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Hey guys, as you may have noticed, I haven't been putting out as many post as i used to , however i want to let you all know what i have planned. the reason for the delays is mainly getting all of the miniatures and terrain painted and ready with all my bigger and bigger projects.

I really enjoy writing up the battle reports so here are a few I hope to post up soon.

Robotech RPG Tactics

The delay is there was a lot of the miniatures to get painted up (Nobody wants to see a battle report with unpainted miniatures) and to make matter more complicated I had to order another set so the points values would be more even. The Zentreadi were a joy to paint and the UEDF were fine just lots of fiddly bits. I now have them finished so hope to complete this battle report next as promised in the last post. Which you can read here 

The report will delve into the rules as well as the story more than previous reports.


I will be continuing the Lion, Scorpion clan wars. With the Lion clan delving further into the Scorpion clan lands they will meet tough opposition from the Kumoshima village defenders. increasing the points of the game and the stakes. Will the Lion Clan be victorious or will the Scorpion clan turn the tide?

 Part one is here.


This is an old favourite, but this time with a special guest Referee. 

Dreadball Xtreme

Time to throw our Dreadball teams into the Xtreme.  
Not actually played this so it will be new for all of us. I only need to paint up the terrain (boxes) and I am ready

I wont lie I have been wanting to battle report this for the past few years and never really got  round to it, so hoping this year will be different. so we might get a show down between the Romans and the Normans

You can check out both forces below

A quick battle report with the open fire starter set, which pits an Allied armoured force versus German Infantry force.

Also some other games, modelling and painting articles. 

Any suggestions let me know

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