Sunday, 15 May 2011

C3-DT Droid NPC- Star Wars roleplaying

For use with the Star Wars Role playing game Saga edition

 The C3 series where used as a working mans protocol droid, lightly armoured to deal with harsh working environments, such as laser mining, heavy foresting and heavy manufacturing/construction work.

Being an older model if compared to the 3PO series, it's design  features include only a single centre blue eye, bulkier shoulders with options for being armoured. The voice is male programmed due to the type of workplaces it is used for.
 Colour- White/Dulled Silver
Type- Protocol droid

Third degree droid - medium size   CL0
Init- -1 Senses- +1
Languages- Basic , Binary, 3 unassigned

Ref-9 (FF-9), Fort - 9 Will-11
HP- 5 DR-1  Threshold -9  Speed -6 (walking)
Immune droid traits
Base atk- +0 ,Grp -1 Melee - unarmed 0 (1d3)
Fighting space - 1 square   Reach - 1 square

Str-10, Dex-9, Con --, Int-12, Wis-13, Cha- 15

Skills - Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +6 ,Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +6 ,
Knowledge (Social Sciences) +0 ,Persuasion +12
Feats - Linguist, skill focus(persuasion, skill training- Knowledge (Bureaucracy) ,Knowledge (Galactic Lore)
Systems - walking locomotion, basic processor, translator unit (DC5), 
2 hand appendages, vocabulator
Possessions- audio recorder
Availability - licensed   Cost- 2,500 credits

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