Monday, 4 July 2011

Early Imperial Romans - Warmaster Ancients -Part I

Early Imperial Romans - Warmaster Ancients
Part I

The long awaited Warmaster ancients finally arrived from the lovely people at Baccus.

The first thing i must say is the that Miniatures are great. The main infantry comes in strips of  four (as you can see from the pictures above), and you need two for each rank and they fit perfectly on a base of 40x20mm.

I started to build one of each unit to see if i could paint then in the unit or whether I'd have to paint each rank at a time. Luckily enough i have been able to paint the second rank with no difficulty. The Baccus stuff is 6mm scale, smaller than standard warmaster, but i like the smaller miniatures as it gives a grander epic scale to the force.

Auxilia Archers

Scorpion bolt throwers



My force list:

2 Legates     

1 unit of Veteran Legionaries      
4 units of Legionaries             
3 units of Auxiliary Infantry      
2 units of Auxiliary heavy cavalry 
1 unit of Auxiliary light cavalry  
2 units of Auxiliary Archers       
1 unit of Scorpion Bolt Throwers            
2 units of Skirmishers             


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