Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Fallen Hammer - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Location: Altdorf in the state of Reikland

Its location on the main road from the south gate makes it a very busy and popular with newcomers to the city. in addition Its close location to the Imperial Palace makes it favored with mid to low class nobles. The amethyst Wizard Magister Kasper Herzog is one of the more high class regulars.

Owner=Hugo Falkenheim.

He has two sons, Rubeus and Gizmar, the eldest Rubeus joined the Empire army was sent to the north during the storm of chaos, no word has returned of his well being.
Gizmar was initiated in to the colleges of magic, training as a light wizard, he too has left Altdorf on a assignment by the colleges after the storm of chaos.  Rumours that the apprentice wizard has been possessed are deemed an insult to Hugo. Both his son's rooms have been left as they were.

Due to both his sons departures ,he's been hiring locals and travellers to work in the Inn. A few full time staff live in the Inn. Rosalind Falkenheim, Hugo's wife is the Inn's veteran Cook. The high amount of imported goods from the Old world  has created a large and extensive menu.
The fireplace is a popular place for Bards for their gatherings of tale telling.

The home Brew Ale- Oaked Ale -2p
The special Wine -Elven influenced dry fruit wine -4p

Locally produced: Hard cider -2p

Breakfast -2p (The Sigmar squared Sausage , is very popular)
Lunch-3p  (Pies consisting of beef, pork, venison, or fowl, or a mixture of those meats)

Daily special dish -6p
Wine glass/bottle 3p/7p

Lodgings- per night
Common room-5p
Single room- 5ss
Double room-10ss
Large room-15ss

1-  Bar                                                        14- Main Hall
2-  Store                                                     15- Back Yard
3-  W.C                                                       16- Stairs to Ground Floor
4- Fireplace                                               17- Study
5- Side Gate                                              18- Landlords Chamber
6- Private Booths                                      19- Servants Quarters
7- Stables                                                   20-Rubeus's Room
8 - Refuse Bins                                          21- Gizmar's Room
9 - Kitchen                                                  22-Chimney
10- Brewery                                                23- Single Room
11- Common Room /Dormitory                24-Double Room
12-Stairs to First Floor                              25- Large Room
13- Private Stable

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