Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Warhammer - Blood in the Badlands

 Blood in the Badlands

I haven’t played a lot of eight edition of Warhammer fantasy battle (three games). So what better than to play in a campaign to get motivation.
I will be using my skaven force as it is the only warhammer fantasy army i have anywhere near completion

Army selection
The campaign has each faction starting with three armies, two of 2000 points and the generals’ army of 2400 points.

Mighty empires army markers
Red is Ikit claws force and the Green is Lord Skrolks force

Mighty empires army marker for the generals
force with the Verminlord Warpfang the Cruel

The Three Forces.
The Generals force is led by a Vermin lord (Game wise he isn’t, but for the story purposes he is) known as Warpfang the Cruel, a vile Daemon seeking to have complete dominion over the badlands with his hordes of evil ratmen. although the mightiest, the vermin lord has little time to motivate troops and bribe others, the verminlord is too mercurial for that, instead it is up to the Chieftain Skarfur Snaptail to mediate the two rival factions of clan Skyre and clan Pestilens.

Verminlords force:
General: Chieftain Skarfur Snaptail
Verminlord : Warpfang the Cruel
Warlock engineer: Splinter Flashbang
Plague priest : Skrit Rottenfang
Skyre clanrats: The Blighted
Pestilens clanrats : Poxbitten
Skavenslaves: The Lashed
Rat swarms: The Pure
Plague monks: Rottenfangs
Plague censer bearers: Plague bringers
Warplock Jezzails
Warp lightning cannon

The two lieutenants
 The armies are two parts a Skyre and a Pestilens part.  So as the armies are similar, I picked Special characters to lead them, lord Skorlk to lead the Pestilens force and Ikit Claw the other with its Skyre theme.

Skyre force:
General: Ikit Claw
Warlock engineer :Reek Underwarp
Plague priest Nurglitz the Bilious
Chieftain :Skitterquik
Skyre clanrats :Skyre's favoured
Pestilens clanrats :Clan Toksic
Skavenslaves :The Ruined Clans
Rat swarms: The Tide
Plague monks: Cult of Contagion
Plague censer bearers: Disciples of Filth
Warplock Jezzails: Headhunters
Warp lightning cannon

Pestilens force:
General: Lord Skrolk
Warlock engineer:Gritt Clawmaim
Plague priest :Morskab Festerburn
Chieftain : Varis Blisterrot
Skyre clanrats : Warptainted
Pestilens clanrats : Doombites
Skavenslaves : Cursed Litter
Rat swarms: the Carriers
Plague monks : Putrid Brood
Plague censer bearers: Putrid Brothers
Warplock Jezzails
Warp lightning cannon

My forces are almost ready to cry havoc and let loose the Rats of war!


  1. I'm looking forward to this, I like to read about a good wargaming campaign. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, so far there is a two skaven armies(including mine), Two Orc and goblin armies, one Empire, Ogres, Chaos. and i am note sure of the rest