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Warmaster Ancients- Normans

Warmaster Ancients- Normans

 In the space of two centuries the duchy of Normandy stood as a prime mover in European affairs, not only completing the conquest of England but also stretching its arms out to southern Italy and Sicily. Even after the duchy lost its autonomy and was absorbed into the Kingdom of France-proper it still exerted great power and influence within that realm.
This is my second Warmaster ancients army, my first being Imperial Romans
For my next force i really wanted a cavalry heavy force and with the Normans i got it..
I really liked the 6mm Baccus range for giving an epic feel to the game.
So now on to my painted miniatures
General Kenzie de Montfort
Norman Infantry
foot soldiers would be protected by the use of the shield as used by the cavalry

Norman Leader, Godfrey de Ibelin leading a unit of Retainers

Norman Knights
 were an integral part of Norman and general French strategy.

More Knights

wore no armour. Their function was to soften up the enemy before engagement by killing as many opponents as possible beforehand.

General leading the knights

Knights and Infantry

Retainers and mounted skirmishers
Norman mounted skirmishers.

Norman force in full - 1000pts

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