Sunday, 15 May 2011

Space Dreadnought 3000

Space Dreadnought 3000® is a fast play game in which military and economic conflicts of the distant future are fought out and decided through your strategic skill and daring. Great battlefleets, controlled by ambitious intergalactic powers, wheel across the immense void of space in a conflict aimed at deciding once and for all who will rise from the chaos threatening to engulf this part of the galaxy. Your ships, unimaginably powerful, will leap across the light years to compete for control of strategic stars and star-clusters needed to achieve your ultimate objective - Guardianship of the vital 7th Sector of the galaxy - to become one of the sixteen powers making up the Guardianship of Galmitrae.

 Now here is my  SD3K Altaran Fleet. its about 212pts, i haven't yet had the chance to play the game, but i should do in a few weeks.

As you can see its the colour scheme is heavily inspired by the film TRON LEGACY.
 now i will show in greater detail the ships.

first my fighter baseship. This is my command vessel (The Throneship)

Next the main fighting arm, my Crusier, Battlecrusier, Dreadnought, and Super Dreadnought, all with orange trim.

The Super Dreadnought is missing from this picture but its in the larger fleet picture behind the baseship.

This now brings me to the light support ships two patrol ships and two destroyers designated by their pale blue trim


well that's all for now. i'll post after i have played my first game, it should be against either the Quellaris Federation or the Vargan Empire

Well i now have cut out the space hex tiles for play

14 Hex Tiles


  1. hello there, ships look awesome!

    I am off work tomorrow, tues and wed if any of them suit to have a game. In fact I finish at 3 on thurs too so that evening is another option.

    Tomorrow isn't best for me as I have a few things to do but let me know if you want a game!

  2. WED is best for me as i am off all day. i'll need to print off some hexes and some order sheets. :)