Friday, 19 August 2011

Early Imperial Romans - Warmaster Ancients -Part III

Early Imperial Romans - Warmaster Ancients -Part III

This month sees the completion of my early imperial roman warmaster ancients force. a total of 1250pts, you can see the progress here and here.
I even managed to play my first game with them too, but more about that later.
First the army itself.

The Army

General Marcus Titus Aquillus with his veteran legion

Closer shot of General

Heavy cavalry

Aux Archers

Aux Infantry


Legions and Scorpion bolt throwers

More Legion

Now on to their Debut Battle

My opponent was using a sassanid Persian force (which is mostly cavalry)
My setup was fairly basic with the legion in the centre with aux infantry and cavalry protecting my flanks. the Persians deployed their dreaded Elephants on my right flank and cavalry on the other. After dicing for game length (only a six turn game) first turn went to the Persians.

Highlights for me were:
  • The Persian Cavalry got first into combat, but were unlucky and got repelled by a unit of archers in combat
  • One unit of legion with a Legate backed up by unit of aux infantry took down a unit of elephants, mostly due to poor Persian dice rolling.
  • One unit of archers caused enemy infantry to be confused twice.
  • My block of legion holding strong in the centre after numerous charges and counter charges and at one point flanked.
Now the low points
  • Persian cataphracts shattering my cavalry to bits
  • Poor command rolls, i even managed to fail with a portents re-roll
  • Two units of Skirmishers and my scorpion bolt thrower didn't move or make any contribution to the battle
In the end i managed to pull off a victory, and if i am honest i didn't really expect to win at all. but the end victory points were :
Persians - 350
Romans - 700

Lessons i have learnt
  • Legions are nails and can more than handle themselves in combat against most things
  • Even with a general and two Legates  i still can't guarantee to move move my entire force
  • Shock cavalry are scary
so inspired by cavalry my next purchase will be a Norman army

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