Thursday, 31 May 2012

Koralon - Urban war

Koralon - Urban War Strike Team

In keeping with my gaming hopes for 2012 I have managed to complete
 my 300 point Koralon strike team.

The full strike team

As you can see its all mostly close combat based.force




I removed the legs from the Broodmaster
 to make it fit in with the rest of the force with just having tails

he brood in front of the Broodmaster is calibre one
and i gave it red stripes to mark it out.

The force consists of :

6 Brood cal 0
1 Brood cal 1
1 Broodleader cal 1
1 Larvan cal 1
1 Larvan cal 2
1 Broodmaster cal 2
1 Phazon cal 3


  1. Looking good, I really like your paintjobs.
    I'm thinking of picking up some VASA models (mostly for fun painting/generic SciFi rules, rather than Urban War, which I know little about).

    Keep updating, thanks!

  2. Urban war info can be found here, along with a free DFof the quick start rules

  3. Nice work. I like the conversion on the Brood Master.

  4. Thank you thebovineoverlord i wanted to keep all of the force looking the same, so the broodmasters legs had to go