Monday, 27 June 2011

Clash at the Imahu Complex -Urban War battle report

Clash at the Imahu Complex -Urban War battle report

 Up until now the Gyrus sector of the Helion territory on Iskandria has been subject to many violent skirmishes between the Viridian Iskandrian defence force (IDF), Triads and Syntha. VASA raids to bring order to this sector have proved mostly unsuccessful. The Koralon yet haven't been sighted within this sector ...until now....
Civilians have reported unusual sighting at the abandoned Imahu complex. Lt Orrik of the IDF took a small elite strike force to investigate.

Lt. Orrik

Viridian (IDF) Strike Team

Koralon Strike Team


Koralon Strike fast using Warp Portals, the Brood and Larvan  rush forth and into cover.

Phazon holding open the portal as the deadly Koralon rush through.

Brave colonial marines rush forward to attempt to take down the approaching brood with deadly gauss fire

At the other end of the complex the Colonial marines with Lt.Orrik edge closer

Overwatch positions taken, ready for contact.

A lone Brood Sneaks up to the Viridian defences.

Two Brood and a Larvan assault the colonial marines as they making a firing withdrawal, blasting one Brood apart before the Larvan reached combat and took out a marine and charging in to the Shock marine, its shield saving him from the deadly claws of the Larvan.
 The brood slew the other Colonial marine.

Overwatching Colonial marines cover Lt Orrik as a Brood charges in with deadly speed.

Lt.Orrik in trouble as another Brood approaches in for the kill.

Phazon slowly advances into cover

With a clash of blades Lt Orrik fails to take down the Brood warrior

Colonial marines take defensive positions after seeing the shock marine being butchered by the Larvan

Lt. Orrik holds his own against two Brood warriors, managing to dispatch one of them with his deadly vibro scythe before the Phazon appears from a warp portal

Failing to dispatch with overwatch fire the Colonial marine paid with his life, as Koralon overrun the Viridian positions severely shaking the morale of the strike team

With the area now overrun, Lt Orrik orders a withdrawal with the two remaining Colonial marines.

Koralon Major Victory


  1. Great BatRep. Where did you get the Cargo Containers from?

  2. thanks

    i got a Program that i printed on card from a company called Paper Make iT