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Dark Sentinels Deathwatch RPG

Dark Sentinels - Deathwatch RPG

Dark Sentinels

This chapter was created using the make your own chapter rules  in the Deathwatch supplement rites of battle.

First a little background
The chapter comes from a hidden Jungle world, even though its not a deathworld, it's not without its deadly natural predators native to its harsh jungles. A dark stalagmite of steel pierce's out of the sea of green serves as the chapters fortress monastery
 It's native people are stern, specialising in stealth to hunt, but they always knew they had a higher purpose. Only the strongest are chosen to enter the oppressive spire and become an aspirant of the Dark Sentinels

The chapter has always been clouded in mystery. History doesn't tell when they were founded, its possible these details are held deep in the vaults of their mountainous fortress monastery.

It's  a chapter that excels in terror tactics their armour is a deep blue adorned with symbols of faith and fear. although terrifying in appearance they revere the emperor above all, even above their primarch, Rogal Dorn.
On alladar prime they suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Iyanden craftworld, many battle brother still hold deep hatred towards them
Figure of legend- Master of sanctity -Romon Holdt led a campaign to a rebel sector back to the light of the emperor fighting alongside imperial guard regiments of the Eiznek 67th

Rules for using your own Dark Sentinel marine in your kill teams

 Unknown founding- progenitor -Imperial fists
Gene stock purity -Gene Flawed (rites of battle,  page 17)

Chapter Flaw - eye to eye (rites of battle , page 21)
No Gene seed  mutation recorded

Stat increases     +5 Per +5 Str
Figure of legend- Master of sanctity -Romon Holdt led a campaign to a rebel sector back to the light of the emperor
 Home world  -jungle - distant rule

Unique organisation - Terror tactics

Solo mode abilities - Quick reactions (rites of battle p32)

Attack squad mode ability -Storm of hell (rites of battle p33)

Defensive squad mode ability -Only in death (rites of battle p33)

Chapter restrictions : No techmarines

Special Equipment- blessed wargear

Chapter beliefs - the emperor above all

Chapter status - nominal

Chapter friends - Imperial guard - Eiznek 67th

Chapter enemies - Iyanden craftworld

Chapter Advance table - Behold our wrath (rites of battle p.41)



1.       Sole survivor - The space marine is the only survivor of his squad against the devastating defeat at Alladar prime by the Iyanden craftworld

2.       Shrine guardians-  served time as a shrine guardian on the shrine world of Pharrosgate

3.       Honour guard- The space marine was deemed worthy to be chosen to join the Chapter Master  as part of his honour guard during the reclamation of the Eiznek sector

4.       Blessed brother- The space marine was Singled out for purity by the Master Chaplain

5.       Squad Sergent - the space marine led an assault marine squad, given him notable honour at the Battle of Ageaus

Dark sentinel psychic powers:

  Name    -                       Xp cost   - Prerequisites                Source

Warcry -                             750              WP40+                  Core rulebook page 200

Ancestors rage -               500                  -                          Core rulebook page 199

Wave of penance -         1500       WP40+, Rank 3            Rites of battle page 51

Fear the darkness -        1000              WP40+                 Core rulebook page 106

Word of the emperor  -  1500      WP50+ ,Rank 3             Core rulebook page 200

Weaken resolve-              500               -                            Core rulebook page 197

Chapter Trappings:

Pendants of

·         Faith- +3 on Wp test

·         Fear - +3 on intimidate tests

·         the Aquila - +3 on Fel tests when dealing with Ecclesiarchy.

Robes of terrible darkness -

+5 to stealth tests. -1 to squad cohesion when Squad leader

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