Thursday, 30 June 2011

June update

Well for this month,quite a few things as June comes to an end.


The Warhammer 40'000 bug has also hit and i have taken the plunge and decided to start a Ork army.
I've started off with the assault on black reach set and an extra box of boyz, a trukk and a unit of grotz.

So far i have only painted up six orks, but the rest are built and undercoated

Urban war
On the gaming side of things, i have finally manged to try out my Koralon strike force for Urban War, my friend Sion used his Viridians for the game which was for the battle-report

However the battle reported is actually the second game, as i mis-interpreted a rule using warp portals and utterly decimated his force. so we replayed the game, and the results are in the link above.

Warmaster ancients
Hopefully my early imperial Romans for Warmaster ancients
 from the fantastic people at Baccus will arrive soon.

As a player im using a Halfling called Hengis Buttermash in a Warhammer fantasy roleplaying campaign (second edition)  he is currently in his second career as a Knight (this has been houseruled as a halfling could never ride a horse or be completely proficent in plate armour, so he only has a pony and studded leather and some chainmail armour and in his last career he was a soldier.)  the party is currently in the land of Tilea working as a mercenary company. the company consists of  a Dwarf Pit fighter, a Elf Wizard, a Tiliean Charlatan, a Female Estailian Duelist, and a Human Veteran.

On the GM front i have picked up a copy of  the  Dungeons & Dragons: Player's Handbook 2  and  Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon Tiles: The Witchlight Fens.  So i've been writing up various marsh based encounters. Also with the addition of the red box starter set i have -recreated "Castle of mystery"  adventure from Heroquest as a D&D 4e quest.(might re-name it "Ollar's keep")

Dark heresy is taking slightly longer but i have at least the first three weeks planned.
i will blog each week when it starts.

Well thats it for this months update

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