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Battle at the ruins of Niniathen - Lord of the Rings battle report

Lord of the rings strategy battle game battle report

Battle at the ruins of Niniathen

Erebor Dwarves versus Mordor Orcs

The Elven ruins of Niniathen lay at the southern east edge of the Mirkwood forest.
The Orc armies of Mordor march north to harass the northern Kingdoms of Men and Dwarves.
Dwarf Lord Furlin not willing to wait set forth  to engage them at the ruins and Send their enemies running back to the black land of Mordor.

Good force of Dwarf lord Furlin

Evil force of Orc Chieftain Lugbag

 Orc command


Both armies advance upon each other

With a scream of rage the Orc Shaman Gashog casts fury 

 Dwarven archers take position on the hill.

After taking two casualties from Orc Volley fire Dwarven archers take down two orcs in the front battle line with great precision

Armies close in to reach combat in amongst the ruins

 Dwarven shield wall

On the flank two more archers die to deadly Orc volley fire

 Mordor Troll about to charge the archers

Iron Guard hold firm

 The Lines Crash

Orc chieftain Lugbag charges in, counter charged by Dwarf lord Furlin and causes a wound on him

Khazad guard gang up and take down a Warg rider

Iron guard flank the Orcish battle line

Mordor Troll luckily survives bow fire and thrown axes by Iron guard
Mordor troll worries dwarven archers
but they are fearless and charge the troll losing only one of their number

Orc archer reserve charge in

Orc chieftain Lugbag  smashes through Dwarf line killing a Khazad guard and a warrior as Dwarf lord Furlin watches on

Troll devastates flank

As the battle turns ill, both sides are broken, the Orc Chieftain on Warg and Mordor Troll flee the battlefield leaving the Shaman Gashog in control of the remnants of the Orc forces

With their chieftain and Troll gone the Dwarves easily kept their nerve only four Dwarves fled the battlefield.The remaining pressed home the advantage and the Orc foe was vanquished but it was a hard fought victory

Result - Dwarf minor victory

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