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Dark Heresy - The Brazen Triumph

Roleplaying Campaign


Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest
Last weeks XP award:

Kar - 130
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel - 110
Krell "Stern" Rabalias - 120
Zetkin - 120
Nihilus Zarkov - 110
Novus Dorn- 110

Episode Three - The Brazen Triumph


At the shuttle on Valoside Prime with both pilots slaughtered and Horitz asking to be taken off planet. Zetkin with warp energies was given the knowledge to pilot spacecraft.

Suffering from his wounds Stern falls unconscious and once stabilised is taken aboard the shuttle. With silent agreement they decide to leave quickly hopefully leaving  Horitz behind.

Demonstrating some expert piloting Zetkin lifts off into orbit with Novus in the co-pilots seat. they all attempt to re-couperate as the Brazen Triumph isn't due for another day.
cutter examined his new laspistol he had picked up from Inquisitor Callidons quarters.

Callidon Pattern Laspistol - Rof s/-/- , Dam 1d10+3, Pen 1, Clip 25, Rld full, unique

As the next day begins the pick up still hasn't arrived, suddenly with a Quick-flash reflexes and a tug of the warp the Psyker Zetkin veered left, knocking Zarkov in  the passenger section off his feet. A rip in reality and  the Dauntless class light cruiser burst through, narrowly missing the tiny shuttle.

From outside some light damage and scorch marks can be seen on the light cruisers hull.
Norvus signalled the ship to let them know that the inquisitorial cell was approaching, but to no response but static.locating a shuttle bay and smoothly entering, Zetkin lost control and the shuttle landed with a sound of twisting and snapping metal coming from the landing gear.

it wasn't until Kar mentioned it, that the group noticed that the shuttle landing bay was deserted. Unanimously it was decided to leave the unconscious Stern in a fuelled and ready to launch shuttle, along with a few Kroot rifles they had taken from the surface of Valoside prime. Novus hooked up to the ships machine spirit and gained access to some vital info about the ship and the most direct route to the ships bridge.

Operating systems  - Nominal
Oxygen - Nominal
Plasma Generator - Running at 85%
Geller field - Running at 100%
Last duration in Warp space-  30 Terran days
Hull integrity - 95%
Crew - --

The Brazen Triumph

The First interchange

Soon they embark on the first of three elevator journeys to get to the bridge of the ship. not seeing a soul on the way to the first elevator. as the elevator ascends to its topmost deck, the party ready their weapons. a harrowing clank and the door slowly opens to a corridor in darkness.
Novus activates a small lamp and they slowly make their way through the corridor, stopping once at a storeroom. cutter locked the door as he returned to the corridor. suddenly a noise of a Elevator arriving and opening could be heard from behind the way they had come from.
Novus slipped into night Vision, he should see three figures coming towards them in the half light of the lamp. Kar called out three times at the shapes coming towards them. Cutter covering the now rear of the party spotted and notified Novus of two faster shapes coming from the other side.
Kar opened fire ripping apart the figures chest, a low moan is heard and the figure keeps moving.
Dorn and Cutter open fire, but it was cutters shot that blew the head off one of the fast approaching figures.. Zarchov fired at the slower first three taking down one of them at the knee, its leg splattering the corridor.
Soon the figures managed to get into the light of the Lamp. revealing them to be rotten and festering human wearing imperial uniforms. the faster ones wore more higher ranking uniforms, but ripped and soiled none the seeing the corrupted figure Cutter dropped to his knees sobbing and babbling at the horrific sight. Zarkov is frozen with terror as the figure he had taken down was clutching at his leg as it crawled forward. Zetkin also froze at the horror, both quickly snapping out as Kar fell one of the animated corpse by blowing out its chest. Novus engaged the fast corpse officer in close combat over Cutters sobbing form.  Kar dispatched the zombie clawing at Zarkov, combined fire from the Arbite and the psyker brought down the last one from that side. Kar engaged the faster one with the wounded Novus and sliced off its head. Kar, Zarkov and Zetkin felt their stomachs lurch, felt more keenly by Zetkin but voiced by Kar " We've just dropped into the warp space" Norvus took the door pass from the fallen officer.

