Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March Update

March Update

Here is a number of things i have been doing this month.

In conjunction with the release of the new army books, I have made the decision to finish off my high elf army.

350pts army consists of:

Warband 1:
6 Kings guard Elves with elf blades
Warband 2:
Elf Captain, shield
4 Elves, elf bows
2 Elves, elf blades

Gil-Galad's warband- Kings Guard

Captains warband
(yeah i know that is Celeborn in armour, but i like the miniature and its armed the same as a normal captain.)

More painting.  I painted up the space marines from the Black reach set in my favourite space marine chapter colours. The Ultramarines.
I really enjoyed painting these up and i do think that after i have read the new horus heresy novel by Dan Abnett "Know no fear" i will properly start my own Ultramarine army.


In keeping with my gaming hopes for 2012 i took a look at my skaven and was surprised to find, i now only have twenty two miniatures left to paint to complete a two thousand point force.
All i have left is twenty Skaven slaves and two Plague censer bearers.

WIP Skaven clanrat banner

Here are a few more pictures
Plague priest

Warlock engineer

Grey Seer Ghan-Chan

The Grey seer isn't actually in my two thousand point list, but i very much like this miniature

This month sees the first local second edition Urban war tournament : Suburban War
For this event i have built up some terrain, pics below

Also Urban mammoth have released concept sketches of the new faction called the

More sketches here

Avid readers of my blog will notice a high number of roleplaying posts in the form of Dark heresy and Deathwatch. I do plan to keep posting up as the campaign progresses.

I haven't done much for Malifaux this month,
 except for Mali Minaj which you can find details here.

Battle reports

As promised i do plan to post up a battle report for both Malifaux and Warmaster (the ancient variety)

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