Friday, 4 May 2012

Warhammer fantasy battle - Skaven

Warhammer fantasy battle - Skaven

In keeping with my gaming hopes for 2012 i have managed to complete my 2000 point skaven army.

The Generals force is led by a Vermin lord (Game wise he isn’t, but for the story purposes he is) known as Warpfang the Cruel, a vile Daemon seeking to have complete dominion over the old world with his hordes of evil ratmen. although the mightiest, the Verminlord has little time to motivate troops and bribe others, the verminlord is too mercurial for that, instead the generalship falls to the Plague priest Skrit Rottenfang.

Verminlord: Warpfang the Cruel
Level 2 Warlock engineer: Splinter Flashbang
Plague priest : Skrit Rottenfang (General)
30 Skyre clanrats: The Blighted
30 Pestilens clanrats : Poxbitten
40 Skavenslaves: The Lashed
29 Plague monks: Rottenfangs
7 Plague censer bearers: Plague bringers
5 Warplock Jezzails
Warp lightning cannon


Skyre Attachment - lead by Warlock engineer Splinter Flashbang

Warplock Jezzails


Pestilens Attachment - lead by Plague priest Skrit Rottenfang

Plague monks and General Skrit Rottenfang

Plague censer bearers

Clan Pestilens clanrats


Ratling gun

Verminlord : Warpfang the Cruel

The army in its full furry glory

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