Monday, 29 October 2012

SKELP 2012

 The Angus Wargames Club ran a
A Miniature Wargames Exhibition known as 
SKELP 2012 on the 
Saturday 20th October

I went there to run intro games of Urban mammoth's sci-fi skirmish game Urban war. I left in the morning with a stonking sore head, but i left anyway hoping that i would feel better as the day progressed as i would be there on my own.

Here are a few pictures of some of the games and gaming tables on display.

Space crusade ran by Edinburgh league of gamers

A band of brothers game by RAF leuchars

Aberdeen Wargames club ran a game using the Dux Bellorum rules

I'm not sure who ran this table (below) or what rules they used but it was a very nice table with some great looking miniatures on display

Empire of the Dead ran by the Glasgow Games Group

Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson Versus Jack the Ripper

The next table was ran by the Inverness roleplaying and wargaming club

South east Scotland wargames club

7TV Demo table by Crooked dice

My Urban war demo table
Four starter teams of Junkers, Syntha, Viridians and the V.A.S.A wage war in the industrial zone of Iskandria.

My throbbing sore head that i hoped would disappear did the opposite making me feel quite nauseous.

The show i felt was a lot quieter than previous years but saying that i felt that the Angus wargames club did a fantastic job at making everyone feel welcome and organising the event. A huge thank you to them.

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  1. Did I not see you modestly heading up to collect a painting comp prize?? I didn't see the entries, so you'll have to post up a piccie! :-)