Friday, 22 November 2013

Hey, that's my fish!

This a small post on a nice and easy to play game called  Hey, that's my fish!

The game can be played with up to four players. The aim of the game is to catch the most fish before the ice floe tiles disappear.

Set up
This game i will show here is a three players game. The Ice floe board is shuffled and then placed down in rows, this means that the boards are always different. After that the penguins are then now placed.

The teams collecting the fish are the :

  • The Green team
  • The Red team 
  • The Blue team.
 (The yellow team have been left out in this game)

The different colours and poses for the counters

The starting Ice floe tiles

The Ice floe tiles have one of three values either 1-3 fish

Starting places
Each penguin starts on a ice floe tile with only one fish.

 Turn one

Each player takes a turn moving one of their penguins. A penguin can move as many spaces in a turn but can only move in a straight line. After a penguin moves the player picks up the ice floe that the penguin started its move from, and adds he ice to the players cache.

Before the move

After the move, the tile it left has been removed and added to players stash.

The Ice floes slowly disappear.

A penguin is stranded on an ice floe.

The available ice floes becomes scarce.

Once all penguins can't move the game ends and the players then add up their collected fish.

Finishing places with a few ice floes unattainable.

Now it was time to count up the fish that were picked up.

The end score: 

  • Green: 30 Fish
  • Red: 35 Fish
  • Blue: 31 Fish

The Winner is the Red team with the most fish 

The red penguins and their stash.

Go Penguins!!!

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