Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Great Distraction

The Great Distraction

In keeping with my gaming hopes for 2012. I wanted to finish of my Menoth 25 point force for Warmachine.  i already had most of it completed, I was left with only one unit to paint.
5 Exemplar Cinerators.

They built together really easily without too much preparation needed.
next step i based them with sand and basecoated them.

Now they are ready to be painted, but wait .......

That's right the Distraction that came in the form of Warmaster ancients

with the 1000pt Norman army that I bought from Baccus6mm in September 2011.

Needless to say this army was also in the gaming hopes for 2012, but it was a much larger task. than the five Cinerators, but before i long i had forgotten about the drying Cinerators and had began building up the Norman spearmen, archers  and the two characters.

 Here is my progress so far

Norman Spearmen

Painted force at the moment 

I have wanted to paint this force up for a long time, and i plan to keep steaming ahead with the army, but i will put away a few days to complete the Cinerators. i do kind of feel bad as i got back into playing Warmachine just before the new year. so i really wanted to have a completed force and seeing that it was only five miniatures shouldn't be that difficult. but alas i painted up 121 6mm soldiers instead.

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