Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My week in Malifaux

My week in.......

This week i have decided to delve into the character driven world of Malifaux
 having looked through the rulebook at the factions, i have chosen to begin with Neverborn and Lilith

Day 1: Arrival

Day 2 : Prep, building and basing.

Lilith, Mother of Monsters

Terror tot nephilim

Lilith's brood

Day two was spent building up the miniatures, the terror tots where a bit fiddly with their small arms.
once all was built i had to build up the bases. Now i didn't just want a sand and gravel bases, and i really liked the Victorian bases from the Malifaux range, so i set forth to make my own. As you can see i made pavings and cobblestones. I also added some flowers to the bases also. The mature nephilim i added a circular drain to its base.
Liliths base was a pre-made base resin (i think) base, that i picked up at the Kirriemuir gaming event Targe. The resin base its all paved stone and i also added a plant to her base, which you can just see in the bottom picture. That's all the progress i could do today as i needed to let the green stuff dry.

Day 3 - Basecoating and painting

Day three began with basecoating, but alas it wasn't to be that easy, a gust of wind blew my spray board out of my hand , breaking most of my miniatures, and I lost a terror tot arm. So once i had repaired the miniatures,then finally managed to basecoat them with chaos black spray paint.

Basecoated miniatures, still needing a watered down coat of black paint.

So what could i do with a missing terror tot arm?
Lucky enough i had a few unpainted Games workshop warhammer wood elf dryads which looked similar to the one i had lost.

so i attached the new arm using the miracle that is Liquid green stuff

I think is is a suitable replacement

The back view with green stuff

With everything fixed and basecoated i began painting. i decided to start off with the three Terror tot nephilim. For painting miniatures i use Games workshop paints.

so i started off with the skin base coat of shadow grey, and their "hair" scab red.
i then highlighted the shadow grey by adding elf flesh to the mix,and adding white for the last few highlights. the hair was highlighted with blood red, and a further lighter highlight of 3/4 blood red 1/4 skull white. Its a subtle highlight, too far and it starts to look pink.

Finished Terror Tot Nephilim

Terror tot nephilim

Day 4 - Painting the Mature Nephilim and Lilith

i started off the day painting the mature nephilim, i started the skin similar to the terror tots except i started a little darker, shadow grey with a little black.
To keep with the theme i kept his goatee beard red.
Mature Nephilim

This took less time that i thought it would take, so i took the plunge and also started to paint Lilith
The colour scheme i went for, was a recreation of the artwork from the cover. Lilith was a joy to paint. I kept her skin tone quite pale and the hair red to match the colouring on the artwork (even the purple and yellow striped tights).

Here is the finished result:

So i now had a completed warband for Malifaux

And now for the gaming .......

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