 Officers The Risen Dead x2 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.65
Crew Fydae Strain Plague Zombies x3 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.149

  At the sound of another elevator arriving from where they had come from, they all then headed for the next elevator.  Cutter primed a grenade and threw it down the corridor as five figures emerged.

It wasn't long before they had found the next elevator that would take them up the ships decks. cutter called upon it, the party raised their weapons, slowly the elevator doors open and inside another animated corpse. At once the party opened fire and took it down but not before Cutter took a wound to the leg. 

Cutter pressed the elevator closed, but halfway to closing it jammed, and ahead of them coming closer five more animated crew corpses. Norvus hooked himself up to the terminal but was unable to get it to close. Kar grabbed both doors and with a feat of strength managed to close them both together with a screech of metal.
Zetkin seeing that Novus was injured, she focused warp energies and healed the tech priest wounds. suddenly the floor disappeared from beneath the parties feet, they hit the roof of the elevator before landing in a heap on the floor again.

The Second interchange
Yet again the door opens to a sight of a gore splattered corridor. Cutter sneaks off ahead of the party minding his footsteps on the slippery floor. he located the next elevator at the end of the curved corridor. The gore gets heavier and more disgusting towards the elevator. the slowly advancing party met up with cutter. They open the next elevator that'll take them to the command deck.

The Elevator is a scene of horror, the floor was piled with bodies that appeared dead. the Psyker heard a silky voice in her head, I told you you should have taken me.

The Guardian

The elevator opened to straight corridor of stench and a cloud of flies, the dense air made vision to the end of the corridor impossible. Zarkov lead the slow advance with his shield up, Kar and cutter close behind, Novus and Zetkin at the rear. out of the darkness became a creature from nightmare appears, its bloated and rotting malformed body, a single horn pierces up from its decayed head. Its single milky eye looks at the party and raises its rusted sword. Cutter and Kar not willing to wait unleashes a hail of fire at the bloated creature. Both Zarkov and Zetkin are rooted to the floor in fear of the horrific creatures advancing towards them. Norvus panics and runs as fast as he can back in to the foul elevator cartridge. Zetkin manages to snap out of her shock, but Zarkov remains frozen on the spot his mind ravaged by the scene in front of him. Cutter made a firing retreat, and the Plaguebearer charged into combat with the guardsman Kar slicing across his flak armour but not getting through to the guardsman's flesh. Soon Cutter joins in the melee, and before long it lost its grip on reality and fizzled with an angry buzz back into the warp. 

 The Guardian Plaguebearer x1 (Dark Heresy rulebook p.354 )
The Bridge

The party continued the journey forward towards a large double door that the daemon was guarding.
Novus opened the door  from the panel at the right side at it opened the stench hit them and the room was basked in a purple glow. Deep in Zetkins head, she knew this was the warp. the window shutters that protected the crew from looking out weren't closed. "Nobody go in, the viewport shutters aren't down" Novus didn't wait for instruction and closed the shutters and  journeyed up the stairs to the command bridge. Zetkin hearing the voice again Focus your mind.The rest of the party followed the tech priest, Cutter primed his last grenade and threw it on the command deck, the concussive blast filled the bridge with smoke. Out of the gloom, they spotted four figures on of them in the red robes of a tech priest. Just through the door, the party open fire yet again at the oncoming living dead felling one. Its the seemingly fearless Kar that leads the assault but is ambushed by a faster flight officer. Most of the party empty their shotguns and drop them as they retreat to behind the door. As the zombie move forward Novus activated the door to close. The door closing the Techpriest and a crew in between them with a gooey squelch.

Officers The Risen Dead x1 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.65)
Crew and Tech priest Fydae Strain Plague Zombies x3 (Dark Heresy Disciples of the dark gods p.149

Everyone loads and readies their weapons and begin to take down the last of the bridge crew.
Norvus releases the door and the remains of the ones traps fall to the floor and the guns fire the rotten flight officer still stood and soon melee began. A well aimed shot to its head from Zetkin ended its unnatural life.
Once on board the bridge with the doors locked behind them, they then remember..
How are we going to get Stern?

+++++++++++++++ Transmission end +++++++++++++++

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