Monday, 20 February 2012

Dark Heresy - 2.8 Days later

Roleplaying campaign
Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest
Last weeks XP award:
Kar - 160
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel - 110
Krell "Stern" Rabalias - 130
Zetkin - 130
Nihilus Zarkov - 110
Novus Dorn- 120

Episode Three - 2.8 Days later

Stern woke up to find himself in the familiar surroundings of a shuttle craft, on one side he could see a pile of gear including three kroot rifles and an autogun. He couldn't hear anything else on the shuttle. He called out and hearing no response he looked out of the cockpit window and saw that he was on board an imperial starship. The landing bay was empty of people, even servitors. At the far end  a shuttle was standing as a very dangerous angle, he could see its landing gear all buckled and bent.

Soon he decided to pick up all of his gear and head off to find the crew, he decided to head through the door towards the bow of the ship. travelling through the quiet corridors of the ship, she could see and hear no-one. He called on the vox unit to no reply. It wasn't long before he came across a large room filled with ration packs and various edible supplies. carrying on further he came to a large corridor leading to a set of service elevators.
 Pressing the button, he called for the elevator.

As he waited he felt something grab his shoulder
Crew Fydae Strain Plague Zombies x3 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.149 )

He turned with great speed and blew the rotting crew members head off with his shotgun.
as he looked at the foul body of the crew member another elevator stopped and opened further down the corridor and two more decayed crew members got out and shambled towards him. Stern with out hesitation opened fire blowing out the first ones chest, the other by head shot. he got into the elevator and headed up, hoping to get towards the bridge.
Quickly he reloaded his pump action shotgun.

Soon the elevator stopped to reveal a dark corridor, it was smoky and smelled like fireworks. without any means to light he slowly continued down the corridor. he got halfway before he began to see faint light up ahead, but slipped as the floor got suddenly wet and slippy and he fell to the floor. Getting up  to his feet he hugged the walls as he could hear banging noises ahead.
slowly he edged himself so he could see around the corridor to where the light was coming from. He saw three more rotting crew members banging at an elevator door.
Crew Fydae Strain Plague Zombies x3 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.149)
 confidently we walked out into the centre of the corridor to open fire with more shotgun shells. his first shot blew a leg off, the crew member fell to the floor as the others turned around to face the fresh meat which presented itself. soon the corridor didn't seem long enough as the crew members became dangerously close. Another one went down with a gaping hole in its chest and the last managed to get to grips and bite stern on the arm before he too also got his chest blown out. slowly walking up to the one legged crew member crawling on the ground he ended its life with a shotgun shell to the head.

Stern opened the elevator which the crew where attacking. slowly getting inside, he looked down at himself and found that he was covered in foul smelling gore. He pressed the keypad to take him to the top, the door jams halfway and it takes a few moments before he manged to get the doors to close properly. Then his ascension began.
Yet again the door opens to a sight of a gore splattered corridor. minding his footsteps on the slippery floor of the curved corridor. Suddenly fear and realisation grips him and he runs back in to the elevator and rapidly hits the keypad to take him down a level.
One level down
Calming his senses he opened the door on the next level down on to a Gantry with stairs leading to the main hall, it appeared to be a large canteen for part of the ships crew. A large pile of dead bodies lay against the far corner wall. taking no chance after the horrors of before, he fired a shot into the rotting mass of bodies. A grunt from under the gantry was his response, a man in a ripped and soiled naval officers uniform came into view stared at stern with white dead eyes before sprinting towards the stairs and up the gantry with remarkable speed of one with singular purpose. Stern unloaded the remaining shotgun shells into the corrupted officer. the shots didn't seem to slow it at all.
 Officer The Risen Dead x1 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.65)

Before he knew it the creature was up the stairs and attacking him face to face. Stern managed to dodge the first few strikes from the officer. but was then hit hard, pain burst through in the left arm and for a while he couldn't move it. Gripping the officer with his good hand he managed to get free tearing a piece of the officers uniform with it. then he levelled his sawn off shotgun from his back and blew the offer down the metal stairs where he landed with a sickening crunch. He saw the officer move and get back to his feet and Stern didn't hesistate to get back into the elevator.

It wasn't until he started to reload his shotgun did he relase that he was still holding a piece of the officer uniform in his hand, he looked at it to see it was a name tag.Officer B.Campbell.

To the bridge
Yet again the door opens to the sight of the gore splattered corridor. he walked out slowly minding his footsteps again on the slippery floor. he located the next elevator at the end of the curved corridor. The gore gets heavier and more disgusting towards the elevator. The floor was piled with bodies either side of the elevator door. With grim determination he got into the elevator and began to ascend.

The elevator opened on to a straight corridor filled with stench and a cloud of flies, the dense air made vision to the end of the corridor impossible. His great bravery pushed himself on to the end of the corridor where a large double door towered closed in front of him.
He pressed the keypad at the side to open the doors.

++++++++++++++Transmission end+++++++++++++++

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