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Star Wars Roleplaying Adventure - Jungle Rescue

This is a adventure for low level characters  (levels 1-4) using the saga edition rule set in about one or two sessions of play.
The adventure is set during the Clone Wars and it is assumed that the party is republic affiliated.

Three republic Senators have been captured by separatists their location has been traced to an outpost deep in the jungle of Fidavar

Captured Senators:
 Human female - Madlyn Yarrow
 Twi'lek male - Lothor Gaian
 Zabark male - Yu-sien Vekarr

Previous attempts have failed and now the player characters (PC's) have been asked to help as a small compact rescue unit

One party member with the highest use computer skill is secretly given the task to download data from the outposts systems, that person receives a small black data stick.

Part one

After dropping out of hyperpace, the party make planetfall in a LAAT/i accompanied by a clone commander "Tiberius" and four clone troopers.
The party land deep in the jungle and it is tough (endurance test DC10)
after about an hour of slow travel the party come across a crashed LAAT/i, dead clones and a human Jedi are strewn about the crash site. The dead Jedi knight is known to the Clone commander and names him as  "Zun Hess"

Part Two

After another hour of travel a successful perception test DC15 to notice outpost.
Upon investigation the outpost is guarded by B1 battle droids, super battle droids and a single dwarf spider droid.


another successful perception test on a DC10 reveals hostage being killed (shot by pistol in the head) as a zabrak male. watching is a Geonosian noble standing next to a dark hooded and roded figure.

PC's decide their actions- clone commander suggests ambush or stealth and sneak action.

during any combat the robed figure is nowhere to be seen,

after combat in main complex a successful use computer test DC10 , This releases the Data and reveals information on using Green crystals as a focusing source for a super weapon (death star)


P2-  Human female - Madlyn Yarrow
P3-  Twi'lek male - Lothor Gaian
B-    B1  Battle Droid
S -   B2 Super Battle Droid
On roof a mounted heavy blaster rifle used by Thug
Tg -  Thug

on desk a small green crystal (later know as a Ordatis crystal)

Also in the main complex the only Senator survivor is
(P2) Human female - Madlyn Yarrow and she is laser bound. (DC10) on mechanics, use computer or use force to deactivate them.
(P3) Twi'lek Lothor Gaian hasn't survived the ordeal and lies dead in his cell.

Part Three
"Get to the choppa!"

The party must now return to the pick-up point, on route the party are attacked periodically (GM decides when) by an unseen foe, picking off the remaining clone troopers

if the party set a trap (its a trap!) they are attacked by a lion-pigdog (use nexu rules) to the death.
Nearing the pick up zone they are confronted by a robed figure with red lightsaber (Asajj Ventress)

if possible the Clone commander "Tiberius" will sacrifice his life to allow party to escape on to the LAAT/i with data and senator.

Xp rewards-

surviving- 800 each
rescuing the Senator - 300 each
defeating the spider droid -600/no. PC's
good role playing - 100
plus standard xp for defeating CL's

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