Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Veteran Gangs - Necromunda

Veteran Gangs
"The grouchy old men of the underhive"

Veteran gangs can be from any house


You have 1000 Guilder credits to spend on recruiting and arming your Veteran gang within the following guidelines.

 Minimum 3 Fighters: A Veteran gang must have at least three models.
Leader: Your Veteran gang must have only one Veteran leader. A standard leader my not be chosen.
Veteran Gangers: You can include as many veteran gangers as you can afford.

Veteran Heavies: A veteran gang can have up to two veteran heavies.

Gangers: No more than half the gang can be made up of gangers.
Juves :  Juves cannot be bought in a veteran gang (but could be obtained, eg :settlement)

Knives: All fighters are assumed to have a knife even if the model doesn’t have one
Veteran Leader = 150 Creds
Veteran Heavy =90 creds
Veteran Ganger = 70 creds
Ganger = 50 Creds

Veteran special rules
Veteran stats profile begins the same as the basic type then each veteran rolls four times on the upgrade chart and once on the injury chart re-rolling results of full recovery, captured and bitter enmity.

Rolls of Dead are treated differently, roll on this chart:

 1-3 - Wanderlust
 4-6 - Underhive catatonia

Wanderlust : At the start of the turn if they are not engaged in close combat roll a d6 On a roll of 1, the model moves its full movement in a random direction indicated by the scatter dice, this model can still fight normally if it is successfully charged in close combat or if it randomly moves into base to base contact with an enemy model.'It can still preform any other actions.

Underhive catatonia: At the start of the turn if they are not engaged in close combat roll a d6, On a roll of 1 the model does nothing. it remains stationary and cannot fight in combat or become pinned. Attackers hit automatically in close combat but still have to roll to wound, with armour saves allowed.

 Initial Experience Points
Juve 0
Ganger 20+1D6

Veteran Ganger 60+1D6
Veteran Heavy 90+1D6
Veteran Leader 90+1D6

  Here are some pictures of my Veteran Gang:

Leader Hackett Jack

Sharp eye Stan

Old Doc

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