Wednesday, 25 May 2011

May Update

This is my first update for the tabletop gaming blog

Ran a 2nd edition adventure of Warhammer fantasy roleplay based on the Film Jason and the Argonauts
 the party completed the tasks more swiftly than i had hoped.the party of five were more higher powered than i first thought.
If anyone wanted i could put the adventure down as a blog if requested (Just comment below)

 I will be beginning my Dark heresy campaign shortly, so i will keep you posted as that progresses.

I painted one koralon brood  for Urban War as a tester for the colour scheme

 As you can see i have went for a white/ Yellow colour scheme. I'm still not too sure about it but i think i will finish off the whole team before i decide if any changes need to be made.

Also for Urban War additions to my current forces

      VASA suppressor gernade launcher

Triad sniper

Tactical Androsynth with Plasma launcher

For other great Urban war miniatures try these links:

Scotia Grendel Productions 
Urban Mammoth
Urban War

In the future I've be putting together a Warmaster ancients army of imperial Romans, for a small tournament in October

So that's the end of the update for may.

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