directly towards the yellow score zone. 
That yellow score zone has seen a lot of action this game.
Another two points for Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists!, Z'zor striker no.2 Mendeleev is having a fantastic game today.

Another ball gets fired in, that's now three dreadballs in play.

Cheatyface crew's Nameless spawn is clearly angry with the robot that keeps slamming into him, with a backhand of its giant tentacle, he smashes down the robot , taking it out of play for three rounds. Clean up team in the blue zone please.
Enraged the Nameless spawn tramples into the green zone and attacks the Nameless guard No.2 Craw! and pushes him back twice.
That Nameless guard sure did take a beating and he is still standing.

Rampaging MVP Giant Nameless spawn

Cheatyface Crew Jack no.2 Notdeadyet2 takes his chance and picks up the Dreadball. Look at him him, he seems so happy. What just happened the Dreadball has just shattered in his hand. I'm so gutted for the Zee, he looks so sad. 

Rush Four

Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists! only three points away from ending the game on landslide.
Z'zor Guard No.5 Skinner Slams into  Encom Gridrunner Striker No.7 Rinzler on the three point yellow score hex,  Rinzler dodges the attack and not shifting from the spot, Skinners extra limbs takes Rinzler by surprise and gets a telling blow on the agile striker, knocking him out for three rounds. the Three score hex now open, Z'zor striker no.2 Mendeleev picks up the Dreadball and runs towards the winning hex.  

Mendeleev takes the shot, an important shot, i wonder what he is thinking. It's true, the Ant-Agonists! score the winning three points.

Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists!, Z'zor striker no.2 Mendeleev aims up the shot for the win.

The Arena goes silent for a full minute as the enormity of what has just happened sinks in. Suddenly in unison the arena erupts with earthshaking noise.


Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists!  are the winners of the
 Arcanacup Major league III 

They really did work hard for this victory. I'm an going to try and speak to the Winning striker No.2 Mendeleev. How did you feel about the match and your part in it? "Burr, whizz,buzz, click click, virq, clicky clack, wizz biz clack". Well i don't think i could add anything else to that statement. Thank you for watching this has been the OSQDB network and i'm Eddie Alba, Signing off.

Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists!  

Finishing scores:

Blue: Cheatyface Crew - Zee - 0pts
Yellow: Greenbay Packrats - Veer-myn - 0pts
Purple: Cylon Deathtraps - Robots - 0pts
Orange: Encom Gridrunners - Trontek Humans - 3pts
Green: Why Not Zoidberg - Nameless - 1pts
Red: Professor Pym's Ant-Agonists! - Z'zor - 7pts


  1. A seriously in-depth report, I wouldnt have the patience to record the blow by blow in such detail.

    I do love to see some guys getting as much fun out of DreadBall (and Ultimate DB) as my group does. Its also great to see such nicely painted teams in play. Painted or go home as far as I am concerned :)

    Im going to steal your Multiball image by the way. I hope that you dont mind :)

    1. Oh yeah, sorry about the repeat post, but as I couldnt spot the Nameless coach I just thought that I would add a link to an image of my own Zoidberg coach:

      “I’m swelling with patriotic mucus”