Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dark Heresy - Back to reality

Roleplaying campaign

Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest

Episode Four - Back to reality

It was Novus that first noticed the door alarm of somebody wanting access but being denied due to the large door being locked. looking through the tiny vid pic, he recognised stern and granted him access.
The door opened to reveal Stern covered in thick gore. Once he got in he explained what had happened to him

Now that the inquisitorial cell has all been re-united, they decided it was time to get moving and leave the bridge. Novus brought up plans of the ship, showing medicae and arbite astra armoury not far from their location. Before they headed off the tech priest decided he wanted to delve a little further into the ancient machine spirit of the Brazen triumph. Its powerful spirit rejected the intrusion from the tech priest forcing the tech priest out with sonic feedback, leaving Novus disoriented and exhausted. however he did manage to locate that the Astropath and Navigator are alive in the solarium. They decided to check it out before they headed down into the cargo bay to look at the imperial guard supplies.
Zetkin deduces via the navigation computer that they are heading back to the last known location. "The front lines, that can't be good" cutter added

unnervingly quiet the cell slowly enter in to one of the ships medicae bays, Zarchov scanning the room for lho sticks. each of the party picked up a few medi packs each.
Norvus programmed a Medi servo skull and it followed him

Medi Servo Skull - 'Gives the user +10 on medicae skill tests and adds an additional 1 wound healed on top of the amount usually healed.


soon they headed on to the next location
Arbite Astra armoury
The armoury seems to be untouched by the ravages of the ship, deserted but still intact. The party picked some light carapace armour and some pump action shotguns, Cutter and Zarkov also pick up a Riot shield each.

Riot shield scopulus pattern - Primitive, Melee , Dam 1d5  I, Pen 0, Defensive,
Primitive, armour Bonus +4

Zarchov also picked up an Auspex, and a handful of blind grenades after failing to find any Lho sticks.

Next place they wanted to check was the Solarium.when they got to the door that lead up to the solarium. It was decided that Zetkin will go up with Cutter and zarkov leading the way with their riot shield raised.the stairs winded up and up, out of the main body of the ship. soon they came to another door. Zetkin could feel the raw psychic power that lay beyond it.
Kar, Stern and Novus stayed on guard at the bottom door in case more rotten crew arrive

Cutter opened the door into a large black dome, in the middle of two half circle padded seating.a dark cloaked man with his arms outstretched, each arm pointing at a female astropath and an ageing navigator who seemed frozen  looking at the ceiling with arms rigid at either side. He spoke " I wondered how long it would take for you to get here"
Thonis Witch (puppeteer) x1 (Dark Heresy rulebook p.345 )

Pointing his arms at the three at the door way the two psykers fell to the floor soon the room erupted in to a one sided firefight, cutter could feel the foul psyker burrow into his mind, he expelled it with a force of will. Cutter let rip with his shotgun, the sounds of gunfire brought Kar, Novus and Stern running up the stairs. Cutters head throbbed as again he had to expel the foul psker out of his mind. the foul psyker started chanting louder  just as it was reaching its peak, He fell back with a hole in his chest
Suddenly the starship dropped out of warp space, the warp shielding drooped to reveal that they had arrived into a battle zone around a planet.

Not far away they could see a large crude Ork vessel heading towards them. Ork brutish design was always easy to recognise. looking out into the space combat between Imperial forces and the Ork fleet. To their horror they noticed three smaller ork vessels heading straight for them, Large pointed ramming spikes adorned the from of the crude ork ships. quickly they checked the Navigator, he was dead and the Astropath was alive but unconscious.  Kar lifted the Astropath and put her over his shoulder and headed back down the winding stairs.


It wasn't long in the journey to the shuttle bay did they feel a bone jarring explosion knocking some of them to the corridor floor, when they got to the shuttle bay, there was a handful of the rotten crew. Zarkov threw a few blind grenades filling the bay with dense smoke. soon with help of the auspex they managed to avoid the shambling crew.

Novus headed away from the crew into another chamber of the cargo and located the location of the special weapons, he opened up a few boxes to find melta guns and flamers, and ammo not too far away. he was interrupted in his rummage by the sound of a few corrupted flight officers running in his direction. he quickly picked up the first item at hand, which happened to be a melta gun and one clip of ammo he then rushed back to the shuttle bay the officer close behind.
Zetkin quickly took the controls, the main loading hatch was still open as they waited for the tech priest to return. soon Novus was back into the shuttle. with a creak the artificial gravity failed. Zetkin gently controlled the ship as the shuttle bay exit started the move. leaving the ship the shuttle was hit by a piece of shrapnel and the left engine went of fire.the rest of the crew could see the brazen triumph broken on half. Zetkin shut off the engine killing the fire, leaving her and the crew hurling towards the planet.
+++++++++++++++++Transmission end+++++++++++++++++

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