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Dark Heresy - A Worrying Welcome

Roleplaying Campaign

A quick re-cap of the cast::
Inquisitorial cell:
Kar, Feral World Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive World Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World Scum
Zetkin, Void Born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial World Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial World Tech

Episode two - A Worrying Welcome  

It isn’t long before Inquisitor Margallus gets back in touch to his inquisitorial henchmen.
The party tell him what had happened and Novus uploaded the stolen data to the Inquisitor.

Margallus tells the party that he has looked further in to the heretic inquisitor Callidon. Details of a frequent location in at Valoside prime  in the juvos dusk sector. So party are told to sit tight for two days until the Dauntless class cruiser called the Brazen Triumph arrives. He tells the party received its monthly amount of throne gelt into their personal account.

The Inquisitor advises them that Gene -Seed is involved and the ecclesiarchy stumbled over the Inquisitor Callidon's work and continued where he left off. The data gives mention to the Conclave of Avalon frequently.

He advises the party not to interact with the ecclesiarchy.  Margallus wants to deal with them personally. 
After going into the residential district Stern with Cutter sold his chainsword and three doses of slaught bought himself a pump action shotgun.
Zarkov and Zetkin headed to the Arbite armoury and requisitioned Flak vests for the rest of the party, also got more ammo  Zarkov got a shield and an Autogun for Cutter.

soon they are aboard the Brazen Triumph, they're shown to their quarters. They are debriefed that they will be dropped off on the planet then the ship will come back from the front line against the Ork invasion with supplies for them after three days.
Kar ad Cutter picked up a three frag grenades each.

A small shuttle craft piloted by Aeris and his co-pilot Luft will fly them down to the forested backwater planet of Valoside prime.

Valoside Prime

Valoside prime reports :a green forested planet with a primitive but substantial military human population.

The shuttle makes planetfall at the clearest clearing to the co-ordinates given, which is equal-distant to the nearest human population centre.

It wasn't long before they started their twenty four hour trek through the dense forest, Kar led the way. Six hours into the journey and Stern and Novus started to become fatigued. When it got dark they set up camp for the night. Suddenly they received a signal beep from their shuttle.
by Mutual decision it was agreed that they continue on with their journey.
soon as it was light they party continued on. soon they arrive at the co-ordinates to find a simple metal double door built in to a hill..

Norvus opened the door, he was able to access some information on its power supply. he relayed it was a powerful plasma generator capable of great power, but it is currently running on a low setting.

An unexpected voice

beyond the door a large staircase led down in to the dim lighting of a large compound with  corridors leading right and left.
they decided to split into two groups, the two Scum and the Tech priest went right with the Arbite, Guardsman and the Psyker going left.

The first group that went right discovered the power supply and further down the hall found
 Inquisitor Callidons Quarters, hooking into a terminal Novus uploaded the systems information, he gathered that two specimens of gene seed are in this facility. Also within this room was a finely crafted Laspistol, which went missing shortly afterwards.

Kar lead the group left, Zetkin heard soothing ghostly voice that are hard to refuse in her head. telling her to go right then, right again. Kar not suspecting anything followed the psykers advice., Zarkov noted the walls were lacking in any imperial symbols are any symbols at all until they turned right again and met a single door, covered in
symbols he didn't quite understand some where imperial symbols.

It was Kar who opened the single door. the door opened without a sound.its sole occupant hidden in the darkness, only to be revealed suddenly,  a humanoid figure with a featureless face looked at them with yellow glowing eyes, its skin always seemed to be moving like something barely contained within wanted out desperately. The rooms walls and floor covered in the same symbols on the outside. Upon Seeing the creature, Zarchov's nose started bleeding heavily and he clutched his Aquila charm and feverishly muttered prayers to the god-emperor. Kar grunted, Zetkin smiled as blood ran down from her nose.

the rest of the party rounded the corner to see Kar throwing in two Frag grenades in to the room with the creature with a shout of "fire in the hole!"

Kar looked up and through the smoke of the explosion he could see two glowing eyes leaving the room, in his heard he heard "That wasn't so courteous, but i thank you for freeing me"
  The party backed way some firing at the Daemonhost only to bounce harmlessly off its skin. it spoke to each of them in their heads, "Do not go outside,"

1:Horitz's Chamber
2:Plasma power generator
4:Callidon's quarters.

Once-bound Daemonhost

54 (15)
47 (8)

Movement 2/4/6/12 Wounds 30
Skills  Awareness +10, Deceive +20, Dodge,Forbidden lore (Daemonology,Heresy, Warp) +20
Psyniscience +20, Secret tongue (Daemons) +20, Speak language (all) +20
Talents  None
Traits Unnatural Strength x3, Unnatural Toughness x2, Daemonic,Dark sight, Fear(4) ,Natural weapons (Claws 1d10 +15)
From beyond, Flyer (AB)
Armour None
Gear None
Psychic powers: All Minor powers
Force Bolt, Mind Scan, Inspire, Telekinetic Shield, Hammerhand
Unholy changes: Fluid form, Featureless face, Claws, Glowing eyes.
Daemonic Phenomena
Shadows flicker and distort into strange silhouettes, 
Buzzing that no one can see its source, Peoples noses begin to bleed

 each of the party made their way back to the entrance, keeping the daemonhost in their sights, it was Stern  and Novus that got to the entrance first. 

The Watchers

As soon as Stern, Kar, novus, and Cutter got out into the open they were confronted by a large number of green beaked aliens aiming crude rifles at them, but it was the kroot who where surprised as the party opened fire on full auto, killing three of them in an instant. zetkin and Zarkov followed shortly after to see carnage in front of them,

Kar stood his ground in front of them firing off  las shots on semi auto, Cutter next to him firing his autogun. the return shots caused deadly effects, Stern was hit in the face, leaving it a melted ruin, he fell to the floor blind, firing off all of his shotgun shells blindly into the advancing kroot. Norvus also took hits, as he ran into the cover of the complex entrance.
soon zarkov and Zetkin joined in the firing, Zetkin using her warp abilities to stabilise Sterns condition. Kar stood in front seemingly invincible, having only taken minor flesh wounds.  soon the Daemon host arrived from the stairs behind the party and suddenly those pinned behind the wall and stern regained his sight. stern threw his last Frag Grenade at the still strong Kroot forces

The Daemonhost Known as Horitz joined in the fight against the Kroot causing five to combust in electrical fire.

more Kroot fell to combined fire of the party, Cutter took a bad hit to the arm, numbing it badly. he them threw his grenade at the kroot advance, felling some more. The Kroot drew closer  one of the feral creatures engaged Zarkov in combat,

Kroot carnivore x20 (Deathwatch - mark of the xenos (p.20).

With the help of Horitz the Kroot were all killed. Zarkov killing the last in a brutal close combat.

Picking up a Kroot rifle the party fled back to the shuttle only to find both pilots slaughtered and Horitz close behind, it finally caught up with them and asked to be taken off planet,
Zetkin felt the full of the warp and her head was filled with images and suddenly the knowledge came to her, she was able to pilot spacecraft.

+++++++++++++++transmission end+++++++++++++

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